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Camgirls: Tips On How To Take The Perfect Selfie Self promotion is a big part of social media when in the adult industry. One key thing that we all do

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GhostCodes: A New Tool For Snapchat Promotion / Finding Takeovers There is now a way for you to get viewers on your public or promotional Snapchat without doing too much

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Fighting Stolen Content / Pirate Sites Through SEO If you’re in the industry, you know about piracy all too well. Capped shows, videos uploaded to tube sites, the list goes

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Using The New Snapchat Tool To Add Links To Your Snaps Snapchat is a helpful tool for adult performers. Whether the platform is being used for promotion or for making money from

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Kickstagram: Ramp Up Your Instagram Following and Reach Kickstagram is an Instagram marketing agency with a proven track record. Although the company specializes in mainstream brands, they accept adult performers

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Models: How To Run Your Own Affiliate Program An “Affiliate Program” is where users can register and promote a specific site or product. The promoter is assigned specific tracking links

How The Snapchat Update Made Premium Accounts Easier

New Snapchat Upgrade Makes Premium Accounts Easier Upgrades have been made to Snapchat! Why is that adult news? Well, these new upgrades make hosting a premium story MUCH easier than ever

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List of Websites Adult Models Can Use For Advertising Promotion is a huge part of being a performer in the adult industry. Doesn’t matter whether you’re camming, selling clips or offering

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Registering A Domain and What To Do With It Many cam girls who are dedicated to clip making and camming are lacking one thing; a domain name. Investing in your

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Twitter Marketing For Cam Girls Social media is one of the most important parts of being in the cam community. Since you have now decided that you live on the