LiveJasmin Wants To Take Over South America

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LiveJasmin Wants To Take Over South America

Columbia has been huge into camming for a while now. In fact, it’s only surpassed by the Eastern European countries such a Romania. But as South American countries improve the infrastructure and enter an internet revolution, things might change.

South America might soon hold the title of the camming capital of the world, and according to Fusion, the popular camming network LiveJasmin wants to make that happen.


Columbian Studios and LiveJasmin Expanding Into Latin America

According to the article, Columbia’s largest camming studio, A Studios is working with LiveJasmin to expand into the other Latin American countries. The plan is to introduce the studio system into surrounding countries as well as creating the conditions and infrastructure necessary to foster the industry. Ricardo Morales of LiveJasmin states that it’s his dream for Latin America to surpass Romania.

Romania currently accounts for 60% of all webcam models. According to a top cam network there is an estimated 500,000 Romanian camgirls working across the various networks.

LiveJasmin executives state that expanding Latin America is important. If something were to happen to the Romanian market, such as introducing new legislation that would shut down the camming industry in Romania, the results would be devastating. Diversification into different countries is important in case one of the pre-existing marketplaces crumbles.


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