How To Be An Adult Webcam Model

Webcam EquipmentBecome An Adult Webcam Model

So you want to become an adult webcam model and are wondering how to get started. Luckily,  becoming an adult webcam model is incredibly simple and easy. In fact, there’s no interviewing or hiring process. It’s a simple verification process so that the network can verify that you’re of legal age. That means you’re already approved and can get started right away!


Steps To Getting Started

1) Picking Out Your Adult Performer Name – For privacy reasons, you’ll want to pick out a stage name to go by instead. It’s highly suggested that you use a real name (just not your real name!). This is so that way people have something to call you when they’re interacting with you. If you pick out a username like HotMilf69, they can’t refer to you by your “name”. Here’s some tips for choosing a camming performer name.


2) Get the proper equipment – There’s a good chance you’ve already got everything you need to get started. If not, it doesn’t cost much. In order to become a webcam model, you’ll need a computer, webcam, highspeed internet (direct connection is much better than wifi), a place to perform and a digital copy of your ID to prove that you’re over the age of eighteen. An HD webcam is highly preferred and the increase in revenue will justify the investment. There’s certain networks that require HD webcams although some will allow stock laptop cams. If you don’t already have an HD cam, get one as soon as possible!

The more toys and outfits you have, the more diverse of shows you can perform. There’s also other items such as lube, wet wipes, makeup and anything else you can think of that will help you out in the shows. The more prepared you are, the greater the variety of content you can offer.


3) Apply for a camming network – Now that you’ve got everything needed to get started, it’s time to register for a camming network. There’s no fee for getting started and the process is fast and easy. The first thing is to find a camming network you like. There’s many networks to choose from. Find the one that has the type of features that you want. There’s no “best” network, and what works for one model might not work for all of them. Make sure that your computer hardware supports the camming software. You can find this information by reading the model / performer FAQs. Here’s a list of adult cam sites to choose from.


4) Hit the ground running! – Most camming networks give new models a handicap to help them get started. This is either through better search rankings in the site, or being featured in a new models section. Use this to your advantage, as it’ll only last for a week or so! This is your big opportunity to build a following that will help you earn after your handicap expires.


5) Learning the camming industry – Camming is a little more complicated than just getting naked on your webcam. You’ll need to learn how to effectively make money on camera. This is going to vary from network to network. Some networks have the options of both public and private chat while some networks you can only make money in private chat. One rule is to never do anything for free. If you give it all away, you’ll never get tipped! Also, be flirty and cute. Camming is just as much about personality as it is about looks. You can find many camming tips on this site.


6) Building a following and traffic – The camming network you signup for will do a lot to drive traffic to their site. This will naturally get traffic to your chatroom. Even with this traffic that occurs naturally, you’ll still want to build up your own following and drive your own traffic. This will increase your earnings and get you regular customers. Social media is your best friend and the easiest way to build a following. You’ll also want to build a website and learn the basics of SEO. This will drive valuable Google traffic to your site that will result in more customers. For some marketing ideas, check out the marketing section of this site.