How To Get More Sales On ManyVids

ManyVidsHow To Make More Money On ManyVids

ManyVids is a site for models and studios to sell their adult video content. In addition to selling video content, models can also make money offering a wide range of other services. ManyVids does a great job of making their site very profitable to both new and experienced models. Even though it’s easy to use and make money on the site, following a set of simple tips will help you make even more money on ManyVids. Here is what every models and studio should be doing.


Make Your Profile As Awesome As Possible

The first step to being more successful on ManyVids is making sure that your profile is as complete and awesome as possible. This means that you’ve filled out all the information as best as possible, connected all your social media networks and your website. If you don’t have a website, you should read this post on why every adult performer needs a website.

Having a complete profile helps you in multiple ways. The most important element is that it helps people find you through filters and searches. You want the people looking for models like you to be able to easily find you. Having a complete profile helps. It also affects your MV Score, which is what determines how well your profile and videos rank in searches. The final benefit is it gives your customers a good first impression, lets them get to know you a little bit better and see what kind of content you offer. This will increase the number of sales and customers.

Make sure to add a good selection of videos, some custom store items and some free gallery photos. Not only should you be offering a wide selection of products and services in order to generate more sales, but this also shows potential customers what to expect. The more videos and store items you create, the better your MV Score, too.


More Content = More Sales

This concept is simple. The more content you’ve got, the better chance of getting sales you’ve got. This is because of a number of reasons. The first is that each piece of content could cater to a specific fetish. If you don’t have any content catering to a specific fetish, you’re not going to generate sales from the people in that fetish. Expanding your selection to appeal to a wider range of customers is the easiest thing you can do to generate more sales.

Each new video also has the chance to target different search terms. This can be done simply by switching out keywords in the title of the clips you upload. For example, you can swap the term Blowjob with Sucking Cock or Dildo with Toy. Simple things like this can help your content appear in a wider range of search results, gaining you more exposure and more sales.

Each time you upload a new piece of content, you also have the opportunity to generate more sales from your loyal fans. Your customers aren’t going to purchase a piece of content they’ve already bought off you. They will purchase a brand new piece of content though.

The final way uploading more content will help generate sales is through the increase in MV Score. ManyVids looks at the number of uploads (and store items) the model has added in the past 45 days. The more content you upload, the higher the MV Score. The more videos you have, the more video hearts you’ll get which is also a factor ManyVids looks at when calculating MV Score.


Better Content = More Sales

The quality of your content is also important. The higher the quality content you can produce, the more sales you’ll make and the more you can charge for your content. You don’t have to have a top of the line camera or the best editing software to make it, but making the investment into some better production equipment can drastically improve the number of sales you receive. This is an investment that you can make over time, gradually ramping up your production equipment as you start making great money.

Other considerations is the lighting, filming techniques, type of content, sound and so on. Pay attention to all the elements of the different scenes and brainstorm how you can make them even better.


Increasing Your MV Score

The MV score takes into consideration the overall performance of each MV girl. All details of the MV score are available in your settings. Some information regarding the score is kept private to protect each MV girl. The logic behind the MV score is very simple. The more you interact, promote and sell on ManyVids, the more you will get recognition for your effort. Raising your MV score will help your profile and content rank higher on the site.


Here is what affects your MV Score:

Having A Complete Profile – Be sure to fill out your profile completely and accurately. Not only does this increase your MV Score, but it also helps customers find you through the search and filter feature.

Linking Your Twitter Account – Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to raise up your MV Score. Simply connect your Twitter account and you’ll get a bump in MV Score.

Adding Gallery Pics – Not only does adding gallery pics give potential customers a sample of the type of content you produce, but it’ll also help raise up your MV Score! So if you don’t have a collection of free gallery pics available, add some now!

Adding Store Items – You can sell a wide range of products and services through ManyVids custom Stores. Not only will offering store items make you more money, but it’ll raise up your MV Score!

Gaining Fanclub Membership – ManyVids offers models and studios the chance to create their own membership fanclubs. The more fanclub memberships you’ve got, the greater you MV Score.

Offering Additional Services – You’ll get a bonus if you also offer Skype shows, calling, texting, custom videos and fund me. Not only will you make more money off these services, but it’ll help boost your rankings!

MC Score Criteria From Past 45 Days:

Number Of Sales – The number of sales you’ve had in the past 45 days is used to calculate the MV Score. The more sales you make, the better your score will be. The more sales you make, the more money you make, too!

Number Of Profile and Video Hearts – The more profile and video hearts you’ve got in the past 45 days is used in calculating MV Score. Always be sure to ask your followers and customers to heart your videos while they’re making the purchases.

Number Of Videos and Store Items Added – The more videos and store items you’ve added in the past 45 days, the higher your MV Score. Consistently adding new content doesn’t only get you more sales, it boosts up your ManyVids rankings as well.

Number Of Linked Items Tweeted  – The number of automatic tweets in the last 45 days is used to calculate your MV Score. The more linked tweets, the greater the score.

Number Of Reviews – The number of reviews you’ve received in the last 45 days is used for calculating MV Score. Be sure to ask your customers to review the content they’ve purchased.


