Pirate Site CamWhores.tv Taken Offline By DMCA512


CamWhores.tv Taken Offline By DMCA512

Normally we don’t talk about pirate sites, as we don’t want to give them PR. But when one of the worst pirate sites in Camland gets shut down, that is something worth reporting on. Today, we’re please to announce that DMCA512 managed to get CamWhores.tv taken offline. The exact details on how it got taken down and on what client’s behalf were not exposed. It was stated that there might be a government investigation underway.


Open-Letter / Response To Jan From Jim of DMCA512

Jan Janovskiy is the owner of camwhores.tv and is the same pirate who
posted that my DMCA512 company did not take his website offline which was
the reason for bashing my company was to try to hide that fact.

When I file a DMCA letter the owner of the website gets a copy of the

See for yourself that Jan owns the site.


We both know that you tried to discredit me because I knew you were the
owner of camwhores.tv and now the whole world will know too.

I have spent 2 years sending off 2257 reports to your ISP for your website
Camwhores.tv as well as the FBI & Interpol & the Russian Federation. I am
sure during this time others may have contributed. With that said, I
received a phone call telling me it was taken down from one of those that
I filed the 2257 reports with last night.

Your site is just one of the many sites I have taken offline over the
years and it won’t be the last.

Jan, anything you put up I will takedown so you might as well close all of
your sites now as you won’t win.



CamWhores.tv Was One Of The More Nefarious Sites

If you’re a performer in the industry, you probably already know the name and loathe the people behind it. CamWhores was one of the more nefarious networks in the in Camland, as well as the industry. Needless to say this network won’t be missed.


The Impact Sites Like These Have On The Industry

Piracy is one of the largest issues facing the industry. Right up there with policy and regulation. Both the piracy model and free porn model (which piracy is technically “free porn” as well) have rocked the entire industry. With the abundance of free porn and pirated porn, there is less incentive to pay. There’s an even more dramatic impact on independent models, as they risk getting doxxed in the process of filing DMCA complaints to get content removed.


More Information On Anti-Piracy

If you’re looking for more information on anti-piracy, definitely check out our resources (linked-to below!). We’ve got the most comprehensive resource on anti-piracy for adult performers. We go beyond DMCA, and talk about all the options on the table. Plus, we give valuable advice on how to protect yourself and your privacy while getting pirated content removed from the internet.

Learn More: How Camming Models Can Fight Piracy


More Information On DMCA512

DMCA512 is a leading DMCA agency catering to the adult industry. DMCA512 uses advanced tools such as web crawlers and facial recognition to help find stolen content that might not be as easy to find. This includes content in foreign languages. DMCA512 submits DMCA complaints on behalf of the client, and will take it beyond standard DMCA notices when those fail to achieve results. Interested in learning more about DMCA512? Check out the link below. Interested in saving on DMCA512’s services? Shoot us an email and we can get you a discount.

Learn More: DMCA512 – Leading Adult Industry DMCA Agency


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  • Modrok Damacio

    Was this story written by somebody who got fired by the Daily Mail? You’ve got all the propaganda and hate words in there, this site was sooooo terrible. You forget the second somebody puts their ass on cam on the internet they lose the right to privacy. The second that ass went online, it was no longer private several thousand people were watching it…….and recording public shows is no fucking different to recording a TV show off Sky, or Cable….You don’t get taken to court, or arrested, for recording a TV show to watch later on, so why should you with cam models?….and no the models don’t lose money, this show has already happened, they can’t capitalise from a business that promotes live shows, if the show is no longer live. If they’re selling premium vids and they get posted then yes, maybe a legitimate claim is in order, but let’s face it most cam models are Plastic Surgery Clones, and the ones who claim to be losing money are just losing face….One piece at a time…Apparently…

    • Actually, it is very different. For one: CamWhores.tv was non-compliant with 2257 record keeping requirements, which brings with it a mandatory minimum of 7 years federal prison time.

      Second; have you ever seen that “FBI Warning” on movies, or that NFL disclaimer about not being able to reproduce the content? There is some liability in recording content. Especially if that content is being distributed and monetized without the consent of the producers.

      If you don’t think this impacts the bottom-line of performers, you obviously are not part of the industry. Create a thread on either Amber Cutie Forums or Stripper Web and you’ll hear the first-person accounts from the performers.

      Promoting live shows? CamWhores didn’t promote live shows. They used capped shows (stolen content) to generate traffic that got sent to sleazy publisher/advertiser traffic networks. They are not trying to promote the models. They are not listing their Twitter, chatrooms or personal website addresses.

      “Plastic Surgery Clones” Holy shit, you should learn some respect.

      • DCtheAntisocialJW

        Well if he is not American, then why the fuck would he comply to an AMERICAN law? DMCA is just that, an AMERICAN law. So if he resides in, let’s say, Russia, then what does he got to do with the DMCA, an American law? Nothing! you can make threatsall you want about spending 5 years in federal prison. He probably will not spent a day there. So get those facts straight first.

