How Much Money Chaturbate Models Can Make


How Much Money Chaturbate Models Earn

Chaturbate models earn 5 cents for every token received. That might not seem like a lot of money, but it can add up real fast. The trick is to learn how to get a lot of tokens. The best way of doing this is to create goals and shows that you will perform once that goal is reached. That will give your viewers an incentive to tip. Also, make sure not to do anything for free. You can move around and tease, but don’t go too fast or people will look at it as a free show.


Tips To Earn More Money On Chaturbate

There’s ways you can increase your earnings on Chaturbate. Here are some tips for making more money as a Chaturbate performer. Following these tips will help you make more money as a Chaturbate performer. If you’ve got any additional tips or have questions about anything described below, we’d love to hear from you! You can email us through the contact page or get a hold of us through Facebook or Twitter.


Making Money With The Chaturbate Affiliate Program

This is perhaps the easiest method of earning an additional income on Chaturbate. Chaturbate has an affiliate program that allows you to get paid by promoting the network and sending them new visitors. Since you’re probably going to be promoting your shows anyway, you might as well use your affiliate links to do that. You can either earn $1 per free signup or 20% of all the money anyone you refer spends for life! Access the Chaturbate affiliate program.

Chaturbate gives you a wide range of tools to use to promote the affiliate program. You can use a special tracking link that goes directly to your chatroom for social media. Instead of tweeting out your regular chatroom link, you should be tweeting out your revshare affiliate link instead. You’ll be sending the traffic to your chatroom, just like you normally would, but if anyone new registers after clicking on your link, you’ll make 20% of all their token purchases for life.

If you’ve got a website (if not, easily build your website today!) you can embed your Chaturbate chat room directly into a page on your website! If anyone signs-up for Chaturbate through the chatroom you’ve added to your site, you’ll get the same revshare bonus! On top of that, having your chat room on your website looks more professional and since it’s just the chatroom and not the entire site, you’re the only model being featured. That means less competition.


Make Money Selling Photo Sets And Videos On Chaturbate (And Other Sites)

You can sell photo and video sets directly from your Chaturbate profile. The cool thing about selling adult content is that it’s a residual income. Your fans will have the option of purchasing your content, even if you’re offline! The more photo and video content that you’ve got for sale, the more sales you’ll make. There’s a good chance that someone who really likes you might go through and purchase every single content set you’ve got for sale.

In addition to selling your video and photo content on Chaturbate, there’s tons of other sites you can sell your content on as well. By selling the same content you have on your Chaturbate profile on other sites will greatly increase the number of sales. That is because you’ll be reaching the audiences on all the other sites as well as your following on Chaturbate. You can use the profiles on the other sites to advertise your Chaturbate shows as well. Many of these sites will even allow you to add links to your main website, social media accounts and sometimes even the other sites you belong to, including Chaturbate. Be sure to include your affiliate link when linking to Chaturbate to get the extra revenue-share from new members you refer.

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Start A Chaturbate Fanclub

Chaturbate allows models to create fanclubs directly on the site. Fanclub members will get access to all of your content for a monthly fee. Their name will also appear green in your chat room, differentiating them from the rest of the viewers. Because the membership costs a monthly fee, you’ll get paid each monthly rebill. The more fans you can get to join your fanclub, the more you’ll make each month from it.

It’s suggested to have a large selection of content available for sale on your profile. Since fanclub members get access to all your profile content, the more you’ve got available the more appealing your fanclub membership will be. Also be sure to be watching for the green users in your chatroom and be sure to acknowledge them and give them a little bit more preferential treatment than you normally would. This will keep your fanclub members happy and subscribed.


Encourage Your Chat Room Visitors To Follow You

Encouraging the people in your chat room to follow you is a very simple but effective way to build up your follower count. It doesn’t take that much effort and can easily result in more followers. A simple verbal reminder or text / chat reminder could turn a viewer into a follower and a customer. The people who follow you can easily see when you’re online through their Followed tab. This allows your followers to find your chat room and shows without having to scroll through the main pages. The more active, paying followers you have, the more money your shows will make.


Make Your Chaturbate Profile Awesome

The more awesome you can make your profile the better. This includes having complete information describing yourself and your shows. It’s recommended to have a Tip Board that shows some of the things you’ll do in public chat and how many tokens it costs to perform each action. You should also have some basic chat room rules, describing what behavior you won’t allow and what kind of shows you won’t perform. Many models will put up a leaderboard of best tippers. This is a great way to create a sense of competition between your best fans and reward them by giving them some credit on your profile page.

