Camgirls / Porn Producers: Sell Monthly Subscriptions With OnlyFans

OnlyFans: Sell Subscriptions To Access Your Pics and Videos


OnlyFans: Sell Subscriptions To Access Your Pics and Videos

OnlyFans is an innovative social network that can be used by camgirls, porn producers and other adult stars. It allows models the ability to charge a monthly subscription to access their profile and content. OnlyFans has an incredibly high payout percentage of 80% and offers daily payouts! They’ve also got their very own mobile applications that allows you to easily manage your OnlyFans page from your phone. Plus, you can also make money from live camming! Here’s all the details on the network.


OnlyFans Pays 80% of Revenue and Offers Daily Payouts

OnlyFans pays out models 80% of all revenue. This is an insanely high rate, one of the top payout percentages in the industry. They also offer daily payouts, as long as the minimum payout of $10 has been reached. That means OnlyFans offers one of the highest payouts, plus you get your money right away and at an extremely low min payout. Similar sites pay out weekly or twice a month.


Set Your Monthly Subscription Rate

The minimum monthly rate a model can earn is $2.50. There is no maximum monthly price. When an unregistered or unsubscribed user lands on your profile, most your content will be blanked out. the browser will still be able to see some elements, such as text.

 Set Your Monthly Subscription Rate

Once the user subscribes to access your content, the feed is displayed uncensored. The user will also get to gain access to any live shows and other features. You’ll receive your payments accordingly.


Fanscope: Stream Live and Accept TipsFanscope: FansOnly Live Camming

With Fanscope, models are also able to broadcast live for their subscribers. Models are also able to earn extra tips while on cam. This is a great way to add value to the subscription, or generate an extra income through tipping games, tip goals and more.

When you activate Fanscope, your live feed appears directly on your timeline. There is also a chatbox to the side that displays all the messages sent by your subscribers, as well as the tips made.


OnlyFans Smartphone App: Add Pics, Clips and More!

OnlyFans also has their very own iPhone app that allows you to manage your page from your phone. There’s also an Android app that’s in development and will be available soon.

OnlyFans Mobile App

There’s two ways you can upload new content using the app. You can choose photos or videos from your camera roll, or use the built-in photo and video recorder to take spur-of-the moment shots. Simply add your text and then post directly onto your OnlyFans profile. Fanscope support coming soon!


Start Making Money With OnlyFans Today!

Ready to get started with OnlyFans? Signup today! OnlyFans is an innovative new way for adult performers to earn. They’ve got some of the best payout percentages in the industry and one of the few networks offering daily payouts. Models are able to build a residual income through monthly subscription fees. Plus the site can be used to promote the other services you offer. Get started with OnlyFans today!