Google+ Marketing For Webcam Models

Google+ Marketing

Camgirl Google Plus Marketing Tips

Google+ is a great and free network to market yourself as a webcam model. Google+ is not as competitive as Facebook or Twitter, which means it can be a whole lot easier to stand out from the crowd. This post will give you some tips and best practices to market yourself over Google+.


Using The Right Hashtags

Much like Twitter and Facebook, Google+ allows you to tag your posts. Tagging your post will allow it to appear in Google+ tag search. Using tags such as #Sexy, #Camgirl, #webcam, #model, tagging it with your cam network (#MyFreeCams, #LiveJasmin, ect) and so-on. Get creative. If you’ve got the perfect ass, tag it with #ass, #butt, #booty, ect.

Since Google+ is less competitive, you’ve got a greater chance of gaining exposure in tag search.


Automate Your Google+ Posting

If you’ve got a WordPress website, it’s easy to automate Google+ posting through  the Jetpack plugin. By automating your Google+ postings, you’ll never forget to share the content that you’re posting. The one flaw is that it doesn’t pull the WordPress tags and convert them into hashtags. For that reason, it might be better to post manually.


Watermark Your Pictures

Google+ allows you to upload photos. Make sure that you watermark all of your photo content! Also, make sure that the watermark is for your website and not the link to your chatroom or something of that nature. There’s a lot of reasons for this. For one, you might someday switch cam networks. If the traffic is directed to your website, they can find your current camming network. Otherwise, they’ll end up on a broken chatroom, or looking around for you on a network that you are no longer a part of.

If your content *IS* watermarked, hopefully people will scrape those images and share them on other social networks such as or Tumblr. Since the content contains your website address, they’re now doing the marketing for you!


YouTube Integration

Since Google+ is a Google product, it is highly integrated with YouTube. Any videos that you upload to YouTube will automatically appear on your Google+ page, under the “YouTube” tab. YouTube is the second biggest search engine and is also highly integrated with Google search. By uploading (NON-NUDE!) video content to YouTube, you’ll automatically be sharing and marketing yourself over Google+. There’s lots of reasons you want to be marketing on YouTube as well. By steadily releasing non-nude YouTube content, you’ll build a following that you’ll be able to convert into fans later. You’ll also have a much better chance of appearing in video and Google search.


Use Your Alias / Stage Name

This should be a no-brainer, but make sure to use your alias / stage name for your Google+ profile. Also make sure that the Google+ profile doesn’t include your real address and city. This is a privacy thing, as well as a branding thing. Your alias is your brand as an adult entertainer. The more people see your name, the easier it’ll be to remember. Eventually, you’ll want people Googling you, instead of things that describe you (ie; “Tall and skinny young brunette webcam model with dark tanned skin”).

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