Chaturbate Tips: The Basics Of Camming

Chaturbate Tips: The Basics Of Camming

Chaturbate model Reece Ryan gives her basic tips for beginner camgirls and camguys. Reece goes over how to get started as a camming model, some must have items and other pointers that potential models will find useful. Reece also shares some basic information about Chaturbate and why she thinks it’s the best camming network out there. Here’s what she had to say.


Tips For Beginner Models

Lighting – Lighting is one of the most important things to be aware of when setting up your camming area. Poor lighting will make for a poor broadcast and less profits. Investing in a couple lights and experimenting with them will make for a better quality show and more profits for you. Some rooms might have great natural light during the day, but they’ll require a lighting setup during the night. Make sure the lights are positioned in front of you because you never want to be backlit. Ceiling lights are also good.

HD Webcam – An HD Webcam is a great investment that will pay itself off incredibly quickly. Starting off with nothing but a stock laptop webcam isn’t the best idea. Your audience will notice the difference between a non-HD and HD webcam and you’ll get more tips for a higher quality show.

Good Internet Connection – You want high-speed internet and you want to use a wired connection instead of wifi. The better your internet connection is the better the quality of your show. Having a laggy show will frustrate your viewers and many of them might leave your chatroom.

Proper Grooming – Camming is your job and just like you’d shower and get ready for work in the morning, you should do the proper grooming before getting on cam. Aside from being more attractive, looking your best will also boost your confidence. Camming is all about attitude and being confident when performing will make for a better show.

Invest In Outfits / Costumes – Having a wide range of lingerie and outfits to to wear will add variety to your shows. It’s a good idea to invest in a couple outfits when you start camming. If you already have a lingerie collection, then you’re ahead of the game. You don’t have to purchase all your outfits at once and can add to the collection over time. It’s also a good idea to put lingerie items on your wishlist and fans might purchase them for you.


Why Chaturbate Is The Best Cam Site

Chaturbate Has The Most Viewers – You will not find a camsite that has more viewers per channel out there. With other networks you might have a couple hundred people in your room, with Chaturbate you might have thousands of viewers. More viewers means more tips, so the more viewers you can have the better.

Loyal Fans and Good Community – Reece talks about her experience interacting with the community. She’s never had such loyal fans and followers in her life. She’s been spoiled by her loyal fanbase and it’s never felt more gracious in all her life. It’s boosted her confidence and made her feel better about herself.

Apps and Bots – Chaturbate has a wide selection of apps that you can use to give variety to your shows. This helps make your shows unique and customized your chatroom and shows. You’re able to utilize these different programs to increase income and variety. Models, users and developers can create their own custom apps designed the way they want it.

Start Earning Very Quickly – Chaturbate makes it easy to build your fanbase and start earning money very quickly. Within a month of part-time camming, Reece was able to quick her 9-5, go back to school, get and internship and she was still earning three times the income she’d be making if she was still working her 9-5 job.


Become A Chaturbate Model

Become a Chaturbate model today! Registration is quick and easy. Once your account is verified, you can setup your profile and start broadcasting. The earning potential is limitless, and like Reece stated, it helped her quit her job and she was making more money working less while pursuing her ambitions such as school and an internship.

Want more information about Chaturbate and the camming industry? Check out our article on becoming a Chaturbate model. It’ll give you all the details on Chaturbate and how to get started. If you want more information about adult camming in general, check out our guide to getting started as an adult webcam model for additional details. It’ll tell you everything you need to know to succeed as a camgirl.

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