January 2017 iFriends Model of the Month: Anna Bella

January 2017 iFriends Model of the Month: Anna Bella

January 2017 iFriends Model of the Month: Anna Bella

The January 2017 iFriends Model of the Month is Anna Bella. iFriends interviews this former English teacher turned camgirl. Learn more about Anna and her interests and be sure to catch her on cam, only on iFriends!


Interview With Anna Bella

Q: How would you describe your personality?
A: Multifaceted. I’m like the surface of the pond on a quiet summer night – I reflect to you the light you give me. If you play your charm well, I sparkle. If you don’t… I sparkle someplace else and charge the whole room with my optimism, contagious smile and positivity. What can I say? I’m a bubbly type of girl – I’m well rounded in all the right places. I am curious, a little competitive, stubborn and… awfully playful. Mind you, my stubbornness is a gift as it helps with talking you into all sorts of adventures to make our life worth living!


Q: Is there a special story behind your screenname?
A: Yes! Since I remember myself, I have been drawn to languages. After I finally learned to talk and mastered English, I was drawn to French. Alas! It was too complex. Spanish came as a second option. Yet I could never achieve the heights I dreamed of in this particular language group either. One day I figured one foreign language was more than enough. To pay duty to my former trips to the beloved Spain and Latin America, I adopted a name – “Bella” as that is what men called me “en la calle”. So there you have it: Anna-Bella – Beautiful Anna.

iFriends Model of the Month: Anna Bella

Q: Tell us a dirty joke.
A: “What kind of car do you drive?” – “I don’t drive…If I could, I’d make you my car. Would you be my Bronco?”


Q: Are you a sports fan?
A: Hell yeah! Go Giants! Go!!! Otherwise…I like to distract you from playing sports. I am the sport you’ve dreamed of, fantasied and envisioned in your most daring prayers. I’m flexible. I have the endurance of a stallion. I have a refine taste in lingerie, clothing, as well as a lack thereof. Think the nude cheerleader you wish you never had! With me you will forget about the NFL, NBA and all other “N”-s. You know you wanna play my game, I’m a great sport!

iFriends Model of the Month: Anna Bella

Q: What activities and interests do you have outside of iFriends?
A: Generally I am a very active person so I enjoy various outdoor activities when the weather permits. I like inventing my own exercise routine. I hate being idle yet I like staying inside and do the silly things like scrapbooking, drawing, making things out of nothing, you know odd jobs. I’m interested in theatre and movie art, speech and dance classes. I love architecture and sculpture hence I am very attracted to various museums. Honestly, I think I could live there. Another huge interest of mine is traveling and observing how other people live abroad. The list of activities, for the moment, is rather simple: swimming, jogging, hiking, ballet and running household chores.


Q: What’s your favorite curse word and why?
A: I don’t curse! I swear!

iFriends Model of the Month: Anna Bella

Q: Love or money?
A: One cannot go without the other. Through observation I’ve learned that the more comfortable life is, the easier the relationship gets. If a couple has money to spend, they don’t have to worry about household chores etc. Money takes care of the “worry” aspect. A couple doesn’t have to go through trouble of counting every cent while they plan their outings. They can afford taking occasional breaks from each other and enjoy things that money can buy. Let’s face it, how many men do you know that enjoy shopping WITH their women? I have never met a guy who would reject a beautifully adorned woman. Guys, on the other hand, have their own hobbies that girls have hard time relating to. Love comes handy when you know you can trust your partner, and that he wouldn’t sell you for any amount of money in the world because he is already wealthy.


Q: Describe the perfect man.
A: The perfect man is the best friend, lover and “partner in crime”. He’s someone who feels comfortable in his skin. In case he doesn’t – I’ll help him relax and feel confident. This is what a woman is for. He is kind, caring, loving – the epitome of a good guy with the bad lover strike, if you know what I mean. The one who is willing to heed to what wiser people have to say and derives pleasure in learning. The one who is opinionated as well as has an ability to accept the point of view of another person and “agrees to disagree”. Someone who is willing to move forward together with his woman: the leader and the follower, both in one man. The perfect man is the one who enjoys having fun yet knows when it is the time to get serious. He is someone who I can feel comfortable to be silent with. The one who understands the importance of the “me” or the “cave” time and gives space to his g/f. The perfect man is the handsome man – someone who knows how to take care of himself yet likes it better with his woman. He is the man who’s determined to work things through if the argument arises, say it like it is and allow the quarrel dissipate as we make out. The perfect man is reliable, trustworthy and knows what responsibility is. He has a good sense of humor, uninhibited in some ways and adventurous when it comes to the games the two of us might come up with. Behind the closed doors, of course. Last but not least, the perfect man is the one who doesn’t care much of what other people think or talk behind his back, enjoys a healthy laughter and knows what a good time is.

iFriends Model of the Month: Anna Bella

Q: Beer or wine?
A: Wine…for our tongues to intertwine.


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