Finding And Keeping A Long Term Sugar Daddy

Alice Snow

How To Find A Serious / Long-Term Sugar Daddy

When you first start down the road of sugar dating, you may have a short term goal. Such as paying off your car, or paying off some debt. Meaning that you might plan on dating your daddy for possibly just a few months, or even shorter. Many sugar babies start off this way. At least until they find a serious sugar daddy. A serious sugar daddy is into the arrangement for the long term. Which means there will be long term effects, such as emotions developing, becoming a part of each others life, and falling into a routine.


How Feelings Develop Between Sugar Daddies and Babies

When a sugar daddy and their sugar baby finds the perfect arrangement, they often find themselves in this arrangement for a long time. This  often leads to real emotions developing between the two. The sugar baby, even though she may have started this adventure for a short time, becomes comfortable with their daddy and their arrangement.

This means ending up spending a lot of time with their daddy, going to events, dinners, and trips. The couple begins to get to know each other and once this happens, real feelings develop. Sometimes even feelings as deep as love. There is nothing wrong with falling for your sugar daddy, as long as he is able to reciprocate the feelings. Some daddies are married or otherwise committed. So you must be able to keep yourself grounded and not let the emotions change your arrangement, especially once you two start becoming integrated into each others life.


Long-Term Sugar Relationships Resemble Real Relationships

Becoming a part of each other’s daily routine and integrating into their life is part of a serious long term arrangement. You will find that once you are in a part of each others life, you will be the person your daddy texts about their day, or the first person they invite to events or trips. You essentially develop a relationship that resembles a vanilla one. Your daddy and you will spend a lot of time doing things you probably never thought you and a sugar daddy would end up doing. This is a good sign, it means you two are falling into a routine and the arrangement you have will become essentially set in stone.


Falling Into A Routine Is A Sign Of A Long-Term Relationship

Falling into the routine is the final and definite sign that you and your sugar daddy are developing a long-term arrangement. This routine is not always the same, some daddies want to have someone to text regularly, or they have a habit of going to dinner on Thursdays. Whatever the routine may be, falling into it means you are both comfortable around each other and are okay with what the other expects. So the daddy wouldn’t have an issue with your allowance, shopping, or anything else you two have discussed. While on the flip side you don’t have issues with the expectations your daddy has.


These Are The Signs Of A Serious Sugar Relationship

Once all three of these things begin to develop, you are on your way to creating a serious, long-term arrangement with your daddy. As long as you are okay with developing a long-term arrangement with your daddy, this is a great sign! Keeping this in mind and not being afraid to discuss expectations with your daddy will lead to the most successful sugar dating relationship you can find.


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