How To Advertise Your Cam Shows / Chatroom

Adult TwitterAdvertising For Your Cam Shows

A camming network can bring in enough traffic to make good money without a model having to do much outside marketing. But that doesn’t mean that a camming model can’t do better by doing a little bit of advertising on their own. There are many methods of marketing your chat room and cam shows and many of them are 100% free. There’s also methods of making additional revenue through affiliate marketing in the process. Here’s some techniques for camming marketing.


Cam Model Website and SEO

Your website is the single most important tool for advertising yourself as an adult entertainer. It’s your main “hub” for everything you do. Consider this: What happens if  your camming network completely tanks? Don’t think that’s possible? Well what if they lower the percentage they pay models to the point where you want to switch camming networks? If you’ve got a website and your fans know about your website, switching camming networks will be much smoother of a process.

Depending on how the website is built, it can be possible to automate many aspects of social media marketing. This can greatly streamline your social media efforts and allow you to cover even more channels without intervention. This doesn’t mean that social media might require some manual posting, responding and 1-to-1 communication. It will make your social media marketing so much easier, however.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly important. It sounds complicated, but once you learn the basics and best practices it’s not that difficult. Once a site is ranked well in the search engines, it’ll bring in a steady stream of qualified traffic. By regularly posting content, you can target multiple and different search phrases and help boost up the overall rankings of your entire site. Each new piece of content will also trigger new posts on all your social networks, killing two birds with one stone.

If you’re on multiple camming networks, or might be selling amateur porn in addition to camming, you can list all the networks that your fans can find you on. On the social networks (that only allow a link to one site) you can link to your website instead of your chatroom and your fans can find all your networks from there. Much more effective. Best of all, you can add your affiliate links to maximize your earning potential.

Best of all, with the concept of “Content Management Systems” (CMS) it’s now possible to get started building your website without any coding knowledge! Adding and modifying webpages is as easy as using a word processor (like Microsoft Word). This has made web development much easier. What’s best is everything for CMS systems is web-based, meaning no software is required for updates.

Here’s our guide for building websites for camming models for more information.


Advertising Through Social Media

Social media is another great method of advertising your camming shows. Social media is 100% free and many social media channels can be automated. When signing up for the various social networks, it’s important to make sure that they allow for adult content. If the network doesn’t allow for adult content, you need to be very careful of what you post. There’s almost an endless number of networks to choose from (with more popping up every day) and more networks can be found in our marketing section, but here are the major ones that you should be focusing on:

Twitter: Twitter is an incredibly valuable network for camming models. Twitter is adult friendly and can be automated through many networks. Many of the sites for selling adult content will auto-tweet everytime a new pic or video set is added. Many cam networks can sync with Twitter and auto-tweet when you get online or out of a private show. If you’ve built your website using WordPress or any other CMS, it’s capable of automating Twitter as well.

When using Twitter, be sure to use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are topics with the “#” sign in front of the word(s). These hashtags are browsed by many Twitter users and can be used to increase your following and gain reach to people outside of your following.

Tumblr: Tumblr is another network of choice for camming models. Tumblr is also insanely adult friendly and very customizable. Unlike most social networks that only allow you to add a single website, Tumblr gives you full control of the “description” area and you can add an unlimited number of links to all your camming network, plus all your other web presences.

Just like Twitter, Tumblr relies heavily on hashtags. Unlike Twitter, hashtags have their own area and around 30 hashtags can be added, so make sure to take advantage of that! Your following can also reblog your pics and other content, making it appear on their Tumblr page as well. Tumblr’s links are “DoFollow” meaning any links to your website will help with SEO.

Facebook: Facebook doesn’t allow for nudity, so you have to be very careful marketing over this network. I’d suggest putting your username and cam networks into the profile description without linking to any of them. Be very conservative on the type of content you post, but I’d suggest a bunch of hot (non-nude) photos. If your following is part of a camming network, they’ll recognize the camming network in the description and browse your username.

Instagram: Instagram is another network that dosn’t allow for nudity, but is still a great advertising tool for camming models. There’s plenty of horny people on Instagram looking for hot models who regularly post content. Upload hot sexy selfies and pics, let everyone know your username and camming networks and link to your website to drive traffic.

DailyMotion: DailyMotion is a little known marketing powerhouse for camming models. DailyMotion is the second biggest video sharing site (right behind YouTube) and allows for nudity and adult content (no porn). They’ve even got an entire section for adult videos. Give sexy stripteases and make sure to link to your website or chatroom using the description.


Advertising Over Porn Tube Sites

Porn tube sites are great for marketing yourself as an amateur model. Not only can you reach a huge audience by uploading videos to tube sites, but you can also get paid doing it! All the tube sites offer content partnership programs and will pay publishers a percentage of the advertising revenue. This is a double win for camming models. Just about every tube site offers a partner program. Check out your favorite ones and see if they offer a rev-share.

It’s highly advised to signup to the tube networks under your adult entertainer alias. Also be sure to watermark your video content with your website address. This will let any viewers know where to find more of your content and find out what networks your camming on. Many tube sites have a social aspect to them (friends, messaging, forums, ect.) so use this to your advantage and connect with fans 1-on-1.


Advertise Through Model Directory Sites

There’s many camgirl / model directory sites out there. These can be great sites to advertise through. People browse these sites looking for new models and most these sites allow you to link to all your various cam networks and website. A list of model directory sites can be found on our section for linkbuilding.