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Sell Amateur Videos and Custom Content Requests

Customs4U is a site for selling adult videos that specializes in custom content requests. Custom Content generates more money than a normal video sale, due to the product being personalized and customized to the customers expectation. You also get the chance to pick up some sales you normally wouldn’t get, due to not having the exact type of content that the customer is looking for. Not only does custom content pay good, but can be used for inspiration on future content!


Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Custom Content
  • Model Percentage: 60-75%
  • Minimum Payout: $20
  • Payout Methods: FirstChoicePay


What Is required To Get Started?

Getting started is quick and easy. The only real requirement is that you’re eighteen years old or older. There is no hiring or interview process. Instead, it’s an age/identity verification process. You’ll need a digital copy of photo ID for this. don’t worry, your real identity and personal information is always kept private. Once your account is approved, you can setup your profile and start performing.

You’ll also want some content to upload and sell. If you’ve already got content to upload, then you’re ahead of the game. If not, you need to start producing some videos. The good news is that you can still make great money off custom content requests while you build up your normal clips to sell.

The higher quality the production equipment and editing software, the better quality product you can produce. Although this isn’t a requirement, any investments you can make in acquiring and upgrading equipment will ultimately result in greater earnings. Having a wide range of toys, lingerie and other props will allow you to create a much wider range of content and also enhance your performances and earnings.


How Much Do Customs4U Models Make?

The earning potential will vary from model to model. There are many factors that affect what a model’s earning potential. Having higher-quality content and more content will ultimately lead to more sales. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to attempt to dominate specific fetishes, or offer a wide selection of content, appealing to many different fetishes. Both routes can be very profitable.

Other factors that affect a model’s  earning potential is age, physical appearance, personality, how well they’re able to do their own marketing, how responsive they are to fans and potential customers, how big of a following the model has outside of Customs4U and a wide range of other factors. If you’re ambitious and savvy, you’ll make way more money than a model who simply uploads a couple videos and expects to get rich effortlessly.

Models earn the majority of the revenue. Customs4U supplies all the payment processing, hosting, delivery of the content, model support and customer support.  Here’s the percent of the revenue the model receives for each type of service:

  • Customs = 70%
  • Video clips = 70%
  • Tips and tributes = 75%
  • Webcam shows = 60%


How Are Payments Received?

Customs4U pays out models via FirstChoicePay. FirstChoicePayis a payment processor, similar to PayPal, that can be used to send or receive funds. From FirstChoicePay, you can send the money directly to your bank account. Regular free payments are made within two weeks of hitting the minimum payout of $20. Models are also able to request an express payout for a 5% fee. Express payouts can take up to 3 days, but are usually paid within 24 hours of the request.


Selling Your Adult Video Clips

Make money off your adult videos. In addition to selling custom requests, you can upload any other video content. Your videos for sale will show up in the clip search and on your profile page. Selling videos is a great source of income, as each piece of content you have hosted for sale has the potential to earn you money for life! The more good, quality content you’ve got for sale, the better your earning potential!


Selling Custom Content Requests

Custom content requests is the one major feature of Customs4U. If you are a seller who accepts custom content requests, you’ll be listed in Customs section of the site. This will generate you requests and sales. On your profile, there will be a bunch of tags representing the type of content you’re willing to produce. This will help the customer piece together the different fetishes, props and other elements they want contained in the custom request.


Get Paid From Live Webcam Shows

Customs4U recently launched the beta version of their live camming platform. Expect more features to roll out as their platform evolves. Private cam shows will earn you 60% of the total revenue made during your cam session. Any tips you make via the Tip Jar will net you the standard tip/tribute percent of 75%. Here are the different types of chat available:

Free Chat: free chat allows Customs4U traffic (logged in and members) to come into your room and chat with you. You can solicit tips and/or private chats from those that come into your room. Free chat is NOT a requirement to use the live webcam feature, nor do you have to turn it on to get to any other feature on the site. Additionally, if you don’t want unregistered guests to come into your room, you can go to the webcam settings tab and turn the ‘Allow Guests’ button off.

Paid Chat: in your webcam settings, you can set a price per minute (in USD) for paid group chat under the ‘Price’ heading in the ‘Per Group Minute’ box. The minimum price is $0.10 and there is currently no maximum price. Be aware that you can’t change the price during a cam session. To update the price, you will need to disconnect your cam stream and then update the price before going back to paid group chat.

Private Chat: private chat can be solicited by either you via the cam icon in your room control panel, or by a customer in your room. Both yourself and the customer can decline a private chat invite during the cam session. To set your per minute private chat rate (in USD), go to the webcam settings tab and enter your price in the ‘Per Private Minute’ box under the Price heading. The minimum is $0.10 and there is currently no maximum price. Be aware, like the paid group chat, you will not be able to change the price during your current cam session. You will need to disconnect to update your prices.

Pre-Booked Shows: By enabling pre-booked shows, customers can book your shows in advanced. A button for pre-booked shows will appear on your profile page. Models can set a non-refundable percentage, just in case the customer is a no-show. Pre-booked shows is a great way to sell private webcam shows without having to wait around in public chat for a customer.


Get Paid Accepting Tips and Tributes

In addition to getting paid for selling videos, there’s a tipping feature that allows your fans and followers to spoil you. Models also make an additional 5% on all tips and tributes! Because getting spoiled doesn’t require any effort on your end (outside of saying Thank You) it’s basically free money!


Built In Marketing Tools

Customs4U gives models a couple built-in marketing tools to help drive traffic and sales. Take advantage of these tools:

Twitter Integration – Sync your twitter and allow auto tweets to let your fans know when you’ve reached the Top 20, are Featured, or the most popular. Also tweets for when you’ve sold a custom video, video clip, or uploaded a new video.

Customs4U Profile – Your profile page lists all the content you’ve got for sale, the types of fetishes you cater to for custom requests, your Twitter timeline and biography. By taking the time to make sure that your profile and profile picture is awesome will help generate more traffic and sales. Your profile picture is especially important, as the thumbnails will appear in search.

In addition to using the above tools, it’s also suggested that you do your own personal marketing. There’s tons of ways to advertise your products and services. We’ve got an entire section on promoting amateur products and services. It’s got tons of tips that will help you drive traffic and build up a customer-base.


Studios Wanted! Create A Studio Account

If you’re a studio with adult video content for sale, Customs4U allows you to create a studio account. Studio accounts can do everything an individual account can do, plus one additional huge feature. Studio accounts are able to offer pre-sales for future shoots. If you know what date the shoots going to be and the type of content being shot, book sales in advance.

Studio accounts are also able to book custom content requests on behalf of the models. Simply indicate the cost per minute, the resolution you’ll shoot in, and delivery times. Give your fans the option of choosing what performers they’d like featured in the video.

Since editing your film takes a very long time, you can also offer a discount on the custom video if the person will take it unedited! Then you can take your time to edit the content for your site, or for sale through your production company at a later date!


Register As A Customs4U Model Today!

Ready to get started? Register for Customs4U today! The registration process is simple and easy and once approved, you can start performing right away! Upload and sell your adult videos and get paid from custom content requests. Customs4U gives you all the tools and resources you need to be successful as an amateur porn producer.


More Sites For Selling Adult Content

Looking for more sites like Customs4U? There’s many sites out there where amateurs can register and upload their adult videos for sale. See how Customs4U stacks up to the competition and what else is available. It’s actually recommended that models perform on multiple sites (As long as it’s not overwhelming!) The time-consuming part of selling adult clips is producing the content. Once it’s produced, it can easily be uploaded to multiple sites.

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