How To Build Your Own Adult Camming Site

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The camming niche is a billion-dollar industry and there’s a lot of ways to get started in it. If you’re not wanting to perform on camera, but still want to make money off the camming niche, you’re in luck! You’re probably reading this post because you’re interested in starting your own camming network. Luckily for you, you don’t need to worry about developing a network or recruiting models. In fact, all you need is a domain name (website name) and you can get started today!


Rebrand An Existing Adult Webcam Network

The concept of rebranding another network or platform is called “whitelabeling”. The camming network takes care of all the product development and maintenance, recruiting models, payment processing and other technical aspects. All you have to worry about is promoting your whitelabeled camming network. The whitelabeled network providers offer a revenue-share for any traffic that spends money on your whitelabeled version.

The level of control will vary based on what network you’re using. All platforms will let you change up the theme and color scheme of your site, as well as uploading your own logo and tweaking other website elements. Some networks let you choose what kind of niches / categories you want. Niche camming sites will most likely perform better than general camming sites and will also be easier to SEO.

You can implement a whitelabeled camming network for as low as $10 per year ($20 with ID protection). No hosting expenses are necessary as the camming network offering the whitelabel covers all of that. Simply design your camming network, point the domain’s nameservers to their servers and you’re up and running!

See what’s available: List of whitelabeled adult camming sites


Build Your Own Adult Camming Site

Want to build your own camming network? There’s some scripts and services out there that can help with that! These scripts allow you to easily deploy your very own adult camming site. They take care of all the coding and will even continue to release updates to improve your site! Brand the product as your own and have your very own adult chat site up and running in no time! Here is what’s available:

XCams Script – A script for building your very own adult webcam site. Create your own live video chat portals with pay per view cams. Multiple adult friendly payment gateways built in! All the bells and whistles you’d expect in a camming network. Accept independent models or studio accounts.

Video Chat Script – Video Chat Script makes it easy to deploy your very own camming network. Everything you need to quickly deploy your very own camming network with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect.

ModelNet – ModelNet is not only a live streaming software. You’re also able to tap into their network of models in their network and feature them on your site as well. This is very helpful, as you’re probably not going to have very many models when just starting out. ModelNet works on a revshare system and the site the model belongs to get a part of the revenue she earns on your site. Your models can also be featured on other sites, making both you and your model more money.

Learn More: Build Your Camming Site With ModelNet


Building A Model Website With WordPress

You a model looking to build yourself a website? Luckily, web development becomes easier and easier to do. Now you can build beautiful and professional looking sites without having to know any HTML or coding. We’ve got a guide on how to build a webcam model WordPress site. It’ll go over everything you need to know to register a website name and web hosting, install WordPress and build your website. Once WordPress is installed, you’ll be able to build using their visual editor that doesn’t require any HTML knowledge!


Building A Membership Fanclub Paysite For Adult Stars

Want to run a premium paysite? Now you can get your free membership fanclub site built free with ModelCentro. ModelCentro is 100% free and makes it easy to build your very own membership site. ModelCentro has an easy to use visual website editor and the company provides all the hosting, payment processing and manages the memberships and monthly rebills. Learn more about ModelCentro.


Other Ways To Get Paid From Camming As A Webmaster

If you’re a webmaster and not a performer, there are other ways you can get paid from the camming niche as well. You don’t have to perform on camera and there’s even ways to create lifetime residual income from revshare programs. Here’s all the ways to get paid as a webmaster in the camming industry:

Adult Camming Affiliate Programs – Get paid by referring traffic directly to the cam networks. Basically every camming network has their own affiliate program. When registering with an affiliate program, you’re given a special tracking URL. All traffic that signs up for the network through your tracking link with earn you a commission. Either get paid for each signup or earn revenue-sharing on all the money the customer spends on the camming network.

Recruit Camming Models – Get paid by referring models to the various camming networks. There are many programs that offer model referral programs. These programs will pay “agents” (recruiters / talent scouts) either a revshare on model earnings, or a per-signup for qualified models.

Start a Studio – Studio accounts are able to register models under them. The studio sets the percentage of model earnings that they want to collect and payout the models directly. Studios offer services to their models, such as marketing and promotion, consultation and advice and helping the models out with any other issues. They might even provide a physical location for models to perform at.

  • LunaCorazon

    For taxes and more security, if I make my own website what is the best to do register as C corp, a sub-S, an LLC or a sole proprietorship.
    Me and my team are having difficulties in decide it.

    • I’d recommend an LLC. I’ve heard it’s the best way to go. I’ve always done all my stuff through 1099-MISC, but that’s because I find it simplier. When I finally get the studio startup I’m working on ready, I’ll definitely register an LLC for it, for the same reasons you’re addressing. I know single-owner LLCs have the option of filing as a sole proprietorship or an LLC for taxes, so you’ve got more options that way.