Use Keyword Rich Titles and Change Them Up

Optimizing your titles is a great way to gain more exposure. ManyVids uses the title as a factor for their internal search feature. Having a keyword rich title can greatly increase your exposure from the internal search feature. Customers also look at both the title and the thumbnail when browsing to determine whether the video is what they’re looking for. Making sure your title also describes the scene can help attract the right kind of customers.

As mentioned earlier in this post, changing up the titles slightly can help target different search terms. Targeting as many search terms in possible will get your videos exposed to a wider range of customers, resulting in more customers and sales.


Offer More Services On ManyVids

Although ManyVids specializes in the sale of adult videos, that’s not the only services that Manyvids girls can offer. Manyvids allows models to offer a wide range of services. There’s functionalities for phone sex, sexting, Skype shows and custom videos built directly into their platform. Enabling these services will add a button on your profile page, allowing customers to easily purchase these other services.

In addition to the built in features, models are also able to create their custom Stores. These stores can be used to sell a wide range of products and services. The possibilities are nearly endless and only limited by the law and ManyVids terms of service. You can sell everything from signed photographs, panties, access to networks such as Snapchat or Instagram and many more things.

Selling a wide range of services allow you to appeal to people who are interested in products and services outside of adult videos. It also allows you to cross-sell your current video customers on the other products and services you offer. ManyVids also uses the number of store items and whether or not you’re offering their other built-in services for calculating MV Score. Simply by creating new store items and offering the other services, you’ll increase your internal search rankings.


Expand Into Different Niches / Fetishes

There are tons of niches and fetishes out there. Even if you think that you’re catering to every fetish on the face of the planet, someday you’ll stumble across one that you’ve never heard of. Catering to the different fetishes allows you to appeal to the customers inside that fetish. This is something you’re not able to do unless you’re producing content geared towards that fetish.

Diversifying the type of fetish content you’re producing is one of the most effective ways to appeal to a larger audience. The more content that you produce within that fetish, the greater the appeal you’ve got to the fans of that fetish and the more sales you’ll get from them.


Run Promotions On ManyVids

ManyVids has a feature to allow your own promotions and generate your own promo codes. Running sales and specials is a great way to drive increased sales. You can promote the specials to your current customers who might not have purchased all your content yet. Running specials is also a great way to appeal to newer people and convert them into customers. Be sure to promote your specials through social media and the other adult sites you belong to. Use a clear call-to-action and create a sense of urgency by adding a deadline.


Do Your Own Outside Promotion

ManyVids does a lot to drive traffic to their site. Simply by uploading content to ManyVids, you’ll gain customers and sales through the traffic they’re driving to the site. Even though there’s many models that make good money without doing much outside promotion, doing your own marketing will result in more sales and more money.

There’s tons of ways to market your products and services. Social media is an obvious first choice as it’s free and easy to use. Most people are already using social media for their daily lives, so it’s not hard to learn how to use social media for marketing as well. In addition to social media, you should consider building a website and learning the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Getting content ranked in search engines will generate a steady stream of traffic.

There’s also tons of model directory sites, adult communities and other adult networks that you can use to promote your services. If you’re camming or belong to any other sites for selling adult content, you can use those sites to cross-sell customers on your other services.

For more information, check out our section on marketing for camgirls and amateur pornstars. It’s got tons of marketing tips that will help you promote your videos and other services. The section is updated every time we write a new tip on this site, so check back often!


Take Advantage Of The ManyVids Messaging Feature

ManyVids has a built in messaging feature which is a very effective marketing tool. It allows you to send messages to potential customers, introducing yourself and telling them about the type of content and services you offer. Be sure to encourage them to stop by your profile and give you some hearts. Even if they don’t make a purchase from you, it’ll still help your MV Score which will help you stand out to the rest of the network.


Compete In ManyVids Competitions

ManyVids hosts a number of contests and competitions. Contests are a great way to gain exposure for yourself and your content. All the Manyvids contests will have a dedicated page showing the score of all the competitors. You’ll gain great exposure from that page. Competing in competitions also gives you a reason to get loud on social media and other sites. Encourage your followers to vote, share with their followers and help spread the word.

In addition to gaining exposure and new customers, you’ll also make money from the competitions! Historically, ManyVids has historically shared the revenue from the votes with the competing models. This means that you’ll make money from the votes, regardless of whether you win or lose! This is money that would be sitting on the table otherwise. If you win, you’ll get even more money and prizes!

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Selling Your Videos On Multiple Sites

This isn’t necessarily a tip on how to make more money on ManyVids, but it’s a tip on how ManyVids producers can make more money off their adult videos and services. There are many other sites similar to ManyVids. These sites allow you to sell your adult content and other services. Each one of these sites has their own unique audience. Being on multiple sites allows you to get your content in front of as large of an audience as possible.

Producing the content is the time consuming part. Once the content is produced, selling it on multiple sites is as easy as copy/pasting the titles, descriptions and other information. Remember that once a piece of content is uploaded to a site, it was the potential to generate sales for life. Getting that content on as many (quality) sites as possible is a great way to build a residual income and boost up the number of your sales. It’ll also help you build a stronger social media following which can be used to cross-sell your customers on the different products and services you offer on the different sites.

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