Will California Camgirls Have To Wear Goggles & Gloves?

CaliforniaWill California Webcam Models Have To Wear Goggles & Gloves?

The nanny-state of California must want to hand the rest of the adult industry to Florida. Recently, CAL/OSHA announced that in addition to requiring condoms, porn producers will have to start supplying their models with goggles, dental dams and gloves. It would also ban genitalia to genitalia contact. But do these requirements extend to camgirls and other amatuer models residing and performing within the state of California?




Camming Models Aren’t “Employees”

Since camming models aren’t employees of the cam sites, they might be exempt from the regulation. Contract work isn’t the same as being an employee, and both types of work fall under different regulations. I am not a resident of California and I’m not familiar to California laws, so I don’t know the specifics. This is the major difference that might exempt California camgirls from having to comply with these ridiculous proposed regulations.


Solo Performers Don’t Have To Worry About New Laws

Pretty much all the proposed regulation is dealing with body-to-body contact. If you’re a solo performer, these laws aren’t going to impact you. If you and your partner are couple camming models, these laws may apply to you.  If you’re ever planning to do a collaboration with another performer and those performances are going to take place in California, these regulations might apply to you. Notice I say Might, as I’m not 100% sure these proposed regulations apply to independent camming models.


It’s Impossible For CAL/OSHA To Regulate Every Camming Model

If CAL/OSHA decides that the new regulations apply to amateur producers and camming models, they’re going to have an oversight shitshow on their hands. Even identifying all the camming models in the state would be a daunting task. The oversight would be an even more daunting task. What would OSHA do? Knock on random camgirl’s doors all around the state and check their bedroom for compliance issues? Spy on cam shows to make sure couple models are being 100% compliant?

Even if these laws do apply to webcam sex, it’d be impossible to enforce.


We Reached Out To CAL/OSHA For Elaboration

We’ve sent an email to CAL/OSHA asking if these proposed regulations apply to independent performers or only to the professional studios. If they disclose any information that you will find useful, this post with be amended to include it and a new post will possibly be written. Keep an eye on our blog for any further announcements, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive any new information about these stupid regulations.

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