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CamgirlGetting Paid From Online Sex

Interested in getting paid for online sex? It’s never been easier to get started as an online performer in the adult industry. Now, it’s possible to get paid offering services like live webcam shows or getting paid from producing and selling your own porn. Plus, many more services.

The requirements for getting started are pretty simple, and there’s a good chance that you’e already got everything you need. Here’s all the information on starting your career as an online performer.


What’s Required To Get Started?

There is only one real requirement. All performers (you and your partner, if any) must be eighteen years old or older. All performers must get age-verified when registering for any of the sites. This is something that all sites are required to do to stay compliant with federal laws.

There are also some equipment requirements. These requirements vary drastically based on what type of services you’re interested in offering. For example; a camera is needed to produce and sell content, and a webcam is needed for live webcam shows.


There Is No Hiring Process: Everyone Has An Opportunity

The best thing about getting started as an adult performer is that there’s not a hiring process. Everyone has a chance to make money as an adult performer. Instead of an interview / hiring process, it’s only an age-verification process. Anyone that is eighteen years old or older can get started, regardless of gender as well.

It’s important to remember that everything is performance-based though. The earning potential is very great, but there’s no guaranteed income. You get as much out of the industry as you put into it. Some performers are really successful, and for others, the industry isn’t for them.


All Genders Are Welcome: Female, Male, Transgender

It’s possible for all genders to get started. It doesn’t matter whether you’re female, male or transgender. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter as well. There are some sites that have restrictions, however. There are female-only networks. Couples and groups can also make money performing together as well.


How Much Money You Can Make

This is a very complicated question with a very complicated answer. Really, it all depends on a wide-range of things. Everything is performance-based, so there’s no guaranteed income. There is also a lucrative earning potential. It’s also important to realize that offering different services generates revenue in very different ways. For example; clips generate money by getting sales and can generate income even while offline. With live webcam shows, the earnings are either per-minute for privates or various ways in public shows.

Earning Potential: The “1%” of performers are quite literally the “1%”. Earning a couple thousand monthly is reasonable and there’s a lot of models earning 5-figures monthly. But on the flip-side, there are other performers that are only taking home under $1,000 monthly. The more you put into your career, the more you’ll get out of it.

Things Impacting Profitability – Some of the major things impacting profitability is; quality of shows / content, fetishes being catered to, personality, attractiveness, size of the customer-base, amount of outside promotion that’s being done and much more. Keep in mind that it also takes some time to learn the ropes, build a following and figure out the most profitable fetishes.



Make Money Offering These Services

There are many services that you can get paid from offering. Here are some of the major services, as well as the most profitable businesses.





Live Webcam Shows: Become An Adult Webcam Model

Live webcam shows are both very popular and profitable. Getting started is easy. As long as you’re eighteen or older, have a webcam (HD preferred), computer and internet connection, you’re good to go. There are sites that specialize in live adult camming. These sites have a large member-base and get tons of traffic. This provides a steady stream of viewers to your chat room.

There are private shows that are charged per minute. There is also public shows, where money can be made in many different ways. Tip goals, tip games, tip menus and interactive sex toys are all examples of how money can be made from public shows. Some networks also offer spy shows, group shows and other show types.

More Information: Become An Adult Webcam Performer

Sites Hiring Models: Sites Hiring Webcam Models



Trading Shoots

Producing And Selling Content: Photo Galleries and Videos

Producing and selling content is another major service. The great thing about selling clips and galleries is that it creates a residual income of sorts. As long as a clip is available for purchase, it’s got the potential to generate revenue. Because the transaction and delivery of content is handled by the clip sites, it’s also a service where you don’t have to be online and performing in order to make money.

Content is primarily sold on clip sites. These sites have large customer-bases and get tons of traffic. This helps generate sales for you and your content. Many of these sites will also allow you to sell additional services outside of just content. It’s also possible to sell your content from your own website. This provides a larger percentage of the profits.

More Information: Make Money Producing and Selling Porn

Sites Hiring Models: Sites For Selling Adult Clips and Galleries



SnapChat Kik

Premium Subscription Services: Fanclubs and Apps

Premium subscription is another popular service. There are certain sites that allow performers to run a “fanclub” or other form of “members area”. All the content is locked until the customer unlocks it by paying the subscription fee. Once the fee is paid, the customer can access the content. This is a reoccurring monthly fee, so you get paid from the monthly rebills as well! the more subscribers, the greater the monthly profits.

Subscriptions to social media sites are also popular. These networks include Snapchat, Instagram, Kik and more. When going this route, it’s important to remember that nudity and other adult acts are generally against the policies of these networks. Providing that sort of content could get your account banned. That is one argument to go with a subscription-based network that specializes in adult.

Sites Hiring Models: Running A Fanclub / Premium Subscription




Running Your Own Membership Website

Running your own website is a great way to promote your products and services. It’s also a great source of revenue. There’s tons of different ways that you can make money from running your own website. Membership subscriptions is one of the most popular ways. You can also make money from video sales, VOD and live webcam shows.

Running a website has never been easier. In-fact, with platforms like ModelCentro and AdultMemberSites, you can start your very own website 100% free. These platforms are designed specifically for camgirls and pornstars, and offer an easy-to-use website builder. They work on a revshare model, which allows them to offer their platforms 100% free. There’s tons of other platforms, tools and resources available as well.

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Performing Solo Or With A Partner

It’s possible to get paid from solo content / shows, as well as from performing with a partner. Your partner could be your boyfriend/girlfriend, another performer (content collaboration) or it is possible to hire people for shoots. When performing with a partner, there’s some additional considerations and concerns that should be address. This is includes rights and ownership to the content, verifying ages and other concerns. More information on performing with a partner can be found by following the link below.

Learn More: Getting Started With Couples Camming


More Resources For Adult Performers

Here are some more articles and resources for adult performers looking to get into the industry. These resources will help newer models learn more about the industry and maximize their profits:

Researching / Finding The Most Profitable Fetishes – There’s tons of fetishes out there. More fetishes than you can imagine. Your favorite and most profitable fetish might be something that you didn’t even think of. Here’s some tips on researching and finding the most profitable fetishes.

Telling Friends / Family That You’re In Porn – Eventually, people will find out what you do for a living. You can either wait until someone figures it out, or come out of the closet. Here’s some tips on how to tell people about what you do for a living.

How To Get More Custom Content Requests – Custom content requests go for a lot more money than a pre-recorded clip. Best of all, they can be resold after the clip has been created! Either that, or marked-up a very healthy fee (couple hundred) to keep the clip 100% exclusive to the original buyer. Here’s how to get more custom content requests.

How To Promote Your Products / Services – Promotion is a huge part of being a performer in the industry. Being able to grow your following and customer-base, and being able to market to those customers will result in way more sales. Our marketing section has tons of information on how to more effectively promote your products and services.

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