Chaturbate allows you to create visually stunning profiles. Having visuals on your profile instead of raw text will make it stand out and look amazing. Having the best profile possible will give potential customers all the information they need to know if they’d be interested in you and your shows or not. This is especially true if you’re offline when they’re reading your profile. If they like what they see and read, they might follow you so they can catch you when you’re back online.

Here’s a tutorial for easily creating visual Chaturbate profile. It’ll show you how you can easily create a visual Chaturbate profile 100% free. You will have to use some HTML, but it’s fairly simple and the tutorial goes over it.


Add Your Chaturbate Chatroom To Your Website

I went over with briefly in the part about affiliate marketing, but it’s worth mentioning again. The Chaturbate affiliate program allows you to easily embed your Chaturbate chatroom directly into your website. There are tons of advantages of doing this. Here are some of them:


Reduced Branding / Competition – Since it’s on your website instead of Chaturbate’s, the site is branded to you. Your chatroom is also the only one featured on the site, meaning less competition. For that reason, it’s suggested to add it to a specific page on your site and drive traffic to that page instead.

Affiliate / Referral Income – As mentioned in the affiliate marketing part of this post, you’ll also earn money when new customers signup for Chaturbate through the chatroom embedded in your website. You can earn either $1 per free signup or 20% of the referral spending for life. The 20% revshare is highly recommended.

Better For Search Engine Optimization – Linking to your website instead of Chaturbate also helps with your search engine rankings. Google and other search engines use links from other websites and social shares to determine the authority of the sites and individual webpages.

Promote Your Other Products and Services – Since the chat room is embedded on your website, you can use the opportunity to market your other services to your camming customers. You can add banners and links directly to the page, beneath the chatroom, on a sidebar or link to pages in the navigation.

Easier If You Ever Change Camming Sites – Chaturbate is an awesome camming site, but that doesn’t mean that years from now there will be something even better available. If all your promotional links are going to a specific page, and your customers know to find your chat room there, it’ll make things way easier if you ever do decide to switch camming sites.


Don’t Do Anything For Free

If you do everything for free, there’s no incentive to tip you. Work towards goals and shows and have your tip menu that shows how much each thing costs. If someone makes a request without a tip, kindly remind them that they either need to tip or take you into private chat first. Remember, you don’t want to be rude about, but you need to be firm about this. Freeloaders don’t make you anything and without inventive, nobody would tip.


Move Around And Be Active In Chat

Even if you’re waiting for tip goals or for someone to take you into private, don’t just sit there! Move around and be active! Show off your body (without giving too much away), move around, change positions, be teasing or doing something else. Whatever you do, don’t just be sitting there silent! You’re going to have people coming in and out your room trying to find a good show. If you’re not being active, you’re not going to be interesting or appealing. If you don’t catch their interest, they’ll leave your room in search for another.


Talk and Be Vocal Instead of Typing

This somewhat goes with the being active tip. In addition to moving and being active, also be vocal. People want to hear your voice. It’s more personal than typing and you can talk while teasing instead of needing to physically be typing. You also might not be right in front of your keyboard all the time during shows. That gives you no option but to talk to communicate with your tippers. Even when you’re in front of the keyboard, it’s still highly recommended that you talk to them instead of typing. The typing should be the job of a moderator.



Selling Other Products or Services From Your Chaturbate Profile

In addition to selling photos and videos from your profile, it’s possible to use the tipping system to sell a wide range of different products and services. To do this, you’ll have to create a menu on your profile showing the different products and services you’re offering and how many tokens it’ll cost. Be sure to tell the customer to indicate that the tip is purchasing something and not just a tip going towards the goal!

The possibilities are near endless and only limited by what’s possible, the law and Chaturbate’s policies. Models will typically sell worn panties, Kik access, Snapchat access, phone numbers, signed photos and prints, custom content requests, fansign tribute content, the list goes on. Use your imagination and get creative with it.


Make  Money As A Chaturbate Broadcaster? Get Started Now!

If you’re not already a Chaturbate performer, register today! Registration is simple and easy and as soon as your account is verified you can start earning cash right away. Chaturbate accepts female, male, couples and transgender models. Only requirements is that you are of eighteen years of age or older and have all the required hardware and equipment. Learn more about becoming a Chaturbate model.

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