MySecretPayment – Discrete Payments For Adult Stars


MySecretPayment – Discrete Billing For Camgirls and Porn Stars

MySecretPayment is a discrete payment processor that was build for performers in the adult industry. MySecretPayment is adult-friendly, unlike many payment processors, such as PayPal. MyScretPaymnet was also build with privacy in mind. The platform was designed by Ashley Sinclair. Ashley has worked in the industry as a performer, producer and has also worked on the business-solution side of the industry. MySecretPayment was developed by Ashley for her own personal use, and it was so successful that she made it available for all adult models.


How Much Does MySecretPayment Charge?

MySecretPayment is 100% free to start. There’s no signup fees to get started. MySecretPayment charges 10%-15% fees on each transaction. That is much better than the 50%+ that most camming sites or adult marketplace sites take from the models. If you’re currently having your fans pay for products and services through your camming site or other sites, you can keep more of your money by using MySecretPayment. You can still keep selling on those other sites, to reach a larger audience, but it only makes sense to use MySecretPayment whenever possible.


What Products / Services Can You Sell With MySecretPayment?

You can use MySecretPayment to sell a wide range of products and services. Basically, as long as it’s compliant with the TOS and the law, you can use MySecretPayment to accept payments for it. Here are some of the things models use MySecretPayment for:

Booking Private Skype Shows – MySecretPayment is perfect for booking Skype shows. If you’re currently using Skype for private camming shows, consider using MySecretPayment for booking them.

Custom Content Requests – If you’re fulfilling custom requests, MySecretPayment is perfect for you! Easily accept payments for your custom videos and allow your customers to choose from a wide range of options.

Photo / Video Content – You got pre-recorded photo or video content? Use MySecretPayment to sell it and keep more of your money.

Kik / Snapchat / Instagram – Sell access to your social media accounts such as Kik, Snapchat or Instagram. Your able to setup different packages for your social media accounts. Example; monthly package, vs annual or lifetime subscriptions.

Accepting Tips – Do you have fans that want to spoil you? MySecretPayment is perfect for accepting tips from your fans. Camming site offline tips charge a crazy percentage. Keep more of your tip money each time a fan spoils you.

Signed Photos – If you’re selling signed photos or prints, MySecretPayment is perfect. The payment processor can also be used for selling a wide range of other tangible products.

Panties / Lingerie – If you’re selling worn panties or any other lingerie / clothing, MySecretPayment is right for you. Easily accept payment for all your lingerie sales.

Much More – Use MySecretPayment to sell much, much more. Camming site unblocks, Twitter follows, basically anything you can think of that complies with the TOS and the law. Use your imagination and get creative. There’s tons of different services that adult models can offer.


Get Your Own Personal Payment Website

Best of all is you can setup your own personal payment site. Add all the different options and fields onto your own domain name for a very personalized and proprietary look and feel. You can add the link to your personal payment site to your website, blogs, social media accounts and any other sites you belong to that allows you to link to other websites. Customize the look and feel of your payment site and even add video media for an introduction for you and your services.


Signup For MySecretPayment Today!

Ready to get started? Signup for MySecretPayment today! It’s free to get started and the signup process is quick and easy. Once registered, you can start using MySecretPayment to accept payments for all the products and services you’re offering. Don’t use camming site token tips to accept payments for services that you perform outside of the camming site. Instead, keep more of your hard earned money with MySecretPayment. Register today!

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