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Review of MyFreeCams By Roseonfire30: 8.5/10

Review of MyFreeCams by Roseonfire30. Roseonfire30 rated MyFreeCams an 8.5 out of 10. MyFreeCams performed strong in most the areas. Roseonfire30’s main concern was the camscore feature of MFC. Camescore is the algorithm MyFreeCams uses to calculate the ranking positions of all the performers. The higher the camscore, the more prominently featured a model is on the site. This can make it difficult for beginner models to get started on MyFreeCams. Here is everything that Roseonfire30 has to say:


Roseonfire30’s Bio and Links

MyFreeCams: Roseonfire30

Hi there! I am a sexy and naughty girl. Sex in my life is one of main priority and so I think that says everything about me… .I like to be spoiled and treated like a lady! I’ve been a model and now I’m a professional cam model. I really love to use my body and drive guys crazy!

Now let me tell you some words about the myfreecams.


How Long Have You Been On The Site?

I ve been a model on MFC since 16 aprile 2015 but I’m using the site occassionaly maybe 2 or 3 times per weeks. One of the reasons I do not often use MFC is that there are too many models and attract paying customers is becoming more difficult every day.


Profitability: 6/10

In my opinion MFC is a good site for the models who already have experience in working for other camsites. I think this because in order to be noticed by many viewers among the hundreds of online Models you have to offer a very hot, professional and unique show and you have to work to advertise it well, perhaps through social networks.

MFC is a website where many models offer custom content, games, prizes, raffles, and very interactive shows to be successful. I would be surprised if a new model could be able to include such elements to her shows. Besides, she would still have a low cam score.

I’m not denying that MFC is a complicated website but I do believe that an experienced model can make only a ridiculous amounts of money on MFC. MFC is very unforgiving. If you mess up your first five shifts, you’re stuck with the camscore you’ve got until you spend months building it back up again


Site Features and Functionality: 8/10

A great advantage of the site is that the model can see what amount of tokens each member has by clicking to his username (checking the room members lists). However, any member can choose to hide this information from the “curios” models.


Payment Types, Chargebacks and Cashouts: 9/10

The site is very serious about the payments but perhaps a little slow because sometimes you have to wait more than a week. However given the great traffic slowdowns are normal.

No chargeback! I never lost a penny on MFC.


Site Traffic and Quality: 8/10

The traffic is great, although cam score plays a bigger part of the “game”. There are lots of girls so it can be hard to get quality traffic especially at busy times. Traffic also seems to be better when you have the “new girl status” so it gives some advantage. Myfreecams customers seem to get jealous easily and sometimes this can be fun but other times annoying. There are lots of freeloaders but lots of big spenders too so you just have to try to attract the right type of fan.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 8/10

The first and easiest tool to use on Myfreecams is the Newsfeed. It announce that you are online, doing a show or something. There are members out there that have added you to their favorites without you even knowing it. If you use the Newsfeed tool, then you are automatically letting them know to come visit you. Other tools that are helpful are Twitter, Facebook and even other members and models. If you get a loyal or regular member, that person can easily pass your name around via the member lounge or some of his friends.


Site Usability (How Easy To Use The Site Is): 9/10

I love that models get to be in full control: you can decline private, you can refuse private, you can mute a user, basically you can do anything you want. Is very easy to learn how to do it also for models without high IT skills. Is harder to understand how the Cam score works and the traffic mechanism. A new model could be quickly discouraged and think of being unappreciated.


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking 10/10

Models can choose who is allowed to see them during the streaming. Models can choose not to appear for users in specific states or countries around the world. That’s perfect and very easy to set up.


Customer Services and Support: 10/10

Support is fast and they answer any kind of questions, even not so bright ones too. Very friendly and professional. Nothing to complain.


Model Guides and Resources: 9/10

This site is a hit, a stepping stone or a descent into hell for several cam girls. You should already be a consistent, experienced cam girl when starting out, or else your camscore will plummet and there’s no getting it back up once its down. I think this should be clearer in precise guidelines.

In any case, it is not hard to find topics and tips to make money on this site in the various cam girls blogs on the web. There are several resources to make money: selling show, private galleries, private videos, social contacts. This provides alternative opportunities to make money.


Software / Hardware Functionality and Requirements: 8/10

Software is pretty okay! There aren’t many controls for the model to use and you can also change the chat colors, exclude free and basic members by writing in the room. You can’t set a rates for shows or anything else and this is kinda bad.

The software and website seems too old now, I have had issues where the cam freezes a lot because of the software (I have a fast computer).


Roseonfire30’s MyFreeCams Review:

I like MFC and the potential it can brings but I’m not a top camgirl and so I think I speak for the majority of us who aren’t on the top 200 or around there. I just can’t justify the income for the amount of time I’ve spent online on this site. There’s too many girls getting naked for free and the market is broken. You must stay online many hours per day (maybe more than 10 hours) to make good money and this is the main problem for me. MFC also gets 50% of commission and is a very high rate, but I’m sure they spend a lot of money to attract traffic.

It remains an excellent site for models who like to work in a different way from me, and with more time to devote to build a high score on it.


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