“CamScore” – How Different Camming Sites Rank Their Models


How CamScore Is Calculated On The Different Camming Sites

“CamScore” is the term used in the camming industry for calculating a models ranking on a site. Many sites use the term “CamScore” specifically. The sites that don’t call it CamScore still have some algorithm used to calculate a models rankings on the site. Here is what we know about the different sites, and how they rank their models.



The BongaCams CamScore is kind of complex. The most important factor is earnings ÷ time on site. BongaCams also looks at upload speed, total time on site (the more your online the better your score), number of customer / model referrals and other factors. BongaCams has also hinted (via email) that number of people in a chatroom and how often a model goes to private are also used in calculating CamScore. It’s important to note that all earnings count towards CamScore; tips, private, group, full private, and voyeur chats, gifts, content sales, etc.

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The Camgasm CamScore is very unique. Models are able to set the cashout value per token. The higher the cashout per token, the lower the CamScore. Camgasm also looks at earnings ÷ time on site. Camgasm doesn’t disclose whether more weight is placed on earnings/time on cam or the cashout value. If you set a higher cashout value, you’ll make more money. However, sacrificing a higher cashout value will get you a better ranking on the site.

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The MyFreeCams CamScore is incredibly simple. It’s tokens earned ÷ time on site. If you’re earnings lots of tokens while your online, your CamScore will improve. If you’re spending a lot of time online and not earning anything, it’s going to hurt your CamScore. Keep in mind that the search functionality takes the model’s username, tags, room topics and other things into consideration when ranking models. So as important as CamScore is, be thinking of how you can stand out in searches as well.

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The Naked.com CamScore is based on multiple factors. The most important are earnings per hour and day logged on per period. Naked.com states that there’s factors than just those two, but they’re the most important. CamScore is calculated based on a 2-month period, so that one bad day won’t tank a models score.

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How CamScore / Rankings Are Calculated On Clip Sites

Although it’s not usually referred to as “CamScore” on the clip sites, they all use some sort of ranking algorithm. Here is what’s known about how the different clip sites rank their sellers and content.



ManyVids calls their ranking algorithms “MV Score” and “MV Rank”. Mv Score determines where you fall on the MV Girls / MV Studio page. There’s a couple things you can do right off the bat to permanently raise up your MV Score:

  • Uploading 10 or more vids (75 points)
  • Offering services (Phone, Texting, Skype, Customs, Fund Me) (25 points each)
  • Setting up a membership (100 points)
  • Uploading 10 or more store items (125 points)
  • Uploading 7 or more gallery photos (75 points)
  • Linking your Twitter (75 points)
  • Filling out your ‘About Me’ section (75 points)

And here are the MV Score factors that get re-calculated every 45 days:

  • Maintaining a steady upload of vids and pictures
  • Maintaining a steady upload of store items
  • Getting hearts on your profile
  • Sales of your vids, services, & items
  • Offering a membership option
  • Getting reviews from members
  • And your overall site activity


MV Rank is based on only one thing: Sales per month. The more money you make on ManyVids, the greater your MV Rank. MV Rank only effects placement on the Top Earners page.

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