NeedLive Becomes A Jasmin Whitelabel (NeedLive Alternatives)

NeedLive: Become A Camming Model Or Phone Sex Operator

NeedLive Becomes A LiveJasmin Whitelabel

Camming site NeedLive is shutting their doors and transitioning to a LiveJasmin whitelabel.  On December 1st, NeedLive will be closing their doors and the domain will feature a rebranded version of the LiveJasmin site. NeedLive has encouraged all their models to signup for LiveJasmin. If you do not wish to perform on LiveJasmin, there’s some additional options available and listed below.


Official NeedLive Announcement Email

As of the 1st of December, the industry leading engine will be incorporated into . Besides the technological upgrade, will also get a new look and feel to meet the standards of today’s sites.

Register with us at to become part of the largest adult entertainment network, including, and many other sites. Please note that registration is necessary to be able to continue working on after the 30th of November.

Thanks to the changes, you will join the largest group of adult live chat websites in the world, where you can interact with a tremendous amount of users. Your live stream will be featured on dozens of sites across the group. will operate in its current form until the 30th of November. All your earnings in November will be calculated and paid between the 1st and 5th of December , including contests and awards. If your balance is less than the minimum payout limit ($100) we can still send your payment but only if you request it within 90 days of the 1st of December. Please make sure to set your payment option in time if you have not done it yet.

The New member contest will run until the 27th of November, as previously announced. However, the Model awards will finish on the 26th of November and the Member awards on the 19th of Nov.

For more information, log into your account and check out the news section on the very first page.


NeedLive Alternatives For Models

NeedLive advises models to register for LiveJasmin. This is due to the fact that NeedLive is becoming a LiveJasmin whitelabel. When users go to NeedLive, they will see a different version of LiveJasmin. Models will have to perform on LiveJasmin in order to still appear on NeedLive.

Keep in mind that LiveJasmin doesn’t support all the same features NeedLive does. Models will be able to perform live on cam and make money selling premium content from their profile. Models will no longer be able to make money through phone sex, however.

If you don’t want to become a LiveJasmin model, here’s some additional options you can consider.


All-In-One Camming / Phone Sex / Clip Selling Sites

If you’re looking for an “all-in-one” site like NeedLive, that offer camming, phone sex and content sales, there’s a couple sites to choose from. Here’s all the sites that enable models to offer a wide range of services.



iFriends is the closest to NeedLive, as far as an “all-in-one” site where models can offer a wider range of services. In fact, iFriends models can take advantage from being able to offer even more services. In addition to camming, phone sex and selling content, iFriends models can also make money from running a subscription-based fanclub. iFriends also has better traffic than NeedLive, meaning more customers and sales for you.

Learn More: Becoming An iFriends Model



AmateurCommunity doesn’t allow for phone sex, but they do allow for camming and selling content. They’ve also got the Hello Machine for those models who are interested in messaging. The Hello Machine isn’t SMS, it’s a web-based platform. Models are able to message the online users. You can also use the feature to blast a bunch of random logged-on members. Models get paid for all the messages they receive. The Hello Machine is a great way to earn extra money and also useful for marketing your other services.

Learn More: Becoming An AmateurCommunity Model



MyDirtyHobby is a site most popular in Europe, but has great global traffic as well. WithMydirtyHobby, you can get paid from camming, selling content and texting via mobile app. The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. This allows you to make moeny directly from your mobile phone.

Learn More: Becoming A MyDirtyHobby Model


NeedLive Camming Alternatives

If you’re looking for camming site alternatives for NeedLive, here are the options available:

NetworkPayoutNetwork DetailsAffiliate
CAM410¢ / tokenCAM4No
CamWithHerUp to 80%CamWithHerYes
Chaturbate5¢ / tokenChaturbateYes
Jock Girls Live60%Soon!Yes
Jock Men Live44%Soon!Yes
Vuier90% of Net*VuierYes


NeedLive Phone Sex Alternatives

If you are looking for phone sex alternatives for NeedLive, here’s what is available:

NetworkCallingTextingPayoutMore Info
NiteFlirtYesNo 50-70%NiteFlirt
TalkToMeYesYes 40%TalkToMe



NeedLive Clip / Gallery Selling Alternatives

If you’re looking for NeedLive alternatives for selling content sets, here is what’s available:

NetworkPicsVidsShowsOther MediaLearn More
Amateur CommunityYesYesYesYesAmateurCommunity
Indie BillYesYesYesYesIndie Bill
Model CentroYesYesYesYesModelCentro


NeedLive Alternatives For Affiliates

If you were an affiliate promoting NeedLive, there’s tons of other options available. NeedLive offered a customer referral program and a model referral program. There’s plenty of alternatives for both. See below for what’s available for affiliates.

Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs

Webcam Model Referral Programs