DailyMotion Marketing For Camgirls and Adult Entertainers


DailyMotion Marketing For Camgirls and Adult Entertainers

DailyMotion is a video sharing site, very similar to YouTube, but allowing for sexual content (not porn). This makes it a great opportunity for webcam models. What’s even better is that it’s got a smaller community of publishers, meaning that it’s not as competitive and easier to stand out from the crowd. Here’s some tips for marketing yourself over DailyMotion.


Use Your Stage Name As Your Username

Make sure that you go by your adult performing stage name when registering for DailyMotion. This will add another level of branding. People browsing your videos will be able to see who posted them. If they Google your name, they should easily be able to find your model website or camming network profile.


Watermark Your Content

Watermark your content with your website. I say your website and not your chatroom or username on your camming network, because camming networks come and go. Even if your camming network doesn’t one day disappear, they might change their payout rates or some other terms that might make you choose another network. Your website, however, is something that will be there forever (or as long as you want it to be). Therefore, if you watermark with your website, the traffic will always be able to easily find and access your network from the website.


Speak To The Audience In The Video

The surfers may be more interested in watching you, but they’re also listening. Speaking directly to them can have a big impact. Tell them who you are, what you offer, where to find you and that you can’t wait to chat with them. This is a great call-to-action and there’s no shame in plugging yourself and offerings in the videos. In fact, I’m sure the viewers will want to know where to find more.


Add Your Links In Video Description

It’s possible to add links to the video description. Make sure to fill out a description (helps with appearing in search) and link to your website, chatroom, Twitter, Tumblr and whatever else you deem worthy.


Use The “Red Band” Category

Upload your video to the “Red Band” category. “Red Band” basically means “Sexy”.


Also Promote Your Content Through Porn Tubes and Earn!

If you’re promoting your products and services through promotional videos, also consider partnering with the adult tube sites. These sites are way more adult-friendly than DailyMotion. Many of the sites also offer a revshare program. This means that you’ll get paid based on the number of views your videos receive. Producers are also able to get branded video pages and branded channel pages. This will include links to your website which will drive tons of traffic. Also be sure to watermark the teaser content you upload, so people know where they can find the full unedited versions.

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