What’s The Hiring Process For Webcam Models?


Hiring Process For Webcam Models

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in becoming an adult webcam model and you’re wondering about the hiring process. There is no hiring process. Instead it’s an age verification process. Only people that are eighteen or older can perform. Certain sites have other restrictions, such as gender.


You Must Be Eighteen Or Older To Perform

The only major requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. 21 or older in some countries. This is due to American federal law, as well as many other laws around the world. This is true for adult entertainment in general. Doesn’t matter what type of services you’re offering, if you’re not eighteen years old or older, no one will hire you. All sites are also expect to maintain records documenting the age of all performers.


Certain Sites Only Hire Female Models

There are some sites that only hire female performers. There are other sites that will only accept male performers on couple accounts, but won’t hire solo male performers. If you are a solo male, gay couple or transgender, don’t worry. There’s plenty of camming sites that you are able to work on (see below).

Camming Sites Hiring Male Models / Couples

Camming Sites Hiring Transgender Models

Camming Sites Hirng Boy / Girl Couples


The Pay Is Performance-Based

It’s important to realize that with camming (and a lot of other adult services) the pay is performance-based. That means there’s no set salary or hourly income. There is some great earning potential, if you’re the right kind of person and have the ambition. A couple hundred dollars per day is reasonable for a lot of models, and there’s even earning potential above that. There’s also many models that don’t have what it takes and never end up earning big money.

Some things impacting earnings include: Personality, attractiveness, ambition, the type of shows you do, pricing for performances, quality of the video, audio, internet connection, lighting and other things that effect the quality of your shows, and the list goes on. Also, models that have built up a solid customer-base will enjoy bigger earnings from regular customers. Something new models don’t have the luxury of.

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Must Have A Digital Copy of Photo ID

When registering for any of the sites, you’ll be expected to provide a digital copy of government issued photo ID. This is for age verification purposes. By federal law, all camming sites are required to keep this information on file. This is to prove that all performers on their site are over the age of eighteen. Your personal information and real identity is always kept private and secure.

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Must Submit All Required Tax Documents

All the income you make from camming is taxable income. Because of this, you’ll have to provide an SSN or EIN or American performers and whatever applicable tax identification number for foreign performers. You’ll also have to submit a W9 to the camming site. This is something that’s expect from all models.


You’re Able To Set Your Own Hours

It’s important to note that you’re not going to be required to perform a set number of hours per day. You can work whenever you want to. Models that put in more hours and keep regular schedules generally earn more than those that don’t, however. They also have a much easier time building up their fan-base and gaining regular customers.


You Can Perform The Type Of Shows You Want To

You’re also not required to do anything you don’t want to do. Sometimes it can be fun to try new things, but remember to keep it in your comfort zone. If there’s something that you don’t feel comfortable with, you don’t need to do it! Camming should be both fun and profitable. It will be neither if you don’t like doing what you do. That being said, be creative and find the type of shows that work best for you.


Webcam Sites Hiring Models

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