Instagram Marketing For Webcam Models

Instagram For Camgirls

Instagram Marketing For Camgirls and Pornstars

Instagram is an incredibly viral photo-sharing platform that every adult performer should be on. Instagram makes it incredibly easy to share pictures and photos. With the Instagram app, you can automatically post pics and videos as you take them. You can also upload images from a number of sources, including Dropbox.

Here are some tips to successfully market yourself over Instagram:

Chatroom / Website link in profile – Make sure you include a website link of some sort in your profile. Either send the traffic to your website or to your chatroom. If you send them to your chatroom, you should do so using an affiliate link to make some extra money off visitors.

Watermark Your Images – It’s worth the effort of watermarking your images before uploading them. This way, if anyone scrapes your pics and posts them elsewhere it works as marketing.

Use Your Stage-name As Username – Don’t use a username such as SexyPeach4U or whatever. Use your adult entertainer alias. This helps build recognition for you. Eventually you’ll want people Googling you and looking for your content. Those are the people that convert into customers. Going by your webcam alias on Instagram will help that.

Tag Your Pics – Definetely make sure to tag your pics with relevant hashtags. There are many websites out there that offer Instagram search and this is how people will find you.

Be Social – Be social. If you comment on other peoples pics, your username and avatar will appear. Follow other adult artists and be social, commenting on their pictures.

  • Great that found that blog, unfortunatelly Tumblr closed my acount 🙁 now I know why…but also have Instagram and You write that giving link in bio which direct to adult website is ok for Instagram rules? Now just thinking about it how to grow more audience and be still due to Terms

    • I’ve seen it done plenty of times with plenty of adult models; camgirls, amateur producers, mainstream pornstars, ect. I haven’t checked their TOS personally, and it could easily be a gray area, but it seems to be something that’s ignored for the most part. Seems that as long as your Instagram photos are SFW, it’s all good.

      I know there’s also some prohibited hashtags, but I don’t have a list off the top of my head.