How To Promote Adult Skype Shows


Promoting Your Live Adult Skype Shows

If you’re an independent Skype model, promotion is very important for booking shows and earning money. Since Skype shows do not occur on an actual camming site, most Skype models can’t take advantage of the traffic the camming sites are able to generate. Because of this, it’s very important that independent Skype models learn how to do their own marketing. Here’s some tips and tricks to succeed as a Skype model.


SkyPrivate Skype Show PaymentsGet Listed In The SkyPrivate Directory

Not only is SkyPrivate a great tool to use for booking your shows and accepting payments, they’ve got a directory of Skype girls that will generate you sales. Even if you’re not planning on using SkyPrivate for the majority of your transactions, it’s worth signing up so you can generate additional sales through them. You might like the platform and decide to use it for the rest of your Skype shows as well.

Learn More About SkyPrivate


Adult TwitterPromoting Live Skype Sex Through Social Media

Social media is a very valuable marketing tool for Skype models. It’s 100% free and very easy to use. There’s a good chance that you’re already on the most popular social media networks. There’s probably a couple other ones you can adopt for the use of promoting your Skype shows. Definitely register for Twitter, Tumblr and DailyMotion. These are the adult-friendly social networks (Only nudity and no “porn” on DailyMotion). All the other ones can be used as well, but you need to be conservative about what you’re posting and linking to. Consider Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine and YouTube.


Make More MoneyJoin Sites For Selling Adult Services

There are many sites where you can sell adult products and services. Some of these sites only allow for the sale of photo or video content, but there’s many sites that allow you to sell a wide range of services, including Skype shows. Even the sites that don’t allow you to sell Skype shows can still be used for marketing. In the profile, you can mention that you also sell Skype shows and inform potential customers how to get a hold of you to book shows.

In addition to selling Skype shows, you can also start offering other products and services. Diversifying the services you offer will generate more money from different revenue sources. Selling photo sets and videos creates a residual income stream as well. This is because you’ll generate sales automatically for the lifetime of any uploaded piece of content. The marketplace site handles all the payment processing and delivery of content.


WebsiteBook Skype Shows Through Your Website / Blog

If you’re serious about making a living in the adult industry, it’s worth investing in your own website. Your website is your main hub where you can list all the services you offer and link to any sites that you’re a part of. Running a website will give you a bunch of ‘Free’ traffic from search engines and you can automate much of the social media posting directly from the site.

Web development has gotten way easier in the past couple years. Now it’s possible to create a website without having any coding experience. Adding content to a site is very similar to using a word processor. If you can use Open Office or Microsoft Word, you can add or modify content on a website. Learn how to build your website.

If you’re interested in running a premium membership site, there’s even a platform that will allow you to run your own fanclub 100% free. They handle the hosting and payment processing and models get an easy to use website builder. It’s not that technical to learn. They can offer the solution 100% free because they work on a revenue-share model. They get paid when a customer gets charged their monthly subscription fees. Get your free premium membership site.


Google SearchLearning Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’ll also want to learn basic search engine optimization. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds. You don’t have to be an SEO guru to have enough knowledge to get your content indexed in the search results and understand the main things Google is looking for when ranking web pages. We’ve written an article on basic SEO for camming models. You’ll also want to check out our article on linkbuilding for webcam models, because number of links going to your website is one of the main things search engines look for.


PornhubPromoting Your Skype Shows Through Tube Sites

Tube sites are very popular and get tons of traffic. That makes them valuable marketing tools. Record some of your cam shows and upload bits and pieces or compilatons from various shows. Be sure to watermark the content with your website URL or a professional logo if you’ve got one. This will let the viewers know where to go to find more from you and to book shows. It’s also suggested that you fade to black at the end of the clip and display a screen giving instructions on how to book online Skype sessions.

This will give the tube viewers a sample of what kind of performance you give in the private shows. Be sure to keep it short and sweet so it’s only a tease. That way they know to get the real experience you need to book a show.

In addition to promoting your Skype shows, you can make revenue from the tube sites directly. All the major tube sites have some form of content partnerships. Some even offer a percentage of ad revenue that your clips generate.

Learn More: Make Money While Promoting Through Tube Sites


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Want more ways to promote your services? Check out our marketing / promotion section to learn more. It’s updated with new articles as we add them to the section, so check back later to see if anything else has been added. We’re also running a couple web presences, some of them dealing directly with adult Skype shows. We’d love to feature you on some of these sites. Contact us for details.

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