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Webcam EquipmentCamming Sites With The Most Traffic (April 2016)

April, 2016 camming traffic report. This time, we’re doing something that will blow your mind and make my life way more complicated. We’re going to start benchmarking the “website authority”, as far as search engines are concerned. This is done using a metric “Domain Authority” from the company MOZ. MOZ has reversed-engineered Google to 70%-ish accuracy, and their metrics are trusted from the entire SEO community.

Obviously, in addition to the new search engine optimization metrics, we’re still going to be benchmarking the traffic for each site from the two leading sources; Alexa and SimilarWeb. Both these sites work off of sampling from various sources and neither or 100% accurate, but they’re the two sources trusted most by the webmasters across the world.

We’ve also added the Alexa score for the top country for each site. Of course we can’t compare the change since the last month, but we’ll be able to do that next month.

MOZ Domain Authority Top 5

Domain Authority is a metric that was created by MOZ. MOZ has their own crawlers that they use to reverse-engineer the Google Algorithm. MOZ compares their crawl results with Google’s and tweaks the weight of their own algorithm to better match the results to Google’s. Because of this, MOZ has more insight into the actual weight of each signal than any other company. Since Google doesn’t regularly update their own PageRank metric, MOZ’s Domain Authority (DA) is the metric most trusted by the SEO community.

Domain Authority gives insight into how well content can perform on a site. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the site gets the most search engine traffic, but if you were to throw the exact same content on all the sites, the ones with the highest Domain Authority has the best chance of having that piece of content ranked higher on their site, opposed to the other sites.

  1. ImLive: 77
  2. LiveJasmin: 69
  3. 69
  4. Chaturbate: 68
  5. BongaCams: 67

1) Chaturbate

Global Rank: 107 (-2)
USA Rank: 77 (+6)

Adult Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 301 (-44)
Alexa USA: 296
Domain Authority: 68

Chaturbate Traffic

Analysis Of Chaturbate Traffic

Chaturbate saw some modest gains from both Alexa and SimilarWebs globally, while seeing a drop in rank in their top country, the United States of America. Chaturbate still sits in the #1 slot when looking at SimilarWebs data. They would be ousted by BongaCams (and drop into second place) if we were going off Alexa data.

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2) LiveJasmin

Global Rank: 192 (-11)
USA Rank: 147 (+14)

Adult Rank: 9 (-1)
Alexa Rank: 370 (+56)
Alexa USA: 298
Domain Authority: 69

LiveJasmin Traffic April 2016

Analysis Of LiveJasmin Traffic

Mixed results for LiveJasmin. Alexa shows that LiveJasin lost some ground, while SimilarWebs shows that they’ve gained ground globally, while losing ground in their largest country of USA. The SimilarWebs is a must needed boost, as it helps gain some ground on BongaCams, which is only a couple positions below LiveJasmin, and gaining ground as well. It’s also helping LiveJasmin close the gap on Chaturbate, who didn’t see nearly as significant of a boost.

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3) BongaCams

Global Rank: 204 (-9)
Russia Rank: 39 (+7)

Adult Rank: 10 (-1)
Alexa Rank: 83 (+11)
Alexa Czech Republic: 11
MOZ DA: 67

BongaCams Traffic

Analysis Of BongaCams Traffic

If we were going off Alexa and not SimilarWeb, BongaCams would be the leader. They’re still ranked 3rd according to SimilarWeb and a very solid network, traffic-wise. They’re most popular in the Commonwealth of Independent States, but does have a large global presence. SimilarWeb is showing that BongaCams is most popular in Russia, while Alexa is stating that it’s the Czech Republic.

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4) MyFreeCams

Global Rank: 387 (+25)
USA Rank: 197 (+38)

Adult Rank: 19 (-1)
Alexa Rank: 1,143 (+449)
Alexa USA: 659
MOZ DA: 60

MyFreeCams Traffic

Analysis Of MyFreeCams Traffic

MyFreeCams took losses all across the board. I really wish I had been benchmarking the Alexa rank for the top countries, so I could see the difference there as well. Alexa is showing the largest losses, at 449, but SimilarWebs is also showing a global loss of 25 and a loss of 38 in America, their most popular country.

Dispite losing ground in general, MyFreeCams jumped up a spot in the adult category. This is a trend that I’ve noticed with a couple sites, and demonstrates that camming is becoming more popular as opposed to paysites. We’re seeing major adult paysites and tube sites losing ground to camming sites, even though the camming sites are losing some ground in the grand scheme of things. This shows that the non-camming adult sites are falling off, and way faster than the camming sites that are losing ground.

