How Do I Become A Webcam Model?

Webcam EquipmentBecoming An Adult Webcam Model

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably considering getting into camming. Camming is a great way to make some cash while having fun interacting with people over the internet. Each cam model is given their own chatroom and plays the host and performs sexy shows for money. There’s lots of ways to earn big in the camming industry. Models can work for tips and work towards goals in public chat or let members take them into private chat for a premium.


What’s Required To Start Camming?

There’s a couple things you’ll need before you get started camming. Most likely this is all stuff that you already own or have access to. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Proof of age: You need to be eighteen years old to start camming. If you’re not eighteen, you should hurry up and grow faster. Sorry kid.

Webcam: Some networks allow stock laptop webcams but for quality reasons, you’ll want to get an HD cam. The quality will be much better,  you’ll be able to move it around for different angles and the audio quality will be better. HD webcams keep people in your chat longer. Nobody wants to see low quality cam shows.

Computer: To run the webcam and camming software. Most networks require Windows OS, but if you’re a Mac user you can always get a Windows emulator. Different networks have different hardware specifications. The faster the computer the better the speed of the cam shows. Slower computers might lag up. The higher you can get above specifications the better.

Highspeed internet: Dialup won’t work and there aren’t any cam networks that will allow that slow of a connection. The faster the better and higher quality cam shows will ultimately lead to greater tips and pay for itself. Any highspeed internet should be adaquate though.


Do I Need To Be Young and Hot To Cam?

It definitely doesn’t hurt, but it’s not a requirement. There are models of all ages and body types out there. Every model has a niche that they fit into perfectly and there are people out there looking for you. Personality is a major aspect of camming and it’s a very social thing. A model with a great personality has the potential to outperform the hottest thing on the planet as long as they’ve got the right energy and vibe going. If you don’t believe that your body is perfect, don’t let that discourage you from getting started in the camming industry.


Is Camming Only For Female Models?

There are some networks that only accept female models, but there are other networks that accept males, transgender and couple models as well. Typically female models earn much more than male models, but there is a niche for everyone and there are plenty of successful male models that make a great living from camming.


How Much Do Camming Models Make?

This will depend greatly on a number of things. If you’re hot, you’ve got better earning potential. If you’ve got a great personality, you’ve got better earning potential. If you’re online more often, you’ve got a better earning potential. If you’re less conservative and willing to do more stuff, you’ve got better earning potential (don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with). Newer models will need to work harder as you don’t have any regular customers or a following built up. As you continue your camming career, you’ll get fans that will turn into regular tippers. Your regulars are the real money so treat them well!

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I’m Concerned About People I Know Seeing Me On Cam

This is a very valid concern and camming networks take this very seriously. Every camming network will have the ability to filter and block regions. Some networks get as granular as zip codes and cities while others might only be able to block states. Keep in mind, you can only block regions within the camming network. Your website or any social networks will still be visible to anyone browsing the internet. Be sure to use a stage name and never give out any personal information that can identify you or your location.


What Networks Are Currently Recruiting Models?

There are many networks out there looking for fresh camming models. To see what options are available to choose from, check out the list of adult camming websites. All the networks have different features, hardware / software specs and guidelines. Be sure to check out the different networks before making a decision to make sure you’re partnering with the right people.


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