Get Paid For Sexting (18+)



Get Paid For Sexting

Are you looking for a way to make an extra couple bucks? Are you already familiar (and good at) sexting? Then why not get paid to chat with singles over your mobile phone? ‘Sexting’ is flirting and having virtual sex over text messages. There are plenty of single people out there looking to have interactions with you over the phone. There’s also networks out there that facilitate the connection, payment processing and all other aspects. All you have to do is read and respond to messages.


100% Secure: Your Phone Number Is Always Kept Private

Privacy is not a concern. All the networks for phone sex use 3rd party services to deliver the messages. The customer either texts you directly through the website itself, or texts to a special phone number and the 3rd party transfers the message. Simply reply back to the text and the 3rd party will deliver your response. Your real identity and phone number is never disclosed.


Make It A Full-Time Career Or Just For Extra Cash

There are chatters out there that make a living as a phone sex operator. There’s a lot of money in phone sex, whether it’s talk or text. Whether you’re just trying to make a few extra bucks or trying to turn phone sex into a career move, the earning potential is there. When you sign up as a phone sex operator, you become your own boss. You decide what kind of hours you want to work and earn as much as you’d like.


Get Paid While On The Go From Your Mobile Phone

One of the best parts of being a sext text operator is that you can get paid from anywhere, as long as you’ve got reception. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hanging out at home, in school or driving around doing things. As long as you’ve got your mobile device and are able to text, you can be earning cash! Sexting is one of the most versatile job opportunity that any amateur model could possibly do! Get paid from almost anywhere!


Sites That Pay Models For Sexting

Are you ready to get started? The first step is to pick out a network to send a receive messages over. There are multiple networks out there. Some networks are dedicated to phone sex, while others allow adult models to sell a wide range of products and services.

If you’re not planning on offering any other services (like selling clips or camming) go with a site that specializes in phone sex!

There is no “best” network and what works best for some models might not work best for others. It’s also possible to register with multiple networks and provide your services on any of them. Here are some networks where you can get paid from sexting:

NetworkCallingTextingPayoutMore Info
TalkToMeYesYes 40%TalkToMe


Make Money Through Kik, Snapchat and Other Mobile Apps

In addition to making money through text messages, you can also make money through popular messaging apps. These networks make it easy to sell access to premium messaging apps like Snapchat, Kik and more. Selling subscriptions to these apps builds a residual income from monthly rebills. The more subscribers you have, the greater the monthly income!

NetworkSnapchatKikWhatsappPercentMore Info


Make Money With These Other Mobile Apps

Adult performers can make money from these mobile apps. The different apps and networks are used for different things. Make money streaming sexy shows, uploading pics and videos or more. Here’s all the apps available to performers.


AppTextingTalkingCammingClipsVidsMore Info


Get Paid Offering Other Adult Services

Sexting isn’t the only way to get paid as an amateur in the adult industry. There’s plenty of ways to earn money working from home as an adult entertainer. Just like sexting, it’s incredibly easy to get started offering these services and the only real requirement is that you’re at least eighteen years old.

Adult Live Camming – Become a webcam performer and get paid from performing over your webcam. Get paid per minute in private 1-on-1 or work for tips in public chat. Camming can be a lucrative business and the earning potential is near limitless. Click on the highlighted link to see all the camming networks currently hiring models.

Selling Porn – Get paid to produce and sell your own adult content. There’s tons of adult marketplace sites that allow you to create an account and upload your video or photo content. Set the price and the network takes care of all the payment processing and delivery of the content once purchased.

Live Skype Sex – Very similar to live camming but different in a lot of ways. Get paid to perform live on Skype. Get the tools you need to book shows, accept payments and market your services and performances.

Adult Membership Sites – Get paid running a members-only site. No coding or HTML knowledge is required. It’s 100% free to start and the companies only get paid when you get paid. Running a membership-0nly site is a great way to earn a residual income from the monthly rebills. Be sure to steadily be producing content to give incentive for your customers to keep their subscriptions active.

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    • Define “safe”? ExtraLunchMoney doesn’t offer regional blocking. All the sites are legit, but what exactly do you mean by “safe” vs “unsafe”?

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    So on texther, when they ask your first and last name and say it must match your id, is this kept private? And why must it match? Is it just for payment purposes? Also how will you get paid? Is it safe to put your payment information in this site? Sorry for all the questions.

    • Don’t need to apologize, we’re running a resource site, providing info is our purpose. Without getting to legal with the answer, it’s primarily for “2257 compliance” which is a law that’s about to be declared unconstitutional. Even so, it’s still relevant and requires all adult media to keep records of their performers for age verification purposes. There’s also tax reasons.

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    Hey cant find any info about how to navigate/start up on OnlyFans on the web? Is there a lot of traffic on the site?

    • It’s a fairly new site, but there’s good traffic. Networks only going to grow, too.

    • What specifically did you need help with in the navigation?

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