Does LA County’s Measure B Cover Camgirls / Solo Clip Producers?


Does LA County’s Measure B Apply To Webcam Models?


For those that don’t know, LA County recently approved language for Measure B. Measure B is a ballot measure that LA County voters passed in 2012. This language requires a $1671 health permit fee, STD / sexual health training, condom mandates and signs stating that condoms are required on-set.

The real question on everyone’s mind is whether this impacts camgirls, clip-producers and other indie models. If so, there’s a lot of people in Los Angeles who should be concerned.


We Might Not Get All The Answers Until Precedence Is Set

The one thing about law is that it’s open for interpretation until the first court rulings set precedence. Hypothetically, if a camgirl case was to go to trial and the defense won, that would set a precedence for all future cases that are similar. If the defendant loses; that sets the type of precedence that we don’t want.

So, until people start getting tried under these new laws, the interpretations could be slightly different between different parties (defense and prosecution). Granted; law can only read with so much variances. But a judge or jury might decide that camming models and other indie performers are exempt. It can happen.

So until the courts really start trying these cases, nothing is 100% set in stone.


The Penalties: $1,000 Fine / Up To Six Months In Jail

The penalties for non-compliance is $1,000 and/or up to six months in jail. For models, there’s the additional risk of exposure. You’ll have to go to court, all your friends will find out someway or another, all the investigators, jail staff, and everyone in the courtroom will hear the charges. If the court is broadcasted over some sort of public access, it’s also out there for the whole world to see.

The compromising of privacy is just as bad, if not worst, than the other maximum penalties.


Could LA Realistically Police / Enforce These Laws On Webcam Models?

This is perhaps an even bigger question than whether or not the laws are applicable. Are they actually realistically enforceable? Los Angeles is a big city. How could they possibly expect to identify and investigate every single indie model? The mainstream producers, sure. Every single indie model in the area? Not so easy, and personally, it sounds like a very expensive shitshow to me.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t enforce it on models. Especially cherry-picked cases. Are you a camming model with a cop that has a vendetta against you, your lover, your siblings or your pet goldfish? Better watch out.



Does The 4th Amendment Come Into Play? (Privacy Concerns)

Another question is whether or not the 4th Amendment (protection from unfair searches and seizes) comes into play. Just recently, an Oregon cop was fired after police discovered his wife was a camgirl. The cops in the local sheriff’s office spent hours on MyFreeCams watching her as part of their “investigation”.

Are camgirls /  solo clip-producers safe from Los Angeles law enforcement in free chat looking for non-compliant models in the area? How far can investigators go when trying to identify non-compliant models? What would be required to get a warrant?

This law goes beyond simply being a legal concern. It’s also a privacy concern. I don’t think any model wants LA investigators profiling girls and trying to determine whether they’re local or not. It’s even worst if the model receives media attention (like the Oregon cop’s wife) as a result. Suddenly, it’s more than just the entire police force knowing about your career. Now the entire city knows, even if names don’t get listed.


What Camgirls In Los Angeles Should Be Doing

First, I just want to re-affirm that I am not a lawyer. My biggest advice would be to watch the news and watch the industry lawyer’s input on everything. This includes any cases that go to court as a result of the law (assuming it’s implemented as-is). Remember, these court cases will determine precedence. Until precedence is established, everyone might be able to interpret the language slightly different than other parties.

Also, it never hurts to work on privacy protection. This includes regional blocking where possible, Not using social media on devices that are synced to personal apps (they might be sharing data), removing meta data from images, doing whatever you can to fight piracy / capped shows, the list goes on.

Regardless if this becomes a requirement to combat investigation or not, privacy is a major issue for all adult stars and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Should models in Los Angeles be looking at quitting adult work and/or relocating? That might vary greatly from one person to another, but is definitely an option on the table.


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