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5) Flirt4Free

Global Rank: 1,034 (+289)
USA Rank: 857 (-358)

Adult Rank: 57 (+17)
Alexa Rank: 1,680 (+399)
Alexa USA: 1,511
Domain Authority: 62

Flirt4Free Traffic

Analysis Of Flirt4Free Traffic

All the metrics are showing that Flirt4Free took loses across the board, except for in America where they gained. I wish I had benchmarked the Alexa scores for each network’s top countries, so that I could see whether Alexa is showing a gain in the United States as well.

Flirt4Free’s 5th spot might be threatened by ImLive, who had some epic gains and managed to take the 6th position, right under Flirt4Free. If Flirt4Free has loses similar to what we seen this month, or if ImLive continues to bump up by leaps and bounds, ImLive will kick Flirt4Free into 6th place.

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6) ImLive

Global Rank: 1,616 (-3,014)
USA Rank: 683 (-1,595)

Adult Rank: 90 (-170)
Alexa Rank: 3,397 (-1,516)
Alexa USA: 1,593
Domain Authority: 77

ImLive Traffic

Analysis Of ImLive Traffic

ImLive has to be very happy for themselves. They’ve jumped from 9th to 6th place. This is due to a mixture of and taking some major losses and ImLive making some major gains. And I’m talking major gains. Over 3k according to SimilarWeb and over 1,500 according to Alexa.

If the traffic trend for the sites continue next month, ImLive will oust Flirt4Free and take 5th place.

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7) XLoveCam

Global Rank: 2,476 (+211)
France Rank: 339 (-60)

Adult Rank: 123 (+7)
Alexa Rank: 8,092 (+2,795)
Alexa France: 802
Domain Authority: 54

XLoveCam Traffic

Analysis Of XLoveCam Traffic

XLoveCam continues it’s downward spiral, losing in global rankings but managing to gain some ground in their top country of France. Looking at the graph, it appears that XLoveCam’s downward trend is starting to level out. Will they be able to bounce back, will they flatline, or will they continue to plunge in position?

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8) MyDirtyHobby

Global Rank: 5,467 (-1,618)
Germany Rank: 271 (-103)

Adult Rank: 295 (+24)
Alexa Rank: 9,943 (+1,155)
Alexa Germany: 353
Domain Authority: 53

MyDirtyHobby Traffic

Analysis Of MyDirtyHobby Traffic

MyDirtyHobby had a good month, and bumped up from 11th to 8th globally, according to SimilarWeb. There’s a conflict of numbers with MyDirtyHobby, as while SimilarWeb shows them getting more traffic, Alexa is showing the exact opposite. This is one of the few networks that’s showing some conflicting data, which can open up room to dispute what’s really happening with the site and it’s traffic.

Since the consensus between webmasters is that SimilarWeb is more accurate, I side with that data, although I’ll let the readers make their own assumptions.

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Global Rank: 5,537 (+2,546)
USA Rank: 7,715 (+5,508)

Adult Rank: 300 (+138)
Alexa Rank: 7,797  (+2,226)
Alexa USA: 10,056
Domain Authority: 69 Traffic

Analysis Of Traffic

Ouch. has to be the biggest losers this round. Doesn’t matter who’s metrics you’re looking at, is losing some major ground, especially in the United States, which is the country that provides them with the most traffic. The Alexa graph looks a lot more devastating than SimilarWebs, but both of them are enough to make you cringe.

Looking at their historical traffic, has had a bumpy ride, going up and down. They still are doing better than before they had their latest traffic spike, but we’ll see where they’re at when the plunge stops. fell from 7th to 9th position. They still got a decent lead over Streamate, who lost ground this month too. If the trends continue, that lead over Streamate will lessen next month.

10) Streamate

Global Rank: 8,290 (+1,353)
USA Rank: 3,657 (+721)

Adult Rank: 414 (+54)
Alexa Rank: 10,490 (+91)
Alexa USA: 4,797
Domain Authority: 54

Streamate Traffic

Analysis Of Streamate Traffic

Streamate lost some ground this month. The Alexa numbers are a lot more forgiving than SimilarWeb, but both sites are showing that Streamate lost ground. Luckily, Streamate still has a healthy lead over, who’s also taking similar losses. If the trends continue in the next few months, Streamate might bump up a position, despite taking losses. This is due to the fact that is dropping in ranks faster than Streamate.