      The businesses on both sides of my family are S-Corps and I can tell you those things are complicated shitshows.

      What type of website or you trying to build? I might be able to give you some suggestions as far as scripts, ect.

      You currently practicing affiliate marketing? If not, should quiz me on it. It’s a great way to make some extra income from your website.

      Once it’s built, be sure to check out the articles we’ve got on SEO:

      And always feel free to reach out to me with any webmaster related questions you might have. Disqus works fine, but I’m much more responsive via email;


    • murphmobile

      The LLC requires a lot less work and startup costs. There are certain specific tax benefits in setting up an S or C Corp, but for the most part the LLC is the vehicle of choice. Taxation with an LLC directly passes through to the owners of the LLC. The only person publicly identifiable in an LLC is the registered agent.

  • athena reddick

    What would be the best way to built your clientele?

    • Are you talking about on ModelCentro, or in general?

      • Foot Goddess

        I’d be interested to hear some suggestions for this … both for ModelCentro and in general!


  • Samirah Al-rubai

    what if your from the uk england if i set up my own webcam site what way does my account get paid? i only would want to run it not actually be a web cam girl

    • Depends on what payment processors you use; CCBILL, CentroBill, ect. Your responsible for finding and integrating your payment partners.

      • Samirah Al-rubai

        I’ve never even herd of any of those but ill look into them to learn more about them….i just feel because I’m from uk that i don’t know if payment wise its doable

        • The only places it’s “not doable” is the Middle East and parts of Asia. That’s because of laws, not the lack of payment processing. MyDirtyHobby, AmateurCommunity, XLoveCams and XCams are all European companies.

        • marie

          I want to start to can go in to buisness together

  • Foot Goddess

    Can anyone recommend a good place to to find adult / fetish content that can be legally used on my own site … I’m thinking something along the lines of an adult / xxx pixabay lol.

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated 😉

    • Any fetish affiliate program will generally give zip sets you can use.

  • Hybridiz3d Complex

    Im keen to partner up with someone on starting an adult site and or adult camming page. Have some knowledge with web infrastructure, offshore banking in place. Email me lets chat

  • ronnie

    I want to start my own webcam site doing porn but get paid for it what’s the best way to get into that…thanks in advance

  • ronnie

    Also looking for an partner with good knowledge in Chicago

  • Charley Gomez

    Well I’m in this from long time ago . professionally I’m a program develpor . well this is other part . I’m can modeling website there is a lot ways to earn . but it’s hards when you start up with Skype links or Snapchat links . you will need a proper system to do it. A payment method . and good cam program with a good hosting . mostly websites are just daramas . they make things hard . make millions with us is just fake call . reality is different . deductions . Texs . white label . everything is just made for foolproof earning system . websites earn from both sides . clients and models. They both pays to website make a account Bla Bla . and if you need your own websites then you will be in competition with less protocol . and website with single person count as scam. For your own web what you needs?
    No tips real comments.
    First web development and designer a script writer. Video chat live program .payment method by electronic wallet . hosting and good CEO domain. Bla bla.All cost will make you upset once . but this is not end .once your website online . you have to hire SEO expert . hire advertising company . hire IT guys Bla Bla . that will cost you every month . still this is not end . at least 6 months you will need to earn some trust by spending from you pocket .

  • Melissa

    Hi i want a pay per site..i been model for some time and nwo i want my own site but as you can imagine i dont have any idea about creating it…can somebody help me_ mail me to thank you

  • alishah

    hi me and partner want a business in selling people’s videos for cash (we pay them as well) but not sure where to start please help

  • Pamela

    I am interested in starting my own web cam site. I want to build a site with web cam models. i would like to web cam myself but do it under my own site. please email me some information about how to get started. thank you.

  • elizabeth

    Hello im looking for someone who can help start up the website /payment/ etc. I have someone already that can do cameras setup please email me
    Im also into fetish little girl stuff etc

  • Looking for streaming service

    Hi! I’m looking for an adult webcam streaming software that can be implemented into an existing website with HTML. Does anyone offer this? It will only be used for a single model as a personal live stream.

  • abi

    Hi, I’m a model for quite some time and I have some new interesting ideas for a site, can you help me somehow? thank you

  • Ray Rivera

    my daughter and i are looking to get into camming, any advice???she’s pretty,sexy and we need to make money……

    • Ummm……This sounds like a really weird and sketchy arrangement. I’m just saying. This is something that she wants to do and isn’t getting pushed on her, correct?