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CamgirlGetting Paid For Having Sex Online

Interested in getting paid for online sex? Lucky for you it’s never been easier to get started. There are so many ways you can get paid as an online adult entertainer and there’s websites and tools that will help you get started and make money. The only real requirements is that you’re at least eighteen years old. Here’s the ways to get paid.


Webcam EquipmentBecome A Live Cam Model

Camming is now a billion-dollar industry. It’s a huge percentage of the entire adult industry and growing faster than any other niche. It’s incredibly easy to get started as a camming model and the earning potential is ridiculous. There’s cam models out there making thousands per week and some have risen to become millionaires.

Becoming a webcam model is simple and easy. You must be eighteen years old or older to register. There isn’t a hiring process, and instead the camming network must only verify your identity and age. The only equipment you need to get started is a computer, webcam (HD highly suggested), high speed internet and a place to perform. You set your own hours and choose what kind of shows you want to do.

Camming networks usually have both public chat and private chat. In public chat, camming models work for tips. You either work towards a ‘tip goal’ and perform a type of show when that goal is reached, or you have a ‘tip menu’ showing what each act costs. Private chat is charged by the minute and you get to set the rate.

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StudioProduce and Sell Amateur Content

Producing and selling your own adult amateur content is another great way to get paid as an online adult performer. Selling homemade porn is a great income stream because after uploading the content, it becomes a residual income stream. There’s many amatuer adult marketplace sites that allow you to upload and sell your video and photo content.

These networks handle all the hosting, payment processing and delivery of the content. You only have to produce and upload, although it does pay off to do a little marketing yourself. These networks also do promotion of their own and drives a massive amount of traffic to their networks. This traffic is able to find your content and will make you money. To get the most exposure, it’s suggested to register for multiple networks and upload your content to each one. This will multiple the number of people that can purchase your content.

In order to get started, you’ll need identification to verify your identity and that you’re over the age of eighteen. If anyone else is performing with you, they’ll have to be verified as well. You’ll need a computer to upload the content and a camera to produce it. The higher quality the production gear the better, but there’s models making money off what they’ve filmed with a smartphone.

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AndroidBecome A Phone Sex Operator

Phone sex is one of the oldest forms of amateur adult entertainment, and with the internet and mobile technology it’s never been better! It’s no longer a landline and a number in the back of a magazine. Now anyone can register as a phone sex operator and get the calls and texts sent directly to the mobile phone. Your number and identity is encrypted and kept private.

Phone sex is the one channel that you can take with you on the go. Get phones and messages sent directly to your mobile phone. Whether you’re chilling at home or driving in your car, there’s a chance that money might start ringing.

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Skype ShowsBecome An Adult Skype Performer

Hosting Skype shows is very similar to camming. They’re both performed live over a webcam. The main difference with Skype is that there’s no public chat and all of it’s 1-on-1. Many Skype models also book the Skype shows in advance and only get on to perform, while camming model get on cam and try to get taken into private.

Since Skype is 1-on-1, most of it’s charged out per minute. What a model charges per minute will vary from performer to performer. There’s networks out there dedicated to Skype shows and these networks will offer models tools to promote and book shows. These networks also handle the payment processing.

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Additional Info On Getting Paid For Online Sex

This website is full of helpful information that will guide you in becoming an adult star. Browse around, check out the blog, read our marketing tips and more. If you still need help, there’s a contact page that makes it real easy to reach out to us with questions.

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      • Is there anything in particular you’ve got questions about? Feel free to shoot an email to and we’ll talk.

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          • Yes, and there’s tons of ways to go about it. Live camming, clips, phone sex work, there’s many different options out there. I’d suggest browsing through the content on this site and checking out the different options available. If you know specifically what service(s) you’re interested in offering, I can provide some more pointed details on getting started. Really, the only requirements for anything is you both have to be eighteen or older, plus have the required equipment, which varies based on the services you’re interested in offering.