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11) Naked

Global Rank: 10,185 (+1,176)
USA Rank: 5,551 (+832)

Adult Rank: 593  (+40)
Alexa Rank: 20,437 (+2,038)
Alexa USA: 10,583
MOZ DA: 49 Traffic

Analysis Of Traffic

Not a good month for, who took losses all across the board. Despite taking losses, jumped up a position in rankings. That’s not because they’re doing better, but due to tanking horribly. Despite taking losses, is holding steadier than a lot of other sites hovering around similar positions.

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Global Rank: 10,825 (+6,310)
Argentina Rank: 1,875 (+1,357)

Adult Rank: 642 (+390)
Alexa Rank: 19,330 (+7,076)
Alexa USA: 36,022
Domain Authority: 49 Traffic

Analysis Of Traffic

Just when you thought had it rough, is there to Trump them. continues their downward trend, and it’s some ugly numbers!

It’s enough to make drop by multiple positions, falling from 8th to 12th. I don’t see them taking back any of those spots anytime soon, either. In fact, it really wouldn’t surprise me if this camming site fell off the face of the planet in the future. If not, I see it hovering down there with NeedLive and CamWithHer for a long time, and I could see either of those other sites making a break up the rankings before makes a comeback.

Looking at the charts, this has been a downward trend. Having dealt with the company, it doesn’t surprise me. I recently just wrote the informational page for that site, and it was difficult finding all the information. Their FAQ was incomplete and they’ve got major issues with their model recruiting site. I still haven’t gotten a response from their support about it, and I seed my emails, so I can tell you it hasn’t even been opened yet.

With their level of professionalism, I’m surprised they’re ranked as high as they are, and it doesn’t surprise me to see them plummeting at a fast rate.

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13) XCams

Global Rank: 16,714 (+4,585)
France Rank: 1,487 (+439)

Adult Rank: 1,019 (+264)
Alexa Rank: 35,569 (+17,121)
Alexa France: 2,351
MOZ DA: 51

Xcams Traffic

Analysis Of XCams Traffic

XCams has lost some major ground all the way across the board. Some significant losses, too. CamSoda, who is right below them, might be able to surpass them in the next few months, if XCams continues to trend down and Camsoda continues to trend up. Looking at the graph, it seems like XCams is starting to level out after losing major positioning. We’ll see if it flattens, continues to plunge or starts trending up.

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14) Camsoda

Global Rank: 20,990 (-1,872)
USA Rank: 6,666 (+170)

Adult Rank: N/A
Alexa Rank: 47,355 (+5,253)
Alexa USA: 13,874
Domain Authority: 36

Camsoda Traffic

Analysis Of Camsoda Traffic

Camsoda continues to trend up, and it’s turning into a company to keep your eyes on. Camsoda is signing some major talent (AVN nominees and winners) that should help them build some namepower, too. As they build up their invite-only affiliate program, they’ll be able to take advantage of traffic from other webmasters as well.

Camsoda is one of the newest camming sites. SimilarWeb hasn’t even associated them with the adult category yet. This traffic report is making them finally catch my eye, and now I’m wondering if they’re going to be one of the major players here sometime soon. Definitely a company to keep your eyes on.

Alexa did show them trend down, however.

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15) AmateurCommunity

Global Rank: 37,756 (+9,330)
Germany Rank: 2,261 (+665)

Adult Rank: 2,263 (+402)
Alexa Rank: 38,063 (+7,970)
Alexa Germany: 1,733
Domain Authority: 53

AmateurCommunity Traffic

Analysis Of AmateurCommunity Traffic

A bad month for AmateurCommunity, which continues it’s downtrend. AmateurCommunity took loses all across the board. Their rankings in Germany held a little stronger than their global positioning, but they took losses there as well. They’ve still got a healthy lead over iFriends, who is below them, and iFriends is dropping in rank too, but not nearly as fast as AmateurCommunity. There could easily be an upset soon.

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16) iFriends

Global Rank: 58,387 (+3,996)
USA Rank: 32,790 (+9,473)

Adult Rank: 3,517 (-24)
Alexa Rank: 89,836 (+5,384)
Alexa USA: 45,427
Domain Authority: 59

iFriends Traffic

Analysis Of iFriends Traffic

iFriends took some major losses, especially in their top country, America. AmateurCommunity is falling faster, and if iFriends can continue to hold out better than them, there’s a possibility iFriends could pass them in the next few months, despite taking losses themselves.

