Chaturbate Tutorial: Creating Professional Profile Pages

Chaturbate Tutorial: Creating Professional Profile Pages

Chaturbate performer ShyCawn gives a quick and simple tutorial on how to design a professional looking Chaturbate profile using Picasa. Make your profile stand out with images and color instead of a plain text profile. Designing your own profile is quick and easy and is demonstrated using a free image editing software that you can download and use yourself. Let’s get started!


Designing A Chaturbate Profile Using Picasa

To get started, you’ll need Picasa. It’s produced by Google and available as a free download. To get started, you’ll need an image. A high-resolution image that you can crop is suggested, opposed to a smaller image that will need to be stretched. The image could be a photo of you, a stock image of scenery, a design or solid color. It’s all up to you. Crop the image down to something that will work well with Chaturbate’s profile layout. 586 x 1200 is a good finish size.

Now it’s time to add the text. Picasa has a wide choice of fonts and styling options to get it exactly the way you want. What you include on the image is completely up to you. It could be a short bio, chatroom rules, tip menu or any other information you want included. Get the styling the exact way you want it, add your copy and save the image.


Free Image Hosting With TinyPic

In order to add the image to the Chaturbate profile page, we’ll need to host it first. If you’re running your own website, you can upload it there. If not, TinyPic is a free image hosting site that will work fine. Please note, that if your image contains nudity, TinyPic won’t let you host it. If you’re using a background like the one used in this tutorial, your image will be fine.


Adding Images To Chaturbate Profile

Now it’s time to add the image to the Chaturbate profile. Go to your profile page and edit your bio. Chaturbate allows you to enter certain HTML elements. Don’t worry, this isn’t that technical or difficult. The HTML you’re going to have to enter is this; <img src=”“> . Replace the url (shown in red) with the link to your image file. Hit save. Now the image should show up on your Chaturbate profile.


Chaturbate Accounts Must Be Verified For HTML To Work

We’ve gotten a lot of people reporting problems with the HTML to us. Enough to finally escalate the issue to Chaturbate (someone with a name, not the standard support email). The official response from Chaturbate was that all HTML should still be working like it has been for years. If the HTML isn’t working on the profile, it’s due to the fact that the account isn’t verified (age support documentation uploaded).

We’ve heard chatter that suggests it might be otherwise. If your account is definitely verified, but you’re still having issues with the HTML, reach out to us! If it’s something other than unverified accounts, we’d like to know, and we’d like to follow-up with Chaturbate and see if we can’t find other issues with bio HTML.


Also Check Out The Camgirl Live Editor

If you’re interested in tools for creating beautiful Chaturbate bios, then definitely take a look at the Camgirl Live Editor. The Camgirl Live Editor is a profile design tool developed for webcam models. The platform supports multiple camming sites, including Chaturbate. Multiple templates available, all of which are completely customizable. Build visual profiles with tip menus, buttons for all your links and much more. There’s a free demo available, allowing you to try the bio editor risk free!

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More Information For Chaturbate Models

Interested in becoming a Chaturbate webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about the camming site by checking out the link below. Chaturbate is a leading camming site with excelent traffic, good model percentages and tons of great features. One of these features is fully customizable camming model profiles. Also take advantage of apps and bots to further add functionality to the profile, and make additional money from selling content and running fanclubs. Chaturbate accepts all genders (including couples and groups) and offers a wide range of ways to earn, all under one roof.

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