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Review of MyFreeCams by Badeastbaby: 9/10

MyFreeCams review by Badeastbaby. Badeastbaby scored MyFreeCams a 9 out of 10. All the criteria was scored a 10 or higher except for site features and site usability, which both got scored 9’s, traffic quality and marketing tools, which both received 8’s and profitability, which received a seven. Learn more about Badeastbaby and see what she liked and didn’t like about MyFreeCams by reading the review.


Badeastbaby Bio

I’m badeastbaby, model and cam model. East Europe model, 168cm with green eyes and sexy body. I enjoy live sex on cam, with toys and I love to pose for hot shoots and custom amateur videos. I also work as promoter for the adult business (website, toys, brands..).
I come from a very cold country of east europe but my blood is very hot! I’m bi and I love performing alone and sometimes with a sexy girlfriend. I use several toys through my shows including big black dildos also for double penetration. I love to be told what to do, I like to interact with the voyeur and I like to see my viewers excited for me.


How Long Have You Been On The Site?

I’ve been a model on MFC since 2014 but now I’m using the site occasionally, maybe 2 or 3 times per month. One of the reasons I do not often use MFC is that there are too many models and to make good money you need to spend a lot of time to advertise your account (and at the moment I do not have a lot of free time since I’m busy in photo modelling jobs).

I do believe that on MFC the top 100 girls have caught all the whales, and most of the times the whale are loyal to only them. I don’t think these guys usually check out other rooms and it isn’t easy work to change their mind.


Profitability: 7/10

I would like to say that MFC is not good for beginners, but if you’re confident and friendly and you have a lot of time to spend on cam. You may like it and do better than me. The traffic is good but sometimes there are a lot of freeloaders in your room and is a bit hard to get good tippers .

MyFreeCams is a pretty good site when you have the “New Model” status. When I was “new”, some good tippers members tipped me without asking anything. They just tipped me for a smile, or just telling me that I’m so cute and sexy. So new girls have a big chance to attract the curiosity of the best tippers and convert them in long time fans. But as I told before you need to work a lot on it because the website is full of other beautiful models.

There are several ways to make money on MyFreeCams. For example; providing custom videos & pics, Snapchat, KIK, selling membership and much more. This is a good alternative!


Site Features and Functionality: 9/10

One of the best features of MyFreeCams is that it works very well with interactive toys like the Lovense and Ohmibod. Using interactive Toys is great. It’s the next generation of sex and I love to make virtual sex! You can customize the levels eg. strength, rotations, and time and notify your room of what your toy is doing using a second dummy account. When the members tip you, your vibe goes off and the Lovense toy is truly tip activated because it uses a Chrome extension and bluetooth to work.


Payment Types, Chargebacks and Cashouts: 10/10

Payment is great, always on time and they do all the options you’d expect. Never had a problem!
They have several payment method such us:

Payoneer, Check, Direct bank deposit, Bank wire transfer, Okpay and Paxum.

I prefer Paxum and Payooner (you can request the money with a min of 20$) and they will pay you 2 times for month. Payout is 50% and it is decent providing they are a top camsite with a lot of traffic (so they spend a lot of money for it).

Site Traffic and Quality: 8/10

The traffic is very good, you will never be “alone” but there are a lot of freeloaders and too many models that will steak the best tippers if you are not going to be very famous on MFC.

To have a high paying traffic you need to improve your camscore and get featured. This gets traffic coming into your room to begin with, and it is critical at this time to really “sell yourself.” Looking to the Top Model’s room I saw that they have attracted a fan base of members who, it appears, spend hours in their chatrooms nearly every night of the week, and do the majority of the tipping. So it is critical for a new model to spend as much time as possible online those first two weeks, because that is your “window” for beginning to create a fan base. Lots of members will come into your room for curiosity’s sake, and it seemed to me that a lot of guys were trying to build  favor with me by tipping me well and giving me advice on how to make good money on the site.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 8/10

Most of the common mistakes that camgirls do is not marketing themself. They don’t realize that there are many tools online that can help bring them more followers or members. The first and easiest tool to use on MFC is the Newsfeed. You need to go in there and announce that you are online or that you are doing a show or something. here are members out there that have added you to their favorites without you even knowing it. If you use the Newsfeed tool, then you are automatically letting them know to come visit you.

Other tools that are helpful are Twitter, Facebook and even other members and models. Twitter is a big one that helps build a big following.

There are other ways to attract customers (and tips) on MFC. Lots of models put a topic on their chatroom that says that when their tips add up to a certain amount they will do a “special” show, like a shower show or an oil show.


Site Usability (How Easy To Use The Site Is): 9/10

The site usability is great for most and it’s not hard to use, but it can be a bit hard to understand the Camscore feature. Many camgirls and regular members don’t understand the camscore. In it’s most simplified explanation; your camscore equals how many tokens you make per hour. If you do not make tokens in an hour then you don’t make money and your camscore falls. If you make lots of tokens each hour, you are making money and your camscore goes up. That is as simple an explanation there is to it. So if you are a camgirl and you are sitting there for an 8 hour shift but only made tokens in 1 hour, then your camscore is going to fall very fast. If you want to make tokens, then you have to start marketing yourself, talking to members and working every tool you can to get some tokens.


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking 10/10

Privacy protection is perfect! Models can choose who is allowed to access to their profile by country so Models can choose not to appear for users in specific states or countries around the world. That’s perfect and very easy to set up. No problems for girls who want to keep their identity secret.


Customer Services and Support: 10/10

Support is ok, haven’t waited more than half a day for a response. I have never had an issue on it and that’s great since they have to deal with a lot of models and customers!


Model Guides and Resources: 10/10

All you need to do if you want to learn more about MFC and its resources is to consult the “Wiki My free Cams”. It’s very useful and you can learn a lot by yourself without writing to the support. That’s great!


Software / Hardware Functionality and Requirements: 9/10

After the Registration process you can download and install on your PC the MFC software. It’s an easy step but anyway you can always check on WIKI MFC for any doubt. I never had problems with the software and it never crashed on my PC. You need to make the update sometimes but most of the times it happens automatically. If you do not want to install any software on your PC you can also use the Model Web Broadcaster. It’s also important to update the Flash software to make everything working fine.

Badeastbaby’s Review:

I would summarize as follows: MFC is a professional website, with thousands of dollars earned every hours. Many cam models love it, especially those who like to produce extra content and cam models who work FULL TIME (more than 8 hours a day).

I personally do not recommend it to inexperienced models or models that work only one or two hours a day. Girls who do not like to be friendly with all kind of customers (even those who do not easily send tips) will not earn a lot on this website.

To be successful on this site you must spend a lot of time building your image, day after day, and the results will come.


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