New ModelCentro Features: Facebook-Like Chat and more!

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New ModelCentro Features: Facebook-Like Chat and more!

ModelCentro, a free platform that allows models to easily build fanclub / membership sites announced several new features today. Here’s what’s new with their platform:


Chat window widget for your members

The new Facebook-style chat window widget shows new messages to your members immediately and doesn’t let fans miss your important messages! It is not only much more convenient than the old version, but also has improved the number of content unlocks! So, don’t waste time – go ahead and message your members!


New block with your referral link in your admin

The new block with your own reflink has been added to every page of your admin so that the reflink is handy whenever you need it! The ModelCentro Referral Program is an easy way to get additional revenue. Learn more about how to make money with referrals in the ModelCentro Community.


Member cancellation notification improvement

ModelCentro initially started sending you notifications and user comments from the cancellations page to help you improve retention and possibly get the users to reconsider stopping their memberships. To make sure you are aware about all cancellations on your site, they’ve added one more visual effect – now, after a membership cancellation and until their access expires, your chat with this particular member will be displayed on a dim grey background. Once the subscription is restored, the chat window will become white again.


Start Your Own Subscription Fanclub Site Today!

Are you not already a ModelCentro model? Register today! ModelCentro lets models easily deploy their own membership sites. It features an easy to use website builder and makes it easy for models to build, modify and add new content. ModelCentro handles all the credit card processing and works on a revenue-share model. Since ModelCentro only gets paid when models get paid, it’s 100% free to get started. This is a deal you won’t find anywhere else!


Learn More About ModelCentro

Want to learn more about ModelCentro? Check out the full list of ModelCentro features. ModelCentro is constantly releasing new updates and features, such as those contained in this release. ModelCentro is 100% free to get started and gives you all the tools you need to build and promote your very own fanclub.

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