OnlyFans: The Adult-Friendly Alternative For Snapchat

OnlyFans: Sell Subscriptions To Access Your Pics and Videos

OnlyFans: Adult Snapchat Alternative For Making Money

If you’re selling monthly Snapchat subscriptions and are looking for an alternative, check out OnlyFans. OnlyFans is very similar to a social network, but works off premium content and monthly subscription. All your content remains hidden (they can still see text) until a user subscribes to unlock it. Best of all, OnlyFans is adult-friendly application and has everything for adult payment processing built right into it. Something that Snapchat does not.


Must Keep A Safe-For-Work Profile / Cover Photo

The only thing OnlyFans has been known to ban for is NSFW profile and cover photos. Since all the other content is censored until someone subscribes, and only adults are allowed to use the product, sexual content is not an issue to them. OnlyFans is used by tons of adult stars, including mainstream pornstars, camgirls, findoms, clip producers and more.


Adult-Friendly Snapchat Alternative

As we all know, Snapchat doesn’t allow for any nudity or sexual content. That doesn’t stop adult models from using Snapchat and advertising access for monthly subscriptions. But all those models risk having their Snapchat accounts banned. That would mean losing that following and that revenue. OnlyFans is adult-friendly. Your account will never get banned, and you’ll never lose the following you’ve worked hard to build up. Adult Snapchat sellers can finally come out of the closet and legitimately offer up a Snapchat alternative for their fans.


Built In Payment Processing / Subscription Services

OnlyFans also has built in payment processing. Normally, camgirls and adult stars would have to use an outside service to accept payments for Snapchat subscriptions. Whether they used their camming site, a site where they can setup store items or an adult-friendly payment processor. Payments couldn’t be handled directly within Snapchat. With OnlyFans, it’s different. You get paid directly from the company. The subscription integration makes it so much easier to sell access to the content.


Produce and Upload New Content Using Smartphone App

Just like Snapchat, OnlyFans has it’s very own smartphone application. OnlyFans is currently available for IOS, and the Android app is in development and will be available soon.

OnlyFans Mobile App

This app allows you to produce and upload new photos and videos. It also allows you to manage your OnlyFans profile, check funds, and perform other features. Soon, you’ll be able to broadcast live feeds for your subscribers, and even receive tips from your camming shows.



Start Making Money With The OnlyFans App!

Ready to get started with OnlyFans? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can be up and running in no time. OnlyFans makes it easy to make money off subscriptions to content and gives you an app to produce and upload. Also access all the features (and more) from the desktop version as well. Get started with OnlyFans today.

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