Camming Tip: Talk Instead of Typing

Keyboard Typing

Camming Tip: Talk Out Loud Instead of Typing

Here’s a real quick and easy tip that will make your chat room seem much busier and make you much more appealing. Instead of doing all your chat via the keyboard, talk to your visitors as much as possible. Your fans want to hear your voice, and it’s much more stimulating than a quiet chat room. Even if you’ve got music playing in the background, it’s just background noise. All the attention is on you, not the music.


People Are Focused On You (Not Chat Box)

Also, not everyone is watching the chat box. Most of the people are mainly focused on you. They don’t even know that you’re really interacting that much with the chat room. By being vocal instead of written, they’ll get sucked into the conversation. They might even join in after realizing that you’re interacting with the people who are chatting.

If people are asking you to do things, it’s a great call to action to get the tipping starting. Say that; “I’d love to do [Enter Request Here], but I need some tips first”. It might be someone who’s just watching the show and not necessarily reading the typing who hears that and ends up being the tipper that gets the show started, or at least the tips rolling in and working closer to the show.


People Want To Hear Your Voice

People want to hear your voice, especially if you’re talking to them. Sound as hot and sexy as possible, make your conversation teasing and learn how to use your verbal skills to get the tips rolling in.

Be sure to personally thank each member outloud when they tip you and be sure to sound incredibly excited about it. You want them to know that the tipping made you happy and hopefully they’ll keep trying to make you happy.


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