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If you’re reading this post, you’re probably considering becoming a webmaster in the camming industry and building your own cam site. Building and maintaining a camming network is a lot of work. You’ve got to code the system, maintain it, recruit the models, do the marketing and attract the customers, deal with DMCA complaints, deal with the 2257 record keeping requirements and much more.

This is something that will take a considerable amount of time and money, especially the marketing aspect of the venture. Don’t expect your adult camming site to be in the green for a while, and even when it is, you’re going to be competing with all the major and established networks.

If you don’t have the coding experience, venture capital and models ready to completely fill up your network, it might be more feasible to partner with an established camming network instead. They’ll even let you completely rebrand their entire network as their own. This is known as a “whitelabel”. In addition to whitelabels, there’s many other ways to partner with camming networks. Here’s how to get started.


Building Your Own Whitelabeled Adult Cam Site

Whitelabel Camming Site Editor

Easily build and deploy your own whitelabeled live cam networks and get paid a revshare on all money generated!. There are many camming networks that allow you to whitelabel their network. How customizable the whitelabel is will vary from network to network. Every network will allow you to pick out your color scheme and upload your own custom logo. Most networks will let you choose which genders and niches you want included. This makes it possible to create very niche networks, for example; Latina Cams, Coupons Cams, and so on.

To get started, check out our section for whitelabeled camming networks.


Recruiting Models For Camming Networks

Recruiting Help WantedRecruiting models for your own (non-whitelabeled) camming network can be difficult. Right out-of-the-box, your network would be a ghost town. With no models and no customers, it’s hard to start from the ground up. You’re going to have a difficult time with model retention without any customers to spend on them, and without a huge selection of models, you’re going to have a hard time attracting customers. Kind of a conundrum, isn’t it?

It’s much easier to recruit models for a well established camming network than it’d be to recruit them for your own camming network. This is because there is greater earning potential with all the traffic the network is already receiving. Model recruitment programs can be incredibly profitable. Networks will either offer a revenue-share on all the model earnings , or a generous commission on qualified referrals. It’s also possible to partner with multiple networks to give your models a choice of who they want to cam with.

If you’re interested in recruiting models for a camming network, check out our section on camming agent / model referral programs.


Start A Studio: Earn From Models Registered With You

StudioIf the idea of starting your own camming network is to make a residual income from all models registered with your network, you can accomplish just that with a studio account. Best of all, there is no initial overhead or recurring costs from building and implementing your own camming network.

With a studio account, you register the models under your account and get the money they generate. You then pay the models accordingly. Studios are usually responsible for providing additional services to the models. This might include consultation, marketing, a place to cam and other services. There are generally two kinds of studios; physical studios and digital studios. Physical studios have an actual location where models can perform, while a digital studio just provides support and promotion.

To get started, check out our section on creating a camming studio.


Promoting Camming Networks Instead Of Building Your Own

Promoting your camming network once it’s built is going to be one of the hardest parts. You’ll be putting in a lot of time and most likely a lot of money driving traffic and generating conversions. With an empty camming network, it’ll be difficult for the conversions to stay active. It’s much easier to promote a well established camming network.

Most the camming networks offer affiliate programs. With an affiliate program, you’re given a special tracking link. When you drive traffic to the camming network through your link and they register for an account, you’ll either earn a commission on the sale or a revenue-share on all that referrals spending, usually for life!

Affiliate marketing is insanely profitable and there’s plenty of money to be earned in the camming niche. To get started, check out our list of cam sites with affiliate programs.


Still Want To Build Your Own Camming Site?

If you still want to build your own camming site, the first question you should ask is whether you want to build it yourself or outsource it to someone else. If you’re code-savvy and feel you can build it yourself, great. There’s multiple solutions out there for implementing cam-to-cam on your website. Be sure that the hosting company you’re planning on using allows for both adult content and live streaming.

If this is a project that you’ll have to outsource, it’s something that might be best sourced overseas. There’s plenty of cheap coding in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. This is going to be a very involved project, so you’ll want to keep your coding expense down. Once the network is built, you’ll also have to maintain it and and keep improving it to stay competitive.

Here’s some tech solutions that can help you:

XCams Script – A script for building your very own adult webcam site. Create your own live video chat portals with pay per view cams. Multiple adult friendly payment gateways built in! All the bells and whistles you’d expect in a camming network. Accept independent models or studio accounts.

Video Chat Script – Video Chat Script makes it easy to deploy your very own camming network. Everything you need to quickly deploy your very own camming network with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect.

ModelNet – ModelNet is not only a live streaming software. You’re also able to tap into their network of models in their network and feature them on your site as well. This is very helpful, as you’re probably not going to have very many models when just starting out. ModelNet works on a revshare system and the site the model belongs to get a part of the revenue she earns on your site. Your models can also be featured on other sites, making both you and your model more money.

Learn More: Build Your Camming Site With ModelNet

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