Camgasm Shuts Down (Possibly Temporarily)


Camgasm Shuts Down – Possibly Only Temporarily

Camgasm, the new private-based camming site powered by Chaturbate has officially closed it’s doors. The message on the Camgasm blog post made a reference that this might only be temporarily, although it’s said that all data is being deleted from the servers. All balances, pending earnings and other money owed will be paid out.


Message Left On The Camgasm Blog

Here is the message on the Camgasm blog, that the index page now redirects to:

On Friday September 29th 2017, Camgasm will be shutting down either temporarily or permanently. We thank you for participating in this experiment with us, and although the beta soft launch did not reach the point of being a self-sustaining community, we very much appreciate the enthusiasm and effort that everyone put into the project. Of course, all members with balances will be refunded, models with earnings will be paid out, and all account information will be properly deleted from our servers. We expect to have all refunds and payouts completed within two weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to email


What Will Happen To The Camgasm Site?

The Webcam Startup team earlier speculated that Camgasm was on it’s way out, and we stand by the prediction that Camgasm will transition into a Chaturbate whitelabel. Chaturbate already offers whitelabels for affiliates, meaning that ‘flipping the switch’ and converting it to a whitelabeled version would be insanely easy. As a whitelabel, the platform would have next to zero overhead. It also has the potential to generate customer traffic, which will be important if Chaturbate ever decides to revive the product.


Looking For Camgasm Alternatives?

If you’re looking for Camgasm alternatives, check out our list of camming sites. It makes it very easy to compare the different camming networks and find the site that works best for you. Also contained in the directory is links to additional information on the different networks. This goes in-depth on all the features and functionality of the sites.


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