List of ModelCentro Alternatives

OnlyFans: Sell Subscriptions To Access Your Pics and Videos

ModelCentro Alternatives For Websites and Fanclubs

ModelCentro is a great platform that makes it easy to build your very own adult pay site. ModelCentro is 100% free (works off a revshare) and they provide all the hosting, payment processing and technical aspects of running a site. Models and studios are given a visual website builder that makes it simple to setup the site.

There are limitations, however. Because you don’t have access to the source code, you’re only limited to the customization that ModelCentro provides. There’s also many models who are looking for a storefront than a subscription site. Something that ModelCentro currently doesn’t offer. Here are some alternatives for models or studios that aren’t completely satisfied with what ModelCentro can offer.


Fanclub Alternatives For ModelCentro

If you’re using ModelCentro for  the fanclub / subscription feature, there’s plenty of ModelCentro alternatives out there. Here’s some of the other solutions for running your own fanclub:


OnlyFans (Important: Use A SFW Profile / Cover Photo!)

OnlyFans is a very unique platform. OnlyFans behaves like a social media network, but everything is subscription-based. All the photos and videos are censored until the user pays the monthly subscription fee. Then all the content is accessible. OnlyFans also comes with a mobile app that allows models to easily produce and upload content, plus cam on the site directly from their mobile phone.

More Info: Make Money Off Monthly Subscriptions With OnlyFans



Chaturbate is a popular camming site. Chaturbate also has their own fanclub functionality. When a user subscribes to a models Chaturbate fanclub, they gain access to all the individual pieces of content a model has available on her/his/their profile pages. The text color of the fanclub member is also changed in chat. This allows models to know who’s subscribed to them and also gives the customer prestige and recognition in the chatroom.

More Info: Make Money As A Chaturbate Performer



iFriends is primarily a camming site, but models can make money offering a wide range of services. Models can sell video and photo content, get paid from phone sex and run their own fanclubs. The fanclub will feature video content, photo content, previous shows and other content. There’s full fanclubs and “fanclub lite”, which is only enhanced contact information and discounts on shows.

More Info: Make Money Performing on iFriend



LiveJasmin is a popular camming site. LiveJasmin also supports fanclubs. Fanclub members are able to record private shows and access all the exclusive content. The chat text is also changed to a different color so models can easily recognize when their fanclub members are in the chatroom. LiveJasmin also has a 1-click sitebuilder that allows models to transform their fanclub into a website.

More Info: Become A LiveJasmin Model



CamWithHer is a camming site that’s different than others. Most camming sites allow for anyone to register and perform. CamWithHer is a lot more exclusive than the rest of the sites. They have specific requirements as far as what models they want featured on their network. Because of that, the caliber of talent is a lot higher than other camming sites. CamWithHer models can run fanclubs directly from the site.

More Info: Make Money Camming On CamWithHer


Website Alternatives For ModelCentro

If you’re looking to build a website, there’s many other platforms out there for you. Many of them behave a lot differently than ModelCentro does. ModelCentro is primarily meant as a membership site. There’s alternatives for setting up your own digital storefront (Similar to the clip selling sites, but only featuring your content). There’s also alternatives that provide live camming, and alternatives for building paysites similar to ModelCentro.



Vuier is a very unique and innovative platform. Vuier enables models to cam and sell VOD video. Vuier can easily be integrated into any website through embed codes. Vuier also has a website builder for models that don’t currently have a website. It’s not publicly available, and in order to access the website builder, models must have at least one piece of content available and must personally reach out to Vuier to gain access.

More Info: Vuier – Camming, Adult VOD and Website Builder For Models



IndieBill is primarily a payment platform for Snapchat subscriptions, tributes, Skype shows and content sales. IndieBill also builds websites for models. There is a self-served website builder in development and will be available soon. In the interim, models that want a website have to reach out to IndieBill. IndieBill currently handles all the aspects of building and updating the website.

More Info: IndieBill – Adult Website Builder and Payment Processor For Models



xMember is a premium CMS offered by Adent. Unlike some of the other hosted-solutions mentioned in this post, models are responsible for their own web hosting and installation of the site. xMember is also a premium CMS and isn’t available for free. The advantage of xMember compared to the other platforms is it’s way more customizable. That’s because the webmaster has direct access to the source code. xMember supports subscriptions as well as the sale of individual pieces of content.

More Info: Build An Adult Membership Site With xMember



AdultMemberSites is very similar to ModelCentro. It’s a website building platform that allows models to easily build their own websites. What differs AdultMemberSites from ModelCentro is that they focus more on the sales of individual content, while ModelCentro focuses more on the membership / subscription aspect. It’s worth noting that ModelCentro is just about to release the ability to sell individual content sets.



WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. It’s available free of charge, but models are responsible for the hosting and installation, which is pretty simple. WordPress also has a huge 3rd party developer community. That means that there’s tons of plugins available that will add increased functionality to the site. Once installed, WordPress is insanely easy to use. There’s also tons of resources available across the internet, if you require any help configuring your site.

More Info: WordPress Sites For Camgirls / Adult Models

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