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Attention models! We’ve got takeover opportunities available! Our Snapchat is highly interactive, and there’s many performers that are able to make money from raffles and other forms of games. If you’re interested in taking over our Snapchat account, please read the rules and instructions we’ve got below!


Rules For The Snapchat Takeovers:

  • No nudity: No showing nipples, exposed genitals, or butt with no underwear/thong.
  • No spamming: Please post to the story only! Don’t send direct snaps to random people on the friends list.
  • 18+: Make sure anyone in your explicit style snaps is of legal age to participate in adult acts.
  • Screenshot rules: You can create your own rules about screenshots
  • Blocking: Feel free to block rude people/people who don’t adhere to your policies, so long as you make your rules known within your first few snaps. (Some people watch without sound, we highly suggest typing it out!)
  • No Adding Friends: Please do not add people to the friends list!!


We Strongly Advise Reading This Snapchat Takeover Guide:

Aerie has written a great guide on How to do a proper Snapchat takeover. We advise everyone taking over our account (as well as others) to read this guide. It goes over some common courtesy and advise and tips on how to engage the Snapchat followers and have the most effective takeover possible.


How To Apply For Takeovers

If you’re interested in taking over the account, shoot a DM to Aerie_SM, the manager of the @CamgirlStartup Twitter handle. If you’ve got any additional questions, feel free to ask them there. Aerie will supply you with date ranges that aren’t booked and will give you any additional information required.

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