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MyFreeCams Review by Natalie K – Total Score: 8.6/10

A review of MyFreeCams by Natalie K. Natalie K scored MyFreeCams as an 8.6 out of 10. MyFreeCams got perfect 10’s for usability, privacy protections and regional blocking and hardware / software requirements. MyFreeCams got a 9 for model resources, 8’s for profitability, site features, payments and payouts, traffic quality and customer support. The lowest score of 7 was for promotional tools. Here’s what Natalie K has to say.


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MyFreeCams: Natalie K
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Hello sexy! I’m NatalieK, a British Milf camgirl & model. I’m 5’5 with brown eyes & natural tits. I love sex & enjoy meeting guys, especially online where I can play with myself & be very intimate with you!I do shoot film & photos for my own website & live cam at several websites, one of them is MyFreeCams

Let me tell you all about the myfreecams site.


How Long Have You Been On The Site?

I’ve been a model on MFCs since 2011, although, only using the site occasionally. I was last online in May of 2015. Throughout these years, there has been no changes to the site. It is a very well established site & has been online for many years.


Profitability: 8/10

Myfreecams is an extremely popular site with high traffic. The quality of the traffic varies as many surfers only wanting to watch without paying. A model might have as little as 1% of her viewers have credits. However, 1% of 3000 viewers tipping regular throughout a show is still rewarding and keeps the profitable.

Of course, with so many models, you can be listed on a 3rd or 4th page of 1000’s of models, so can be hard for the viewers to find you. It makes for a difficult job to be viewed on the front page without being online for a long time. For the surfer, it’s a very good site, where you can see a lot of explicit camshows for either no money or paying just small tips. With so many people paying small tips, it makes it worthwhile for the model especially as they pay 60% of total revenue or more.


Site Features and Functionality: 8/10

It’s a very old site with old features and functions. It certainly come across with the old saying, if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it. The site works. With managing models photo & tags, you can schedule shows, it’s all very basic and works well.

There’s an onboard url shortener for advertising models links on other sites and a simple stats area. I do like the live cam function with the separate downloadable platform, you can broadcast your webcam in Windows or browser based. This makes it easy to login to cam when a model has no need to login to the actual site to change or update profile or images.


Payment Types, Chargebacks and Cashouts: 8/10

I’m anxious to say the payments can become late over holidays & weekends and usually this doesn’t happen with many other cam sites. I know the customers have paid MFC on time, models shouldn’t have to wait! MFC did make this clear on the profile updates page, however, to state the model shall be paid “sometime” next week, isn’t very clear when payment is paid.


Site Traffic and Quality: 8/10

I’ve rated site traffic & quality an 8. I would have suggested higher, alas, I’m reviewing the whole site and not just the top 20 models. In the top 20, you hear some models earn $100’s an hour because of the high traffic volume. Because MFC has it’s higher viewed models at the top of the first page, it can take a good hour to reach top status. For many models, the long term can pay off, although the majority of models have enough quality traffic to make big bucks. Surfers can enjoy a massive variety of women and see lots of different niche cams, with no payments & no credits need to be transferred to view them.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 7/10

The profile tags are a great way to market a model’s profile, raising awareness to the niche the model prefers and targeting site traffic. In the profile editing area for the model, there is a page giving the ability to look through friends, connections and posts. This can generally be a great way to communicate with surfers and previous viewers, messaging them personally & giving a personal touch to the model’s business. The surfers can also connect with their favourite models this way too, allowing the viewer to enjoy a more personal experience!


Site Usability (How Easy To Use The Site Is): 10/10

MFC is a very simple site with very easy to use links and buttons. Everything is on the screen from one sidebar that’s easy to use and navigate. The main page for surfers is very simple with thumbs showing the models. When the mouse hovers over the model thumbnail, it’ll change to an image of the show real time. This feature makes the experience at MFC very easy to find the model or niche you would like to view. Every few minutes the screen refreshed, moving the models up or down the page depending on the amount of viewers.


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking 10/10

There is blocking in the livecam broadcaster page, whether in the Windows downloadable platform or in the browser. You can block people that are rude and an inconvenience to your viewers and you can also block regions. The privacy policy remains similar to most of the other camsites, not giving details out to third party sites without your permissions unless it is a federal investigation.


Customer Services and Support: 8/10

The MFC customer services and support has always been slow to reply, although, they do reply and is always helpful. Questions are answered and the problems are always solved. Like all of the MFC website, it has remained simple, with email contact only, unlike other sites with chat and in-profile responses. This can make an issue if a rapid response is needed for the inquiry.


Model Guides and Resources: 9/10

There are masses of guides in the MFC wiki, all helpful and the guides cover all situations and issues. The resources do lack a little as there are only image uploads, a banner area and the cam system. I do like the model news button in the main profile page, giving lots of news and updates.


Software / Hardware Functionality and Requirements: 10/10

As said in my review, MFC is an established site from many years ago without much change. So the buttons and layout is slightly prehistoric looking, however, it all runs smooth and works well with no lack of stalling or disconnections. The cams can run without any lag in HD, giving both the viewer and model an enjoyable experience. The downloadable cam platform is very handy, runs smooth with zero lag. The servers, hardware and software all run perfectly.


Natalie K’s Review:

MFC makes a great site for surfers and paying customers with tips and private shows. I do feel MFC could update their site with a clips area either on each profile or as an option to see clips from the site. The customer support system could include an easy to use onscreen chat system instead of emailing as the ONLY option. The wiki does a great job of answering most questions a model might have. The MFC cam site has remains solely cams and offers exactly this. Models and viewers shall always enjoy their time on Myfreecams.


Become A MyFreeCams Model Today!

Ready to get started? Signup for MyFreeCams today! MyFreeCams is a well established camming site with great traffic and a proven track record. If you’re a female model (sorry, no males allowed) you can make good money performing live on the site. MyFreeCams gives you all the tools and resources you need to thrive as an adult webcam model. Still need more information? Learn more about becoming a MyFreeCams model.


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