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MyGirlFund Review By Holly Rydem – Average Score: 9.4

Holly Rydem gave MyGirlFund an average score of 9.4. MyGirlFund excelled in all categories all across the board, getting perfect 10’s for site traffic, usability, privacy protection and model resources. All other categories were rated eight or nine. Here’s what Holly Rydem has to say.


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Hey there! My name’s dirtylittleholly. I’ve been a cam girl for almost 4 years now on Streamate and I run my own amateur, adult website. I handle every aspect of my website and career completely on my own. I shoot all of my own content, do all my own edits, run all my own social media accounts, etc. So you always know you’re getting the real me!


How Long Have You Been On The Site?

I’ve been on Mygirlfund since April 2012.


Profitability: 8/10

I’ve found Mygirlfund to be a really great site for earning extra revenue. Just for chatting with a guy, you’ll earn money! For every message that a guy sends you on the site, you earn $1 when you reply to them. This is called a paid message. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can really add up over time! Aside from that, you can sell pre-made content, custom pictures and videos, and do live pay-per-minute cam shows. You set all of your own prices.

There is also a Contests page where guys on the site can run their own contests. Taking the time to enter as many of those as you can really pays off. Some contests have small prizes of only $5, but some guys hold contests that pay much more. Plus, if they like your entry, they may get in contact with you about purchasing stuff in the future.

MGF holds contests also, and there’s lots of money to be made from entering those! They have a contest on Instagram that has 2 $50 winners each week, a Tumblr contest that has 2 $75 winners and 2 $25 winners each week, and other random contests throughout the year. You can also win lots of extra money by referring other models to the site.

When you first start off on MGF, you keep 65% of what you earn. For every $5,000 that you make, the service fee goes down 2.5% until you are keeping 90% of the money!


Site Features and Functionality: 9/10

Mygirlfund has a lot of great features! They have an easy to use messaging service, a live chat option (live chat messages don’t count as paid messages), live camming with cam-2-cam, a profile page that’s easy to update, a great rating system, an escrow system, a girls only blog (can only be viewed by other models on the site), a members blog (can be viewed by anyone), an offers page (where you can post deals you’re currently running), and easy to use uploaders for your pictures and videos.

One of the only downfalls in my opinion is the uploaders. Until recently, it wasn’t a problem because they allowed us to send out Dropbox links. So if you uploaded your content to Dropbox, or something similar, you didn’t have to worry about uploading it to MGF also. But they just banned link sharing sites, so now you’ll need to upload all of your content directly to MGF. The uploaders are easy to use, but the main problem is that you can only upload one video at a time and they can’t exceed 1 GB. So if you have longer, high-quality videos, you may need to lower the quality so you can upload them or cut them into multiple parts.

Aside from that being a bit of a pain, the site is easy to use.


Payment Types, Chargebacks and Cashouts: 9/10

You can cash out at any time on MGF, but there aren’t many cash out options. The only two being offered right now are a mailed check and Payoneer. If you choose a mailed check, there is a $10 cash out fee. If you choose Payoneer, there is a $5 cash out fee plus whatever fees Payoneer charges on their end. They used to also have direct deposit as an option, but had a banking issue due to the nature of the site (adult content). From what I’ve heard, they plan on bringing direct deposit back in the future, but haven’t said when.

I use the mailed check option, and have never had a problem receiving a payment, and never had any chargebacks.

There My Fund page breaks everything down nicely for you. You’re easily able to see how much you’ve made overall in messages, contributions, contests, and webcam. Then it breaks it down to your current fund (how much you’ve earned since cashing out last). Also on the My Fund page is the percentage rate you’re currently earning and how much money you need to make until you reach the next level.


Site Traffic and Quality: 10/10

I’m gonna give MGF a perfect score on this one! I’ve met lots of guys on the site and haven’t had a single problem with any of them! I get lots of profile views, and usually end up chatting with someone new every day.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 9/10

MGF does a great job helping us promote our profiles. They have a subreddit that we can post on and they do shout-out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr all the time. They don’t provide any widgets for us to use, or auto-tweet/share options, but that’s not really needed with all of the other ways they have to help us promote our profile.


Site Usability (How Easy To Use The Site Is): 10/10

The site is so easy to use! With your first visit, you’ll know where everything is. They have tabs at the top of every page and then sub-tabs inside of those that are all self-explanatory. Just do a little clicking around your first time on the site, and you’ll be a pro!


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking: 10/10

Privacy is one of MGF’s main concerns for both the models and members of the site. They allow you to block location by state, Canadian province, and country. You can also set your profile to private so only members who are logged in can view it. This also makes it unavailable for other models to see it, even if they are logged in.

As I said earlier, they recently stopped allowing us to use link sharing sites, such as Dropbox to send out our content. Now everything must be done through the site. You are not allowed to share any personal information with members and members are not allowed to share any with you. MGF is very strict about this policy. If you break it, they will ban you without pay immediately, and without warning in most cases. So make sure you never share your real name, address, phone number, social media accounts, etc. They also discourage you from choosing a username that can give away your identity. For this reason, I made my username be lilholly even though I go by dirtylittleholly everywhere else.

If you post pictures on your profile, blog, offers page, etc, the only site you can upload your pictures to is since there is no way to track your identity using that site.


Customer Services and Support: 10/10

Easily a perfect score here! Whether I’m submitting a ticket or even just sending them a DM on Twitter, I always get a response. Their customer service and support is A+!


Model Guides and Resources: 10/10

Another perfect score in this section! There is the Girls Blog where models can chat with each other and ask questions. This gets a bit catty from time to time, so I personally don’t use it. But there is also the Girls Forum. If you have a question, you can most likely find an answer there. And if not, you can start your own thread to ask it.


Holly Rydem’s Review:

MGF is very strict about all of their policies, so make sure you read through all of them. They don’t hesitate to ban you and withhold your earnings if you break one of their rules. But as long as you follow all of the rules, the site is a fun and an easy way to earn extra money!


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