Chaturbate Tips: Chat Room Settings

Chaturbate Tips: Chat Room Settings

Chaturbate model ZoeXrydher gives a video tutorial on the Chaturbate chatroom settings. Chaturbate allows models to tweak a ride range of settings in their chatrooms. There are many uses for this, such as identifying the users with tokens that tip regularly, changing fonts to make things more creative or easier to read and more options. Learn all of the chatroom features and how to use them to your advantage.

In the right hand corner of your chat window, there are four tabs:

  • Chat – Shows the public chatroom.
  • Users – A color coded list of all the users in your chatroom.
  • PM – All your private messages from other users. This tab is only visible when you’ve got messages.
  • Settings (Gear Icon) – All your chatroom settings.


Using The Chatroom Settings Tab

For this tutorial, we’re going to be focusing on the chatroom settings tab. Here are all the things that you can set and configure in the settings.

Font size and color: The first thing you can configure is the font color, font family and font size. Choose your favorite font and font color. You can also configure the font size which will affect the size of everyone’s text, not just yours. This is really handy if you’re having trouble reading when performing. A lot of time you’re not going to be directly in front of the screen during your shows. Having a larger font can make it easier to read from a distance.

Emoticons: Choose whether or not you want emoticons to show up in your chat.

Highest Token Color: Chaturbate color codes all the users based on their tokens and tipping. Here you can configure what the highest token color is.


There are eight different color codes and each one lets you know a little bit more about the users. You can tell how much the users tip, which ones have tokens, which ones don’t have tokens, who your fan club members are and if there’s other broadcasters in your room. This helps you determine which users you should give more attention and which ones are the freeloaders.

Sort Users: This option changes the list view of all the users in your room. You have the option of sorting it alphabetically or by number of tokens. In alphabetical sort, the names are sorted alphabetically while being grouped by their color codes. If sorted by number of tokens, there will be no grouping by color code and the list will be ordered by who has the greatest number of tokens, the one with the most being at the very top of the list. Great for knowing who’s a freeloader and who has money to tip.

Chat Allowed By: This setting adjusts who’s messages will appear in your chatroom and who will be silenced. You can choose from the following:

  • All Users – All users will be able to chat.
  • Users Who Tipped Me Today – Only users who have tipped you today will be able to chat.
  • Users Who Have Tipped Me – Only the users who have tipped you before will be able to chat.
  • Users Who Have Tokens – Users who don’t have tokens will not appear in the chat box.

This is useful for cleaning up the chat box. It also allows you to focus on the people who are more likely to tip you while ignoring freeloaders. Camming is all about being personal with the other users, and you want to make sure that you’re focusing on the right people; your loyal fans and potential tippers. Adjusting the chat settings is a great way to only focus on the valuable members. With these settings, you’ll only have to read and respond to the messages of those that might tip while ignoring the others.

Moderators Expire After: If you want the mod duration to expire after a certain length of time, you can set it here. If you promote someone to a moderator, they’ll be able to silence, kick and ban members of your chatroom. Pick a moderator wisely. Moderators can help regulate the chatroom and kick potential trouble-makers on your behalf.

Notify On Entry For: Sets the chat room notifications for people entering your room. You can add notifications for when broadcasters and fan club members enter your room, all members and members with tokens. If you got a very busy room, it might be best to turn the notifications off because it can get really spammy and distract from the more important messages.

Notify On Leave For: Just like the entry notifications but for when people exit your chat room.

Silence Other Broadcasters: This is a setting for whether you want other broadcasters to be able to chat in your room or not.

Tip Volume: How loud you want the ‘dinging’ to be everytime someone tips you.

Clear All Bans and Silences: This button clears any bans or silences you’ve made in your chat room. careful with this setting, because it will clear every ban or silence and anyone you’ve kicked will be able to come back into your room.

View / Edit Moderators: Displays a list-view of all your moderators. If you want to remove a moderator, just click the X next to their name.

View Fan Club Members: Shows a list view of all your fan club members.

Region Blocking Exceptions: Chaturbate allows users to block specific countries or states. This section allows you to make exceptions to those regional blocks by adding the username you’d like to be able to view your shows.

View / Edit Ignored Users: While you’re in your chat room, if you click someone’s name, you’ll be able to ignore them. The View / Edit Ignored Users button will bring up a list of all the users that you’ve ignored. You’re able to select whether you still want them ignored or not.


Become A Chaturbate Model

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Want more information about Chaturbate and the camming industry? Check out our article on becoming a Chaturbate model. It’ll give you all the details on Chaturbate and how to get started. If you want more information about adult camming in general, check out our guide to getting started as an adult webcam model for additional details. It’ll tell you everything you need to know to succeed as a camgirl.

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