        Secondly, FBI warnings are cute and all. It is an American law enforcement. Has no jurisdiction whatsoever outside the USA. and that brings us to the next point. Different countries, different laws. It may be illegal to record and publish a show in the USA. that doesn’t mean that is the case in, let’s say, Russia.

        So, do not claim credit for something you obviously had nothing to do with. Site is still up and running, though under different URL. Nothing has been taken down and/or deleted from that site.

        DMCA – Doesn’t matter,Copy Anything

        • And why shouldn’t we, as Americans, fight Russian pirates tooth and nail to protect our intellectual property rights? Interpol, FBI and Russian Federation agree. Oh, and it was 2257 that took down CamWhores. Not DMCA.

          • DCtheAntisocialJW

            Same applies to to 2257, it is an American law that has no hold on
            anyone outside the USA. So why should he comply to that law? Also, that
            law did not took the site down.

            I didn’t say you shouldn’t. Do it through the proper channels. Do not boast about that DMCA and all other american laws took down a site, which clearly did not happen. The site is STILL up and running though under a different URL.

            Your claimed victory is null and void.

          • Please enlighten me on what took the site down, then. Because apparently you know a lot more than me, the DMCA agencies that got the email from Interpol, and everyone else.

          • Let me guess: Jan was tired of that old domain name and wanted to freshen it up with some new TLDs…….

  • Jan Janovskiy

    camwhores was not shut down because of dmca512.. this post is just a AD for those guys.

    camwhores was shutdown because was a lot of complains to the Registrar (who shut down the domain) the server from Seychelles is up and running ..all the videos are there (the clones camwhores website are still up and display those vids)

    info about the site and admin :
    http://whois.domaintools.com/camwhores.tv of course he use a fake name and location ..that s again one reason for a registrar to suspend/ close a website

    facial recognition my ass !! when u have tons of sites..and many russians/ ukranians guys who use the affiliate program that CB streamray streamate bogacams to earn a buck .. that s a lie

    I’m a camgirl and i always keep on eye on xvideos xhamster pornhub hclips and 10mores !!! the majority of uploaders are those guys who use the affiliate program..they upload every day ..almost the same video..but with different watermark (the affiliate site) or they put in title the site … and is like that by 3 years or so.

    camwhores well those russians earn money from ADs the site is full of that..and redirects and you need to upload videos to be able to see the private videos..or use the bypasser (that’s dead for now)… but I’m pretty sure they will go back… unfortunately

    Camshowfinder aka Mymodelstorage was shut down..they record every mfc/cb stream from 2016 but if they dont earn money.. they go down (google storage is not 4 free)

    THE ONLY site that will not die is upstore network those Ukrainians camtube+20more websites who record the MFC models and then ask for money/bitcoin 🙂 to watch it

    how about you shut down the upstore.net dear DMCA512 ..and then I’ll believe you! don’t lie and say you shut down camwhores because you dont!!

    anyway ugly post ..i hate that kinda of cheap AD …well was not that cheap I’m sure:P

    PS: modrok damacio BIG IDIOT .. if u have a job and somebody will stole your stuff ..how u will feel? (dont answer i dont care and i will not come back to visit the post)

    • If you wish, I can forward this message to Jim / DMCA512 and see if he wishes to comment on their roll in bringing CamWhores down, as well as the Upstore challenge. He would need a client(s) who has legit intellectual property claims against Upstore to even pursue it.

      Believe me; I’ve got a long list of sites I would love to see taken offline. As does everyone in the industry. And Upstore is definitely one of them.

    • Dmca Fiveonetwo

      Dear Jan Janovskiy,

      I am so sorry you feel the way you do about my company. I have never met you so I have no idea what is going on in your head. What I can tell you is I don’t lie and my company has over 1000 clients that we work for.

      I have spent 2 years sending off 2257 reports to the ISP for CW as well as the FBI & Interpol & the Russian Federation. I am sure during this time others may have contributed as well, with that said I received a phone call telling me it was taken down from one of those that I filed the 2257 reports with last night.

      I have taken many sites offline over the years.

      As for upstore I also have over 300 reports filed against them, they will be much harder to take down as they are part of a much bigger network.

      I would like to suggest that you refrain from calling my company or myself a liar as I am all to happy to take what ever legal actions against you that my legal team advises regardless of where you live.

      I am not sure why you are filled with such hate regarding the site being taken offline, Is there something that you are not sharing with this blog?

      You seem to think I paid for some advertising, I don’t advertise my clients do it for me and they get paid very well when they send me a new client.

      I hope you have a nice weekend.

      DMCA Copyright Agent Jim

  • RobertsDigital .

    I knew the site will be taken down eventually. It’s always wise to download all your cam recordings and store them up in a private place and on time too.

  • Dmca Fiveonetwo

    It turns out that Jan who posted that my dmca company did not take the website offline did not tell you the truth as He was the owner of camwhores and the reason for bashing me was to try to hide that fact. See for yourself.


  • Thank you for the list, forwarded to DMCA512.

  • Dmca Fiveonetwo

    we all know this is Jan the owner of all these pirate sites guess what I know your secrets. I have your real name your address your phone numbers and they have all been sent to the Russian authorities so they can go after you for fraud.