ModelCentro #FeatureFriday 8/4/17: FanCentro, WebP, Individual Store Items, and More!

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ModelCentro #FeatureFriday 8/4/17: What’s New With ModelCentro

It’s time for another ModelCentro #FeatureFriday! Feature Friday is where ModelCentro announces all the new features. In this Feature Friday, ModelCentro announces one of their most requested and awaited feature. In addition to premium subscriptions, your fans can now register free accounts, which can be used to purchase individual pieces of content from your store. Here’s what else is new with ModelCentro.


Connecting FanCentro and ModelCentro Accounts

In case you have accounts with both our platforms, ModelCentro and FanCentro, you can easily connect them right in your admin panel! All you need to do is to log into your MC admin, go to ‘My Site’ then ‘Apps’ and paste the username of your FanCentro profile. You’ll get a new ‘Snap me’ tab on your MC-based website right away!


Gift and Store Sales Counters in Sales Stats

Don’t worry! You won’t miss any store sales or gifts sent by your fans. In the past, gifts were displayed as part of your tips revenue, but they are now separated into different colors. This information is now available in the Sales Statistics of your MC Dashboard.


User Permissions

If you go to the profile page of any user, you will no longer see an active/inactive status. What you’ll find at the bottom the page is a table named “user permissions”. At this time, it will show you when the user signed up as a free member and when they upgraded, including their expiration date if they canceled. This update is the first step in introducing detailed membership permissions, allowing you more flexibility and control over your sales by letting you manage what your free and paid members have access to.


WebP Format Support

ModelCentro now also supports WebP, one of the latest image formats that may one day replace jpeg. It provides better compression without the loss of quality for images on the web.


Blog Images Improvement

From now on, you don’t have to worry about the size of the image you upload to your blog post – ModelCentro will automatically resize the image for its preview while keeping the original size in the post. In the past, preview images were loaded in the same size as the ones on the actual post, resulting in a slower loading home page.


Content Store and Freemium Feature

The Store is the most frequently requested feature of all time. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do it today! With the addition of the store feature, there is also a new free member tier. Free members can purchase individual store items, and can always upgrade to a premium account to access all of your site features.


Not Already A ModelCentro Model? Get Started Today!

Not already a ModelCentro model? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can build and deploy your very own site in no time! ModelCentro is an award-winning CMS for adult models. They handle all the hosting, payment processing and other technical aspects of running a site. Models get an easy to use website builder that makes it insanely easy to configure your site and add new content. Best of all, models can get started 100% free!

Learn More: Building Adult Model Sites With ModelCentro

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