MCProfits Announces Coupon Feature For Affiliates


MCProfits Affiliates Can Now Generate Coupon Offers

MCProfits, the affiliate program for ModelCentro and FanCentro has announced an exciting new feature. MCProfits now supports discounts for ModelCentro sites. Discount link codes are generated on the same screen used to generate the normal referral link codes. Discounts can be temporary or permanent. The discounted percentage comes out of the affiliate’s revenue, and not the performers.


MCProfits ModelCentro Coupons


How To Generate A Discount Link

  1. Add a new campaign or choose an existing one.
  2. Turn on the discount option.
  3. Choose the duration of your discount. Select ‘Enabled’ to apply a permanent discount or ‘Disabled’ to set the time range during which the discount will be available.
  4. Choose the particular amount of your discount. Please note that this will be deducted from your affiliate revenue.
  5. Save the campaign.


Start Promoting MCProfits Today!

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