CamWithHer Review By Alexandra Steele

CamWithHer Review By Alexandra Steele

CamWithHer Review By Alexandra Steele: 9.88 / 10

Twitter: @AlexandraSCWH

Hey guys! I’m Alexandra Steele from I’ve been camming with CWH for over four years now, and I was voted Camgirl Of The Year for 2014. I’m pretty active with my social media accounts, particularly Twitter. And I’m sort of known as the real deal in the cam world. What I mean by that, is what you see is what you get. Down to earth, sexy, outgoing, and caring. I’m super interactive on and off the site, and a really great conversationalist. So if you’re looking to just have some fantastic conversation, or to get downright naughty, I’m your girl. Plus, I’m pretttttty easy on the eyes. 😉 5’11 with a perfect body and the most hypnotizing eyes you may ever encounter. Pair this with a voice that alone will make you turn into steel, as well as a dirty talking skills that will blow your mind (and uh, some other things) ;), and you’ll be hooked.


How Long Have You Been On The Site:

Just over four years now, and I haven’t looked back.


Profitability: 10/10

Honestly, I don’t know of any camsite that offers as good of a payout as CamWithHer. I’ve been around long enough, that all I need to do is tweet out when I’ll be on and I’m booked solid. Maximizing my revenue while not giving up my life, you know? You set your own pricing per minute, as most sites do. And from there it’s up to you. They start payouts at 50% when you’re exclusive to the site, but then you have the option of making a lot more, percentage-wise, by being active within the site. You get bonus percentages for posting in their blog, for doing SnapChat and Periscope takeovers for the site, for making teaser clips, for participating in the site’s forum, for taking teaser camfeed pictures, for doing monthly member chats (which you get paid for as well), for sending in content for the site’s member’s section, and for being active in the social media realm. Honestly, so many ways to add to the percentages and the admins have really strived to give us options here. So yeah, you pick and choose from a myriad of options and voila, you up yourself to 60%. In addition to this, you get MORE based on how many hours you put into the site, and how much free cam time you do. As a side note, free cams are totally optional, but a great way to tease members into shows.

CamWithHer ALSO offers models a chance to have and maintain a fanclub and I’ve been told this can be quite profitable. You can sell copies of shows you’ve done, as well as video clips and photo sets that you shoot. That said, I’ve never taken the time to do one, mainly because I don’t want my content out there, plus I really don’t have a lot of extra time to be doing this. I find it more profitable to put that time into shows, personally. But each girl is different, and if your client base isn’t what the established girls’ are, then it’s a good way to generate some additional income.


Site Features and Functionality: 10/10

The site runs quite smoothly. It’s rare to have technical issues. Of course when it happens, it feels like it takes forever to rectify, when in fact, it’s probably like an hour or two at most. And honestly, the glitches are few and far between and it functions quite well.

Basically, in chat there are three modes: Private, VIP, and Voyeur. For private, most girls just tease, do a little dirty talk, dance. More than one customer can enter the private chats. VIP is naughtier, of course, and as such pricing will reflect that. Most do topless here. Some go full nude. There are variations of toy play. Really, it depends on which site you’ve joined. NAC is the nude section, while CWH is strictly Playboy style. The admins will guide you through what’s right for you. Voyeur mode is exactly as it sounds… Someone can click to voyeur your chat, and you can choose to accept or decline the person. It’s a good way to earn extra money, however, I rarely accept these as you just don’t know who is on the other end, and if they’re recorders or not. Privacy first!

Broadcasting is simple. You log into the model site, click broadcast and voila! Here you have the option of chatting with or without the cam on. You can set tip options, so that if someone wants a preview, outfit change, or whatever else you can think of can generate you some money, this is where it’ll happen. Be advised that tips are still subject to the same percentage that you’ve earned for the month, meaning the company gets a piece of the pie, so to speak. Boy, that sounds dirty. Anyhow, it’s easy to make enough after payouts, if you’re outgoing and hot.

We also have the monthly mchats, which you may or may not want to do. They pay out a flat amount of $100 or $125, depending on if you go topless for a total of five minutes. Easy peasy. It’s a great feature of the site. Girls sign up for allotted times and then our admins assign who gets which date. Best part is, even if you don’t get given a spot, you still get credit for your percentage if you’ve made the effort to sign up for one. You obviously don’t get paid for the mchat unless you DO an mchat though.

The site has a forum, which is great exposure. Even if it may seem like it’s the same people playing around in there, lots lurk. So posting in here IS beneficial. Plus it’s a fun way to get to know people AND let them get to know you.

The blogs are also great! Definitely worth the little bit of effort that goes into penning one as I have lots of people read mine. If you’re a writer of any nature, it’s a great chance to showcase your talent, and maybe gain a new client or two.

Member content always wets their appetite. Again, it’s an option, and not a must for models, so it’s another great way to make some cash. They pay you for a short video combined with a photo set, AND even do the editing for you. The payment isn’t subject to any percentage deductions.

We have a clips section which is easy to use and also garners some additional exposure. I highly recommend peaking at them. Not all girls do them, as it isn’t mandatory, but it’ll give you an idea of the caliber of women on this site. They’re meant to be merely a teaser, and trust me, every time I put one up, I get inundated with messages, so they’re a great function of the site.

