BongaCams Introduces New CamScore Feature

BongaCams CamScore

BongaCams Now Using CamScore For Model Rankings

Camming site BongaCams announced today the implementation of a new CamScore that will be used to rank models on their site. If you’re familiar with MyFreeCams, the concept of CamScore is nothing new. MyFreeCams is the company to coin the term. Unlike MFC’s CamScore, BongaCams will be a little bit more complex. MyFreeCams only uses profits divided by time on cam to calculate their CamScore. BongaCams indicates that they’re going to be taking into consideration multiple things. What BongaCams disclosed is listed below.


What Effects A Model’s CamScore?

BongaCams is going to be taking into consideration multiple criteria to calculate CamScore. CamScore is updated / calculated every 10 minutes. BongaCams states that time online and tokens earned are the most important factors in calculating CamScore! What they disclosed in the announcement is listed below:

How Often You Go Online – BongaCams didn’t specify whether it’s the number of logins or how much time a model spends online.

Chat Room Popularity – How popular a chat room is. Whether it’s scored on number of viewers, number of tips or something different wasn’t specified.

Tips Received – Number of tips received. This sounds like it’s pretty straight-forward.

How Often Models Go To Private – BongaCams didn’t indicate if it’s the number of private sessions started, or amount of time a model spends in private chat.

Internet Speed – BongaCams acknowledged that internet speed factors into a model’s CamScore and that performers with slow speeds will never be featured at the top.

Refering New Models / Customers – BongaCams awards CamScore points for models who refer other models and customers to their site.

Possibly More? – Most of the time, sites don’t like to disclose the weight they put into each individual criteria. They also like to keep some of them hidden to avoid manipulation of their system. There’s a chance that BongaCams might be using more than what’s listed above to calculate their CamScore.


How Cam Models Increase Their CamScores?

Models who are not online do not get featured at the top. Signing on during a time when the most popular models are offline makes it easier to be featured higher up .

Faster Internet Speeds – BongaCams put a huge emphases on internet speed. Upgrading to a better provider could be an easy way to permanently bump up your CamScore. Also, make sure that you’re using an ethernet cable and not wifi. It’s also worth making sure that no other devices are connecting to the internet and doing any computer tweaks that might provide a better connection.

Making More Money – Tips and time online is also very important. You can raise up your CamScore simply by being online. You’ll raise even more if your time online is profitable. Keep in mind that all forms of earning increases your CamScore. If you aren’t already selling clips via your BongaCams profile, start today! The earnings from that content will help raise up your CamScore.

Do More Promotion – Doing more promotion has the potential to raise your CamScore in multiple ways. The number of viewers in your room effects your CamScore. By driving more traffic to your chatroom, you’ll raise your CamScore. If the traffic tips you, that means more money, which raises your CamScore. Also, if you’re referring new customers to BongaCams, that raises your CamScore. For ideas on how to market your chat room and shows, check out our promotion section.

Spending More Time On Cam – BongaCams states that time on cam is one of the most important elements impacting CamScore. Simply by spending more time online, your CamScore will increase. You’ll earn more by broadcasting longer as well, which will also raise your CamScore.


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