SkyPrivate is gaining some serious gains, ousting Customs4U for 17th place. SkyPrivate is the only network [besides Camsoda] this far down the spectrum that’s making gains, and assuming the trend continues, there’s a very good chance that iFriends is passed by them in the near future.

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17) SkyPrivate

Global Rank: 83,756 (-17,468)
USA Rank: 52,578 (-6,610)

Adult Rank: 4,945 (-1,582)
Alexa Rank: 150,043 (+10,696)
Alexa USA: 66,575
Domain Authority: 45

SkyPrivate Traffic

Analysis Of SkyPrivate Traffic

SkyPrivate had an insanely good month and bumped up from 18th to 17th, passing Customs4U. SkyPrivate is a very unique, as it’s really just a Skype plugin. They do have a directory of Skype models that gets traffic, but the fact that the shows actually occur over Skype makes comparing SkyPrivate to the rest of the sites much like comparing apples to oranges.

So to see trends like this, despite that fact is incredible. Is this a sign that Skype shows are gaining popularity?

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18) Customs4U

Global Rank: 96,197 (+8,484)
USA Rank: 64,601 (+8,912)

Adult Rank: 5,637 (-36)
Alexa Rank: 152,015 (+18,678)
Alexa USA: 73,348
Domain Authority: 39

Customs4U Traffic

Analysis Of Customs4U Traffic

Customs4U took some major losses all the way across the board. Major losses. Customs4U fell from 17th to 18th in rankings, being passed up by SkyPrivate. They’ve still got an insanely healthy lead over NeedLive, who’s just shy of 200,000 positions below them and falling insanely fast. Because of that, it doesn’t look like Customs4U will fall in ranking for a good while, but doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to lose based on sites in general.

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19) NeedLive

Global Rank: 288,394 (+45,027)
USA Rank: 209,325  (+17,482)

Adult Rank: 15,416 (+733)
Alexa Rank: 521,915 (+14,729)
Alexa USA: 926,124
Domain Authority: 28

NeedLive Traffic

Analysis Of NeedLive Traffic

NeedLive continues it’s downward trend and falling hard. 45,000 positions since last month’s benchmark. At this rate, NeedLive could feasibly pass CamWithHer and take the position of least trafficked cam site in this monthly comparison.

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20) CamWithHer

Global Rank: 304,010 (+11,489)
USA Rank: 131,594 (+1,551)

Adult Rank: 16,132 (-1,124)
Alexa Rank: 371,845 (+27,258)
Alexa USA: 117,421
Domain Authority: 49

CamWithHer Traffic

Analysis Of CamWithHer Traffic

CamWithHer continues to drop. Not as fast as NeedLive, who might replace CamWithHer as the least trafficked camming site. Even though CamWithHer wouldn’t be in last place anymore, their position isn’t getting any better.

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Amateur Marketplace Sites With The Most Traffic

Below are the sites for selling adult content ranked in order of global traffic. All traffic data is coming from Alexa. Alexa is the top tool used to determine website traffic. In addition to the global traffic rating, there’s also the countries that send the site the most traffic. The number displayed is the Alexa Score. The lower the number the better the traffic ranking.

MOZ Domain Authority Top 5

  1. Clips4Sale: 72
  2. HotMovies: 61
  3. AmateurCommunity53
  4. ModelCentro: 44
  5. Customs4U: 39

1) Clips4Sale

Global Rank: 3,428 (-410)
USA Rank: 1,815 (-3)

Adult Rank: 183 (-34)
Alexa Rank: N/A
Alexa USA: N/A
Domain Authority: 72 

Clips4Sale Traffic

Analysis Of Clips4Sale Traffic

Clips4Sale is very odd this year. While SimilarWeb is showing them ranked better, they’ve completely dropped off in Alexa. What does this mean? I’ll let you use your best judgement on this one, because I can’t call it. SimilarWeb uses more data sources than Alexa, and is trusted more by the webmaster community.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn On Clips4Sale

2) ManyVids

Global Rank: 9,209 (-1,695)
USA Rank: 4,203 (-476)

Adult Rank: 542 (-133)
Alexa Rank: 4,516 (-903)
Alexa USA: 1,834
Domain Authority: 37

ManyVids Traffic

Analysis Of ManyVids Traffic

A good month for ManyVids. ManyVids gained ground all across the board. Enough ground to bump them up from 3rd to second place. They still have a long way to go if they want to oust Clips4Sale, but ManyVids could very well be on their way.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn On ManyVids

3) Hot Movies

Global Rank: 10,980 (+81)
USA Rank: 5,279 (-107)

