ManyVids 8/3/2016 Winning Wednesday Contest: Food Fight!

ManyVids 8/3/2016 Winning Wednesday Contest: Food Fight!

ManyVids Winning Wednesday Competition: Food Themed Contest!

August 3rd is the official Watermelon Day, and ManyVids is celebrating by making food the theme of this week’s Winning Wednesday. Winning Wednesdays are little mini-competitions thrown by ManyVids whenever there’s not currently another competition going on.

1st place winner will receive a grand prize of $750. The model who uploads teh best photo will also be awarded $50. Models can upload their food-themed photos now. MV models and studios are both allowed to compete. The voting will start on August 3rd at 12:00 PM EST and ends at 5:00 PM EST.


Additional Winning Wednesday Rules and Information

Here’s some additional notes on Winning Wednesdays provides by ManyVids:

  • Although the ticker (scrolling banner) does in fact show every site sale, it is only updated every few minutes on our server. Therefore, because of that slight delay, we do not recommend using this tool to validate the placement of model(s) in any contests. We feel that making this point is necessary because we are very transparent with you on how the site features work thus allowing you to use them to the best of your ability!
  • The contest ends exactly when the counter is finished. The voting fluctuates right until the very last second, up until it officially ends. Any votes earned DURING this time, are counted towards the contest. However, any votes that come through AFTER the closing time of the MV contest (due to it being reviewed/held by our Security Team in billing) do NOT count towards that particular contest. However, they DO still count towards a model’s earnings.
  • Photos uploaded to the contest page MUST be of you. Posting photos that are not your property or belong to someone else may result in disqualification, and prevention of winning a prize/entering any future contests on MV.
  • With that being said, participating in these contests is at your own leisure and entering is not mandatory. Everyone enters with the chance of winning, or losing and both outcomes are expected to be handled with good sportsmanship. A negative attitude towards MV, the winner, or undermining the legitimacy of our contests is considered a violation and may result in being disqualified from the current contest, and possibly all future contests.


Not Already A ManyVids Seller? Get Started Now!

Want to compete in the Winning Wednesday competitions, but not already an MV model? Register today! As long as your account is approved by Wednesday, you’re able to compete. In addition to participating in the ManyVids competitions, you can also get paid selling clips and a wide range of other services. ManyVids offers the ability to setup custom Stores that can be used to sell just about anything. Get started now!

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Looking for more competitions for camgirls, porn producers and other adult performers? We’ve got them all in one place! See what else is available. Competing in competitions is a great way to gain exposure and some extra cash. Plus they’re incredibly fun! Know something we don’t have posted? Get a hold of us and we’ll add it to the site!

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