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Review of Customs4U By Holly Rydem: 8.4/10

Customs4U review by Holly Rydem. Holly scored Customs4U an 8.4 out of 10. Customer service and model resources both scored perfect 10’s. The lowest scoring categories were payouts and privacy protection, which both scored 6’s. Check out how Holly scored all the different categories and what she thinks of Customs4U.


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Hey there! My name’s dirtylittleholly. I’ve been a cam girl for almost 4 years now on Streamate and I run my own amateur, adult website. I handle every aspect of my website and career completely on my own. I shoot all of my own content, do all my own edits, run all my own social media accounts, etc. So you always know you’re getting the real me!


How Long Have You Been On The Site?

I’ve been on Customs4U for about a year I believe.


Profitability: 8/10

Customs4U can actually be very profitable, but you have to be willing to work for it. They don’t do a lot of advertising for you, so it’s very important that you use your social media accounts and/or your website to advertise that you accept custom requests from the site. When customers visit the Customs page of Customs4U, they can search for models by their name or by searching through tags for what they’re looking for. The tag feature can still use some work in my opinion, so the main way someone is going to find you on the site is if they specifically go there to look for you.

The reason the search by tag feature fails in my opinion is because Customs4U lets each model put in their own tags that they want to be tagged with. This sounds like a good idea in theory, but there is a major flaw in this. Without there being any premade tags to choose from, it’s hard to put in a tag for every single thing you offer. So let’s say a customer comes in and searches for Hitachi play, but you forgot to put in that tag for yourself. Even though it’s something you offer, that customer won’t find your profile when searching that tag.

The payout rate on Customs4U is one of the best in the biz! You keep 70% from custom video sales and video clips, 75% from tributes and tips, and 60% from webcam shows.

You set all of your own prices on the site for everything that you offer. Customs4U uses a credit system. One credit is equivalent to $0.10 USD. Not only do you set your price per minute for custom videos, but you can charge an extra fee for certain add-ons. Add-ons include higher video resolution, faster delivery time, and using the customer’s name in the video. Also, when you input the tags/categories of everything that you offer, you can put in an added fee for certain things. Maybe you want to charge extra for a video that includes anal, a video where you get messy, or a video that requires you to buy a prop.


Site Features and Functionality: 9/10

The main features of the site are selling custom clips, selling your premade clips, and doing live webcam shows. When selling custom clips, you put in your price per minute, the different duration of videos that you offer, resolutions you shoot in, delivery time, the categories you make videos of, and any add-on or extra fees for certain categories. The standard delivery time for a custom clips is up to two weeks. If for whatever reason you are unable to complete the video in the allotted amount of time, you can contact support and let them know so they can contact the customer and ask if it’s ok with them for it to take longer than expected. If you don’t contact support to ask for an extension, the order will be cancelled after the allotted amount of time has passed. When a customer requests a custom video from you, a page is set up for you with all the information about the clip, the customers notes, and a chat window so you can reach out to the customer if need be.

When selling a premade video, you can put in the video name, price, description, up to 10 tags, a customized thumbnail, and a customized .GIF file for video screencap. When customers visit your profile, they’ll be able to purchase any of your clips from the Clip Store section of your profile.

The live webcam feature is still in beta mode. You can set your price her minute for both private and group shows, block up to four countries if you choose to, turn on/off the feature to allow guests to view your room, turn on/off the feature to allow private shows,  add your own live cam tags, enable auto-tweet to send our a tweet every time you log on and set your own schedule.

There is free chat, paid group chat, private chat, and your tip jar. Free chat allows anyone to come in your room and chat with you. When in free chat, you can try to convince customers to take you into a private chat or to send you tips. Being in free chat is not a requirement at any time. When you first log in to cam, you can go directly to paid group chat and wait for a customer to enter, at which point they would start paying you per minute. Private chat can be initiated by either you or the customer at any time. You or your customer can also choose to decline the private chat. For paid group chat and private chat, you keep 60% of your total revenue. If customers tip you via the tip jar, you keep 75% of your total tips. Before jumping on cam, make sure you read through the Code Of Conduct for what you’re allowed and not allowed to do on cam.

The overall functionality of the site from the models perspective is pretty self explanatory. They do a good job keeping things simple and organized. They also do a good job explaining every feature in detail.


Payment Types, Chargebacks and Cashouts: 6/10

You can request a cash out twice per month, and you can choose from a standard or express payout. A standard payout will be sent to you within 2 weeks from the time the payout request is made. There is no fee for this method. An express payout will be paid to you within 3 days from the time the payout request is made, though they are generally processed within 24 hours. For an express payout, there is a 5% fee of your total payout taken out.

Unfortunately, Payoneer is currently the only payout method available. They do let you know that they are planning to add other payout options in the near future. The minimum payout is $20.

I’ve never had to deal with a chargeback on the site, and I’m actually not sure if they assume all the risk or not. I wasn’t able to find any information about chargebacks on the site or their Wiki page.


Site Traffic and Quality: 9/10

I haven’t made a lot of custom clip sales from the site, but I also haven’t advertised as much as I could have. But the customs that I have sold, the customer has always been very nice, informative, responsive, and generous. I’ve gotten tipped afterwards from almost everyone who has bought a custom clip from me. And if you do a good job on the clip, I’ve noticed that the customer will come back to you for more clips in the future.

The site actually has pretty decent traffic. Their global ranking is 140,275 according to Alexa and their rank in the US is 60,607.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 9/10

Customs4U offers a few different promotional tools. You can make customized tip widgets and custom clip order widgets that can be posted to your website. They also have an auto-tweet option that sends out a tweet when you sell a custom video, if you make it to their Top 20 list or Most Popular list on the homepage, and when you log on cam. They also have a Twitter account with about 16K followers. Tag them for an RT.


Site Usability (How Easy To Use The Site Is): 9/10

In general, the site is pretty easy to use. Everything is laid out well and not complicated to figure out. All the sections of the site have extensive text that explains how everything works. I still think the categories/tags section needs some work though. It’s definitely a hassle to try and think of every single category you want to put yourself in with no preselected categories to choose from.


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking: 6/10

When doing live webcam shows, you are allowed to block up to four countries from viewing your shows. There isn’t an option to block certain regions from viewing your main profile on the site though. Privacy protection is great though. You don’t have to worry about your real name, address, etc getting out to anyone.


Customer Services and Support: 10/10

Customs4U customer service and support is top notch! The couple times I’ve had to contact them, they got back to me that same day. They were incredibly nice and knowledgeable.


Model Guides and Resources: 10/10

As mentioned earlier, they do a very good job explaining what each section of the site is about and how to use it. They also have more detailed information on their Wiki Page.


Holly Rydem’s Customs4U Review:

Overall Customs4U is a great site and worth spending the time to set up a profile and upload your content. They are fairly new, so improvements can still be made, and will be made in the near future. I know they have a revamp planned for model profiles coming out soon, which should improve the look and functionality of them. I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time using their live webcam feature right now, since the traffic for that doesn’t really seem to be there yet. But using the site to sell customs and your premade clips is definitely worth it.


Start Selling Customs and Videos On Customs4U

Ready to get started? Register for Customs4U now! The registration process is quick and easy and once your account is verified you can start uploading content, performing on live webcam and accepting custom video requests. Customs4U accepts females, males, transgenders and couple accounts. Customs4U also accepts studio accounts.

Learn More: Selling Custom Adult Videos on Customs4U


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