Make Money Off Homemade Adult Films

Sell Your Sex TapeMake Money Off Homemade Adult Films

Whether you’re planning on getting into adult filmmaking or already have some sex tapes you want to cash in, there’s a huge market for amateur porn. Homemade pornstars are becoming more and more popular and the earning potential is insane! It’s never been easier to start producing and selling your own porn. Here’s how!


Selling Homemade Porn Films On Adult Networks

The easiest and most profitable way to get paid from your homemade sex tapes. There are many adult networks for amateurs to sell their homemade porn content. These networks handle all the payment processing and deliver the content after it’s purchased by the customer. This frees up your time to focus on producing and marketing your content. The adult networks also do their own marketing and drive tons of traffic to their sites. This will create natural traffic to your content and will automatically drive sales for you.

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Create Your Own Adult Fanclub With Exclusive Content

In addition to selling your porn films on the various adult networks, it’s also possible to create your own adult fanclub and offer up your porn videos as exclusive content for members. This is a great strategy, as it’ll create a residual income stream from monthly rebills of your members. In order to create a quality fanclub, you’ll need a decent amount of content to start out with. In order to keep people subscribed as members, you’ll also have to continuously produce and upload new content to keep things fresh.

There are many networks and platforms for building your fanclub. You can even host your fanclub on your own website without having to do any coding! It’s free to start your fanclubs and the solutions take a small percentage of the profits to cover hosting and maintenance.

If you’re starting a fanclub, it’s also a great idea to sell all the content in your fanclub on the other sites as well. This way people have the option of subscribing for all your content or purchasing individual videos. You can also use the individual video sales to promote your fanclub. For example, you can place a call-to-action on your profile page letting any customers know that they can access all of your content by registering with your site.

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Partnering With Porn Tube Networks

Not the most profitable way to get paid from your sex tapes and should be used more for a marketing effort as well as an income stream. The various tube sites offer a revenue-share with all publishers that own the rights to the content. By partnering with the tube sites and uploading your sex films, you’ll get paid from banner ad impressions and clicks from the people watching your video.

Make sure to watermark your video content with your website (or at least your adult stage name if you don’t have a website) before uploading the content. This way viewers will know where to find more of your content and purchase the video. It’s suggested to only upload a teaser clip and place a call-to-action letting the viewers know where to buy the whole thing. It’s some great marketing that will also make you some money.

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Other Ways To Get Paid As An Adult Star

Make Money Camming – Camming is a great way for anyone to make a living working from home. You get paid performing on live cam, either working for tips in public chat or charging per minute in private chat. The camming industry is now worth over a billion dollars annually and is quickly growing. No need to apply and work your own hours.

Get Started With Phone Sex – Get paid from your mobile phone. A 3rd party encrypts and connects your calls, keeping your phone number and personal information is kept private. Get paid from either talking or sending adult text messages back and fourth.

Become A Skype Model – Get paid performing live on Skype. Skype girls make great money because they don’t have to payout a camming network a percentage of the profits. There are Skype show networks out there, but what they charge is usually much less because Skype is taking care of the bandwidth. All Skype shows are 1-on-1 shows.