The site has a model’s section in the forum whereby we all chit chat, and where you can reference almost any quandary that may cross your mind. It really simplifies the process and it’s a great way to learn, when you’re starting out!

We’ve got lots of little tools and features in the chat room that we can choose to use, if we’re so inclined. Many girls use the notes feature, to quickly record tidbits about clients in their room, so they can refer to this if and when they come back to the room. I’ve never used this, but I know many do. You can add a promo video to your chat room, if you don’t want to do free cam, or if you don’t want just a still photo for the chat. You can do free cam quite easily with the click of a button. And just as easily, you can turn it off or go into a break mode.

So, all in all, the site is simple to use. And if in doubt, you just ask in the model’s forum and your question will be answered really quickly by either admins, co-models, or both! ☺


Payment Types, Chargebacks, and Cashouts: 10/10

You can cash out once or twice a month. There are a variety of payment options, but my favourite is Payoneer. So glad they offer this!
Chargebacks are a risk with almost any site, right? We have minimal chargebacks, and one way they’ve helped reduce these is by having a suspicious user’s thread in the model forum. We post in here when someone comes in with $100+ whether you know them or not. Then our admins ensure that their IP’s are in the same range, and it helps not only ease our minds that someone is more than likely legit, but it alerts our admins if someone is spending unusually.


Site Traffic and Quality: 10/10

For me, there is plenty of traffic. I’ve heard other models complain that they don’t have many patrons. The only reasoning I can think of is A: lack of free cam, B: lack of welcoming environment, C: they don’t have a client base built up, or D: aren’t super active in the social media platforms, thereby not alerting potential customers when they’ll be on.

The customers typically aren’t your run of the mill porn-seeking frat boys. I have lots of well-established, well-educated men that are seeking a good time, and sometimes, just provoking conversations. Hell, I have members that just want to share a meal with me online. How sweet is that?

The site has put lots of effort and time into the look of the site overall, and the chat rooms. Take a look! It’s quite visually appealing, and I’m told very easy to use from a customer’s perspective.

The models that CWH hires are always 9’s and 10’s. Most have modeled pro in some capacity. Some are dancers. All are gorgeous. It helps that members don’t have to navigate through page after page of mediocrity. Quality over quantity has always been the motto here.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 10/10

CWH auto tweets on your Twitter each time you sign on, which is a GREAT feature. They also have loads of affiliate promos which is awesome for the site, and the trickle down affect to us. You can blog for promo, do clips or pics. The site has a Snapchat and Periscope account that models do takeovers for. Great way to get some self promotion out there. Really, there are countless ways to promote yourself. And if you aren’t shy about being ‘out there’, they’ll promote the heck out of you. ☺ The best part is, the promo and marketing is easy peasy. From the software apps they use, to the fact that they’ll edit your clips for you. No complaints here.


Site Usability: 10/10

I feel like a broken record, but if I was discontented, I wouldn’t still be with CWH. It’s super simple to use. Once you get a user name for the forums, clips, and model broadcasting, the cam world is right at your fingertips! There are tons of explanations within the site, and our owner, Steve, is SUPER interactive and always ready and willing to help if something should arise.


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking: 9/10

I took a point off for this one only because nothing is perfect in a virtual world. While the blocking feature works well, there is nothing stopping people from changing IP’s to get around this. The site does, however, do a good job at keeping us as private as we wish. As a matter of fact, there are models that don’t even show their faces during shows! I’d imagine it would be difficult to earn this way, but whatever works for you, right? And again, you can pick and choose whom you wish to do shows for. If someone seems fishy, just decline. And if someone is annoying you, ban or block! No limits on blocking, from what I can see.

I like that you can generally see what IP users come from. When you get to know clients, it’s a good way to ensure they’re on the up and up. Ever changing IP’s isn’t great, unless you know they travel a lot for work. It can be an indication that they’re disguising their IP’s, which is kinda of shady.


Customer Service and Support: 10/10

We can text/call the owner and admins 24-7. The response time is typically quite good, although it feels like an eternity, doesn’t it, when you’re waiting to find out when a server is going to reboot? 😉

They always ensure that they answer your questions, and hear any concerns you may have. They also put a good chunk of time into ensuring models have all of the resources, tools that might benefit from, plus implement our suggestions to make CWH everything we could hope for.


Model Guides and Resources: 10/10

I touched on this earlier, but not only is there a model forum, there are video tutorials right on the page that you sign in on to cam. If in doubt, check there! Steve has literally touched on every subject imaginable, so we KNOW we can find everything and anything at our fingertips. He also posts blogs on there to keep us up to date on any promos, etc. that might be going on.


Alexandra’s Review:

CamWithHer has been and will always be the only site for me. They respect your privacy, they give you the tools to make you as successful as possible, and the community as a whole is wonderful. I like the fact that they’re choosy with their models, and how hands on our owner is. He has a vested interest in the site, and it shows. He wants us to be happy, and let’s face it, the better we do, the better he does, so it’s win-win and his effort in the site really shows. This is not the kind of site you have to log into, doing lewd acts in free chat. Nooooo way. It’s has a much classier, high end field. Partially because of the caliber of women it hires, and partially because of the way it’s run.


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