Adult Rank: 657 (-17)
Alexa Rank: 7,323 (-14,308)
Alexa USA: 3,205
Domain Authority: 61

Hot Movies Traffic

Analysis Of Hot Movies Traffic

Another very interesting conflict of stats. While SimilarWeb is showing them losing some minor ground, Alexa is showing a massive bump in traffic. SimilarWeb uses more data sources than Alexa and is most trusted by webmasters. I’m still going to leave it up to the reader to make their own assumptions. Based on ManyVids epic gains, Hot Movies got bumped down to 3rd place.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn On Hot Movies

4) AmateurCommunity

Global Rank: 37,756 (+9,330)
Germany Rank: 2,261 (+665)

Adult Rank: 2,263 (+402)
Alexa Rank: 38,063 (+7,970)
Alexa Germany: 1,733
Domain Authority: 53

AmateurCommunity Traffic

Analysis Of AmateurCommunity Traffic

Not a good month for AmateurCommunity. AmateurCommunity is showing losses all across the board. Not enough to shift their position, and they’re still leading ExtraLunchMoney significantly, but if AmateurCommunity continues to take these losses, and ExtraLunchMoney continues to gain ground, there will be an upset.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn On AmateurCommunity

5) ExtraLunchMoney

Global Rank: 67,371 (-7,972)
USA Rank: 30,190 (+1,113)

Adult Rank: 4,021 (-877)
Alexa Rank: 123,668 (+28,315)
Alexa USA: 35,224
Domain Authority: 37

ExtraLunchMoney Traffic

Analysis Of ExtraLunchMoney Traffic

Man, Alexa is not agreeing with SimilarWeb for many of these porn selling sites. SimilarWeb is showing them gaining ground internationally and losing ground in America. Alexa is showing them taking a major loss. I wish I was benchmarking USA Alexa rank last month to see what those stats look like. Just like the other sites with conflicting data, I’ll let the readers make their own assumptions.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn On ExtraLunchMoney

6) KinkBomb

Global Rank: 78,164 (+2,544)
USA Rank: 34,069 (-2,125)

Adult Rank: 4,638 (-280)
Alexa Rank: 172,333 (+17,575)
Alexa USA: 56,545
Domain Authority: 38

KinkBomb Traffic

Analysis Of KinkBomb Traffic

Both Alexa and SimilarWeb is showing KinkBomb losing ground globally. SimilarWeb shows KinkBomb losing ground in the USA. I wish I was benchmarking the Alexa top-country rankings so I could see if Alexa agrees.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn On KinkBomb

7) Customs4U

Global Rank: 96,197 (+8,484)
USA Rank: 64,601 (+8,912)

Adult Rank: 5,637 (-36)
Alexa Rank: 152,015 (+18,678)
Alexa USA: 73,348
Domain Authority: 39

Customs4U Traffic

Analysis Of Customs4U Traffic

Not a good month for Customs4U. Both Alexa and SimilarWeb is showing them taking massive losses. One thing I find interesting is that they’re gaining ground in the adult industry while losing everywhere else. This supports my theory that camming / amateur sites are doing better than other adult sites in general.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn OnCustoms4U

8) ModelCentro

Global Rank: 10,000 (-9,683)
USA Rank: 42,002 (-2,429)

Adult Rank: 5,819 (-1,194)
Alexa Rank: 87,628 (-2,023)
Alexa USA: 33,299
Domain Authority: 44

ModelCentro Traffic

Analysis Of ModelCentro Traffic

ModelCentro got some impressive gains this month. Keep in mind that comparing ModelCentro to the other sites is also like comparing apples to oranges. All the data represented only takes into account all the model sites hosted on a ModelCentro subdomain. There’s also their directory and all the MC sites that use their own domain instead of a ModelCentro subdomain.

Learn More: Build A Free Membership Site With ModelCentro

9) Clipvia

Global Rank: 225,428 (+43,129)
USA Rank: 106,054 (+29,373)

Adult Rank: 12,349 (+991)
Alexa Rank: 367,993 (-22,532)
Alexa USA: 7,599
Domain Authority: 42

Clipvia Traffic

Analysis Of Clipvia Traffic

Clipvia continues to drop and by major numbers. If they continue this route, you got to wonder how long they’ll be around. They are dead last in the comparison and it doesn’t appear like they’ll be any real competition for the other sites any time soon. Like many of the adult marketplace sites, Alexa, for whatever reason, is showing conflicting results.

Learn More: Selling Amateur Porn On Clipvia

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