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Twitter Marketing

Free Tool For Running Twitter Competitions

If you’re looking for new ways of marketing yourself on Twitter, you should consider running regular contests. There’s even this free tool that’ll help you run three different kinds of contests. Not only are contests a great way to go viral from other people tweeting on your designated hashtag or retweeting a specific tweet, it gives your followers who have never seen a show or purchased a product a teaser of what they’re missing. Not only will Twitter competitions grow your following, but they’ll help convert the following into customers. Here’s some contests you can run:


Pick A Random Twitter Follower

This is a great contest for customer / fan appreciation. The contest is simple; punch in your Twitter username and hit the button. The tool will pick one random Twitter follower. It’s a great way to surprise someone with a free content set, show or anything else you decide on. If the Twitter follower isn’t a current customer, it’s a great way to show him or her what you offer. They followed you because they’re interested, so show them what you have going on! With any luck, you’ll get a new regular customer!


Pick A Random Retweet

Perfect for Retweet To Win competitions. In order to host this competition, simply enter the URL for the tweet into the tool and it’ll generate a random winner. When you compose the tweet / competition, make sure to indicate the duration the competition will run for and when you’ll pick a winner. Retweet competitions are great because it’ll appear in the feeds of everyone following each person that retweets. This is a great way to reach new people and grow your following.


Pick A Random Tweet On A Hashtag

If you’ve got a dedicated hashtag, or create a dedicated hashtag for a specific competition, you can choose one random winner who has tweeted using that hashtag. This is great when you want someone to compose their own tweet to enter. For example, having your fans answer a question or share a photo. The participants can compose their own tweets, adding to variety instead of the same retweet that everyone else is tweeting.


Types Of Competitions Camgirls Can Run

Here’s some ideas that camgirls / amateur models can use for their competitions. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions and there’s probably many more show ideas that you can come up with. Use these for inspiration or create your own unique and innovative contests.


Free Cam Show Or Skype Show

If you’re camming or offering Skype shows, a free show is a real simple and easy thing you can do. The duration and what kind of shows you’re willing to perform is completely up to you. If you don’t want to do free, you can always do discounted shows. If the winning follower isn’t someone who’s seen one of your shows before, this is a great opportunity to put the charm on and convert him or her into a loyal customer.


Free Photo Set Or Video

If you’re selling photo / video content, a free content set is an incredibly easy thing to give away. Since it’s something that has already been produced, it doesn’t take that much effort to send the lucky winner his or her prize. Not only is this an insanely easy competition to run, it’s a great way to show off the quality of content that you produce, especially if it’s a follower who has never purchased from you before.


Access To Social Networks Like Instagram Or Snapchat

If you’re a model who sells access to social networks such as Instagram or Snapchat, this is a real simple prize to give away. Since it doesn’t cost you anything or take much time to grant access, it’s an incredibly easy contest to run. It also lets all your other followers know that you’ve got Snapchat or Instagram for sale.


Winner Decides Next Show / Video

If you’re camming, letting the winner decide what your next show will be is a real easy contest to run. It’s best to layout some ground rules, so the winner knows what type of shows you’re willing to perform. It’s even possible to do Mini Competitions in between cam shows and it’s a great way to turn chatroom viewers into Twitter followers. When you’re in between shows, tell your chatroom to follow you on Twitter and tweet to designated hashtag what kind of show they’d like to see. You can make it a 10-15 minute competition and it’s a great way to add a new level of interaction to your chatroom, drive Twitter followers and increase interaction on Twitter.


More Marketing Ideas For Camgirls and Adult Stars

Looking for more promotional ideas? We’ve got an entire section on marketing for camgirls and adult stars. It’s updated whenever new marketing-related content is added to the site. It’s loaded with tons of tips and tricks to help drive traffic, customers and sales. If you’ve got any specific questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll answer them as best as possible.




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