An Introduction To Sugar Dating By Alice Snow

Alice Snow

Sugar Dating 101: What Is Sugar Dating and How I Got Started

Sugar dating is a term that many of you know, and some of you may even have a general understanding of what it means to have or be a sugar baby or sugar daddy. In this series of articles I will expand on the details and the ins and outs of sugaring. Helping you get started in the fun and fulfilling world that is sugar dating for both you future sugar babies and daddies out there.

My name is Alice Snow I am a cam girl, a model, a nerdy cosplay enthusiast, and I am also a Sugar Baby. Which means that I spend time with my daddy(ies) and they compensate me with gifts and usually some sort of monthly allowance. Now Let us delve right into it!


Sugar Babies Receive Gifts and Allowance From Sugar Daddies

The extravagance of gifts and the allowance ranges vastly depending on the type of arrangement with the sugar daddy, as well as how much time we want to spend together of course. The way we spend our time together also changes drastically from sugar daddy to sugar daddy. Especially since there are no set rules in regards to sugar dating. Meaning as long as you are careful and take your time negotiating your arrangement you can have a very rewarding experience as either a sugar baby or a daddy.


Arrangements Should Fulfill Both Parties Needs Without Complications

With the flexibility of arrangements one could make through sugar dating, both sides can totally have a need fulfilled without major complications or expectations of furthering the “relationship”. At least that is how it works in theory. In fact contrary to popular belief, in my experience, most arrangements are not at all sex focused. Instead they are more about the daddy wanting to feel validated and cared about. While the sugar baby is supplying these things the daddy is making sure his baby has the comfortable lifestyle they had agreed upon. This is exactly how I ended up going on a sugar date the very first time.


How I Got Started With Sugar Dating

I first entered the world of sugar dating in 2014 when I was asked out on a date via an online dating site. He was a little older but very cute so I said yes. We met up for coffee and that is when he laid it out for me. “So, just so you know. I’m married. So I am not looking for anything serious.” he told me.

I was completely taken aback and at a loss for what to say. I certainly hadn’t signed on for this. “Now keeping that in mind. I do have a proposition for you. It’s a little forward but I think it would work well for us both. My married life is dull, my wife works more hours than I do, and she never wants to go out and do things.”

By this point I was wildly curious where this proposition was going. “With my work, I get tons of free tickets to things. Just today I received 2 tickets to Wicked on Broadway in San Francisco. What I am looking for is someone who wants to accompany me to these events and is willing to essentially play the part of my girlfriend while we are out and about. I am willing to pay all the expenses, as well as compensate you monetarily.”

His proposition definitely caught me off guard. “No sex?” I asked. He nodded. “No sex.” he agreed.


The Arrangement Lasted Over A Year And Enabled Me To Do A Lot

That arrangement continued for over a year. With his help I was able to move into my own apartment, finish my AA, and even got to see a ton of plays and museums that I wouldn’t have gotten to see otherwise. We even took a 7 day trip to Las Vegas, and I got to experience Vegas in a way that most 19 year olds never would have been able to.

Now during this year we became very close, and even developed feelings for one another. He would vent to me on bad days and I to him, but we both always kept the fact that he was married in the back of our minds. So there were times when he would not be able to talk for a few days at a time especially during holidays. And yes for those wondering, eventually in that year we did develop some real feelings and we did end up sleeping together regularly but it was more naturally occurring then I ever expected.


This Relationship Is The Perfect Example Of Sugar Dating

This relationship turned into the picture perfect example of sugar dating. He was my sugar daddy and I was his sugar baby. After a little over a year he ended up moving for his wife’s career and I wanted to continue sugar dating so he suggested I use SeekingArrangement. from there on I continued my Sugar dating. I have definitely learned the ins and outs which I will be sharing with you all in the next series of articles!

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