Cam Splitting – Software and Camming Sites That Allow It

Webcam EquipmentPerform On Multiple Sites With Cam Splitting

Cam splitting is using software that allows you to broadcast across multiple sites. Cam splitting is very commonly used on very new camming sites. That’s because these sites don’t have tons of customer traffic yet, therefore models will split and still perform on their other sites.

Cam-splitting software can also perform some other actions, such as watermarking. Here’s a list of cam-splitting software and some sites that allow cam-splitting.


List of Cam Splitters

Here’s some available cam-splitters to choose from:

ManyCams – ManyCams is a very popular splitter used by camming models. In addition to broadcasting on multiple sites, ManyCams users can also watermark their content, and add tons of effects to the webcam feed. Free and premium plans available.

SplitCam – Free camsplitter that allows broadcasting to multiple sites. Includes webcam effects, zooming to specific areas and more.

VerySoft – VerySoft is a software company offering multiple camsplitting solutions. Prices range from $19.95 to $39.95.

WebcamMax – Free and premium versions available. Premium version is required to remove the WebcamMax branding. Tons of other effects outside of splitting are available.

SoftService – SoftService is a company with experience building camming software used by adult camming sites. They’ve also got their own camsplitting software, built specifically for models. $29.95 to purchase

XLoveCam – XLoveCam has their very own camsplitter. The XLoveCam splitter is a VerySoft splitter modified specifically for models and available for a cheaper price. You must be an XLoveCam model to purchase the splitter for €9.99.


List Of Camming Sites That Allow Splitting

NetworkPayoutNetwork DetailsAffiliate
Chaturbate5¢ / tokenChaturbateYes


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